100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)

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Destructive weather causes a new ice age to begin across Europe as a family tries to reach each other from England and France.


Apocalyptic, Environmental


Steve Foster - Jeff Fahey

Taryn Foster - Sara Malakul Lane

Ryan Foster - Marc Ewins

Colonel Ralph Dillard - John Rhys Davies

Dr. Goldschein - Ivan Kamaras

Lieutenant Perkins - Luke Healy

Lacey Foster - Judit Fekete

Angelique - Zsofia Trecsko

Ana - Fru Roszik

C-160 Pilot - Peter Linka

French Soldier - Andrew Korcsmaros

Stuart the Furrier - Tamas Deak

Chunnel Attendant - Declan Hannigan

Claude - Tamas Lengyel

Chunnel Guard - Zoltan Erdelyi

Thug - Csaba Gerner

Second Thug - Lajos Kalmar

Frank - Steve Carlson

Old Gentleman - Gabor F. Gabriel

Lieutenant Redding - Maximilian Elfeldt

Chief Dawson - Andray Johnson

Dr. Oppemheim - Jordan James Smith

American Scientist - Richard Schenkman

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Detailed Synopsis

A storm in the NW Atlantic gathers strength while an ash cloud from a nearby volcano in Lakagigar, Iceland hovers nearby. Dr. Goldschein conducts a video chat meeting with a group of scientists including Dr. Oppemheim and American Scientist. He tells them that the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland will be followed by a chain reaction of other eruptions through northern and central europe caused by earthquake eruptions happening on the tectonic plate. This will effect 83 percent of the european landmass.

Steve Foster is flying his personal small plane with Lacey Foster on their way to Paris to meet up with Taryn Foster and Ryan Foster when air traffic control orders Steve to land in London due to atmospheric conditions. Taryn is in Paris with her brother Ryan waiting for their father and Lacey to arrive. Later, Goldschein conducts another video chat meeting and tells his colleagues the temperature across the continent will drop rapidly and they need to prepare their people. Goldschein calls Colonel Ralph Dillard and tells him an ash cloud caused by a series of volcanic eruptions will block out the sun causing a cataclysmic temperature drop for the next 18 to 24 months.

Steve calls his kids and tells them he had to land the plane in London and to stay at the apartment in Paris and he will see them in a couple of days. Giant hail begins to fall causing Taryn and Ryan to try and sheek selter. Goldschein arrives at Geilenkirchen Air Base and tells Dillard the continent will enter into a new ice age based on the lack of sunlight. Earthquakes erupt in Paris and while Taryn is trying to run to Ryan to help him, a man named Claude grabs Taryn and tries to forcibly bring her to his apartment where he claims it is safe.

Taryn breaks free from Claude, who then steals her purse, and helps her brother get to his feet. While driving towards Paris, a winter storm breaks out in London, and when Steve calls Dillard, Dillard warns him about the impending weather disaster and that in response, NATO has initiated Operation Down Under which is the evacuation of NATO personnel and their families to Australia. While exploring the abandoned US Embassy, Taryn and Ryan come across Chief Dawson, who tells them to follow him, but as they do the floor collapses and Taryn and Ryan are stuck in a lower floor of the embassy. Taryn stands on Ryan’s shoulder and climbs out of the hole and returns with a fire hose which Ryan uses to climb out of the hole.

While looking for a way out, Ryan electrocutes himself by grabbing live elevator cables and his heart stops. Taryn is forced to find a defibrillator which Chief Dawson uses to revive Ryan. As Taryn and her brother are heading to a Red Cross station, Lacey calls Taryn and tells her that she and Steve will meet Taryn and Ryan at the Eiffel Tower. Steve and Lacey drive towards the Chunnel, but when they arrive the Chunnel Attendant dismisses the reservation Dillard made for them and tells Steve people have been waiting for the train since 9 am and the last one for the day is just leaving.

In desperation Steve drives his car into the Chunnel when the Chunnel Guard leaves his post to help stop a riot. While looking for coats in a furrier shop, Taryn and Ryan are held at gunpoint by the owner, Stuart the Furrier. Stuart accuses Taryn and Ryan of trying to steal the coats and demands an exorbitant amount of money for the coats Taryn and Ryan had put on. An earthquake allows Ryan to grab Stuart’s gun and swing him to the ground. As Taryn is trying to run away with Ryan Stuart grabs her by the leg and a shelving unit falls on Taryn while a large piece of the roof falls on Stuart, knocking him unconscious. Ryan runs outside asking people for help, including Angelique who he had seen earlier, however no one helps him. Ryan returns to the furrier shop and uses a piece of wood as leverage and frees Taryn from the shelving unit and the two of them continue to walk around Paris. Goldschein asks Ana, his assistant to check his work and then asks her if she has heard of an ice cyclone. While Steve and Lacey are driving in the Chunnel an ice cyclone causes the Chunnel to collapse which leads to the channel pouring into the Chunnel. Steve and Lacey barely make it out of the Chunnel alive while the train they were supposed to be on and which had just left is crushed by debris.

Lieutenant Perkins informs Dillard when news of the Chunnel collapse and destruction of the train occur. Steve contacts Dillard once more and Dillard tells him Paris is no longer safe and he will have Steve’s kids picked up while Steve and Lacey are to get an airlift at Evreux Air Base. A group of French military apprehends Ryan and Taryn and the siblings are placed into a vehicle along with an older couple and Angelique. The vehicle crashes into the side of a building while trying to avoid a pedestrian allowing Taryn and the rest to escape. Lacey and Steve make it to Evreux Air Base on foot after Steve crashed the car due to heavy wind gusts. Steve is forced to pilot the helicopter when the pilot, Lieutenant “Carl” Redding is killed by a giant icicle while Redding is opening the hangar doors. Angelique tells Taryn and Ryan she knows a shortcut to the Eiffel Tower. After taking some bicycles from a bicycle rack outside of a tunnel the three of them then head into the tunnel. The trio are accosted by a thug and his friend, who demand their bicycles and fur coats.

As Taryn, Ryan and Angelique are making their way to the Eiffel Tower they next have to contend with ice geysers. Steve arrives just in time to pick his kids and Angelique up from the Eiffel tower before it collapses, but on their way to meet up with Dillard, the helicopter crashes due to being hit by shrapnel on their escape from Paris. A group led by Dillard arrive at the crash scene and Steve and his family along with Angelique are brought safely to their transport heading to Australia.