1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)

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Corporate armies invade the Bronx after a rich girl runs away from her pampered life.




Hammer - Vic Morrow

Hot Dog - Christopher Connelly

The Ogre - Fred Williamson

Trash - Mark Gregory

Ann - Stefania Girolami

Samuel Fisher - Enio Girolami

Golem - George Eastman

Ice - John Sinclair

Witch - Betty Dessy

Hawk - Rocco Lerro

Blade - Massimo Vanni

Leech - Angelo Ragusa

Fred - Enzo Girolami

Iron Men Leader - Carla Brait








Iron Men

Special Vigilantes Bronx


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Detailed Synopsis

Ann runs across the bridge leading to the Bronx from Manhattan, New York. Fred gets a phone call from her boarding school mistress telling him that Ann ran away. He tells Samuel Fisher who tells him to contact Hammer.

"1990. The Bronx is officially declared "No man's land". The authorities give up all attempts to restore law and order. From then on, the area is ruled by the Riders."

As Ann is running she is surrounded by members of the Zombies. Trash, Hawk, Ice and Blade ride into the area on their motorcycles and pull out weapons and the two gangs fight. As two members of the Zombies try and escape, Hawk rides his motorcycle at them and slashes them with blades from his motorcycle. Trash walks over to Ann and when he finds out she is from Manhattan he offers to take her back, but she refuses. A drummer plays near a pier where a dead Rider is impaled on a wooden stake. Trash and the Riders ride to the pier and see their dead member. Trash walks over to the body and shortly after, The Ogre and Witch arrive with the Tigers. Trash walks up to Leech and asks where The Ogre is, and Leech tells him The Ogre is mad. Trash opens the door to a car and Witch walks out. The Ogre tells Trash that if Leech had his way he would start a war in the Bronx. He tells Trash that Chris, the dead Rider was in Tiger territory and was carrying a tracking device connected to the Manhattan police. The Tigers leave and Trash asks Ice if he knows anything about the watch and Ice tells him Chris may have been a spy.

A member of Special Vigilantes Bronx tells Fred that they lost the signal of their informant. Later, Ice tells Trash, he thinks the tracking watch was a set up and they need to kill The Ogre and the Tigers once and for all, while Blade thinks The Ogre helped them by telling them Chris was a spy. Ice then suggests The Ogre and Hot Dog are working together against the Riders. When Ann suggests they might have been spying on her, Ice walks over to a Rider and criticizes Trash's judgement to him quietly. Samuel Fisher and Fred drive and call Farley, Ann's father, who insists she be brought back to Manhattan. Patrol Van 8 including McCormick is patrolling the Bronx. Ann tells Trash that she feels safe with him and doesn't want to go back to Manhattan. Trash, Ice, Blade and Hawk see Patrol Van 8 and Patrol Van 8 chases after them. Blade jumps on the van from behind and spray paints "shit" on the windshield. Hammer is walking in the Bronx dressed like a mailman. He walks into the Riders territory and kills Speedy and Sandy and then leaves after dropping a ring. He shoots at Hawk and then drops a smoke grenade before running away. He gets into a semi with Hot Dog, who then drops him off. Trash, Hawk, Ice and Blade stop the semi and Hot Dog kicks Ice in the face when he opens the door. Trash searches Hot Dog's semi, but doesn't find anything. The Riders burn the bodies of Sandy and Speedy and then take their ashes and throw them in the river. Hammer calls Fisher and Fisher angrily yells at him for not getting the job done yet.

Trash shows the Riders the ring that was found next to the bodies of Sandy and Speedy and Ice insists the Tigers are trying to kill them all one by one. Trash doesn't agree and Blade backs him up, but the other Riders want a war. Hammer meets with Hot Dog and tells him about Ann and then asks him to arrange a meeting with him and Ice. Trash goes to the beach and finds Ann who wants to go back to Manhattan to stop the killings. Trash asks her to stay to give his life meaning and she smiles. As they are returning they approach a roadblock and are attacked by Zombies and Ann is kidnapped. Trash decides to go and speak with The Ogre to form an alliance and takes Hawk and Hole. Before leaving, Trash tells Blade to watch Ice. Trash and the others walk into the territory of the Iron Men. They run into a group of Iron Men and start to fight until the Iron Men's leader stops them. She lets Trash and his group go after telling him she has a soft spot for him. Blade notices Hot Dog switching his semi's lights on and off and Ice goes to talk to him. Ice and Hot Dog stop and when Ice opens the passenger door, Hammer points a gun at him and introduces himself. Trash and the others move into Scavenger territory and Hole is grabbed and killed by a group of Scavengers. Trash and Hawk then kill the Scavengers who attack them. Ice tells Hammer that the Zombies have Ann and Trash went to speak with The Ogre. Hammer then asks for something that belongs to Trash and when Hot Dog notices Blade watching them, Ice gets on his motorcycle and chases after him. Blade follows where Trash and Hawk went and Ice chases after him. Blade is attacked by a group of Scavengers who beat him. Hammer sees Trash and Hawk and tells Hot Dog. Trash and Hawk make it into Tiger territory.

The Ogre reads off supplies sent to him from different neighborhoods to Witch who writes them down. Hammer uses one of Trash's weapons and kills a Tiger guard with it. Trash runs after Hammer and Hammer points a gun at him and tells him he doesn't care about anything but killing. A group of Tigers start to run up and Hammer runs away. Trash is brought before The Ogre and Witch tells The Ogre that someone else was holding a gun to Trash. Ice goes to Golem and tries to convince him to work with him. The Ogre decides to go with Trash to attack the Zombies and Witch goes with them. Trash, The Ogre and Witch find Blade hanging from ropes. Trash goes up to Blade who is barely conscious and Blade tells him that Ice has betrayed him to Hammer and Hot Dog. Blade then pleads with Trash to kill him and Trash snaps Blade's neck. Thrash, The Ogre and Witch are attacked by Scavengers and kill them. Ice convinces Golem to join forces with Hammer. Fisher threatens Hammer that if he doesn't get Ann back by tomorrow then he will have his head. The Ogre calls out to Golem and points out to Ann and asks who she is. The Ogre and Golem start to fight and The Ogre smashes Golem's head into a glass window and then shoves the knife Golem had into his back and kills him. The Ogre, Trash and Witch then start fighting the rest of the Zombies. Ice runs away but is stopped by Hot Dog and Ice shoots him, but the gun he was given by Hammer was full of blanks. Ice then uses his boot knife to stab and kill Hot Dog. Trash frees Ann and confronts Ice and Ice attacks Trash. Trash knocks Ice into a hole in the ground and Ice gets impaled on Trash's weapon.

Ann is brought to The Ogre's hideout and the Special Vigilantes Bronx start Operation Burnt Earth. The Ogre has a birthday cake brought out to Ann. Hammer and his group attack The Ogre's hideout, burning people to death. Riders and Tigers escape out of the hideout. Witch is shot in the back and killed and then The Ogre is shot in the back and dies by being set on fire wile sitting below his throne after lighting a cigar. Ann is shot in the chest blocking Trash from getting shot and dies in Trash's arms. Trash takes a grappling hook and shoots it into Hammer's chest. He then connects the rope to his motorcycle and drags Hammer behind him and rides off.