2012: Doomsday (2008)

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As the apocalypse happens around them, a group of people head towards Chichen Itza, Mexico.


Apocalyptic, Environmental

Apocalyptic, Religious


Lloyd - Cliff De Young

Frank - Dale Midkiff

Susan - Ami Dolenz

Sarah - Danae Nason

Alex - Joshua Lee

Wakanna - Sara Tomko

Trish - Caroline Amiguet

Mrs. Reed - Shirley Raun

Dr. Ian Hunter - Louis Graham

Uncle Jim - Jonathan Nation

Matt - Mark Hengst

Gino - Gilbert Canto

Raul - Omar Mora

Man on Bridge - Wil Omar Sanchez

Mr. Martinez - Jason S. Gray

Secretary - Ashley Campbell

Ted - Collin Brock

Rick - James Sinclair

Matt - Nick Day

David - Gregory Paul Smith

Street Cop - Matthew Bolton

Officer 1 - Arturo Hernandez

Officer 2 - Wiliam Posley

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Detailed Synopsis

Earth, 2012, in Orizaba, Mexico, 36 hours before Doomsday, Dr. Ian Hunter calls out to Frank and introduces him to Trish. Frank asks what Trish is doing there and then walks away as Dr. Hunter tells Trish, Frank and his team have been working around the clock to excavate as much as they can before the eruption of Pico de Orizaba. The ground starts to shake and Frank tells them they need to evacuate. Raul runs over and tells Frank the last earthquake opened up the third chamber in the tomb. Frank goes with Raul after telling everyone else to leave and rendezvous at El Tajin. Frank takes Trish into the tomb and they find a gold crucifix in the third chamber. Pico de Orizaba starts to erupt and they run out of the tomb. As they are running to their car, Raul is crushed by a large piece of tephra and Frank and Trish drive away. In Baltimore, Maryland, 28 hours before Doomsday, at the U.S. Geological Center, Lloyd tells Rick, Ted, David, and Matt that seismic activity has picked up in the last 24 hours and the National Weather Center is reporting climate changes around the world. He tells them he believes the Earth's rotation is slowing down due to the alignment with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Matt says that is impossible, but Lloyd insists the theory is the only one that makes sense.

In Veracruz, Mexico, 27 hours before Doomsday, Sarah is running into town. She walks up to Man on Bridge and asks him directions to a doctor. Alex sees her running and starts to photograph her. She tries a door, but it won't open and Alex introduces himself and asks her if she needs help. She tells him she has been looking for a doctor for two weeks and he agrees to help her. She tells him the village she is a missionary at is suffering from an illness and half of the people are sick. She continues that she can't find a doctor to help them. In San Diego, California, 26 hours before Doomsday, Susan is sketching a drawing of a cross in front of a temple in her notebook. She answers a call and later arrives on seen with Matt at a drive by shooting of Mr. Martinez and Street Cop explains the situation to them. Susan checks his pulse and notices Mr. Martinez has a tattoo that is similar to the sketch she made. Mr. Martinez clasps his hands together in prayer and starts to pray and eventually dies. In El Tajin, Mexico, 25 hours before Doomsday, Frank inspects the Mayan cross and Trish tells Frank and Dr. Hunter that the C14 sample they took ranges from 300 to 600 AD. Frank tells Dr. Hunter the cross proves early Christians were in the Americas before Christopher Columbus. In Baltmore, Maryland, 24 hours before Doomsday, Lloyd tells everyone of the model created by the National Space Administration, that the rotation of the Earth is coming to a complete stop. He shows the model through time as hurricanes erupt across the world and earthquakes affect the globe. These catastrophes will then cause the western coast of the United States to be under water. Lloyd tells those present that he is going to recommend evacuation of the west coast to the President.

In Veracruz, Mexico, 23 hours before Doomsday, Sarah tells Alex more about the sickness that appeared a couple of weeks prior and Lloyd calls Sarah and tells her he wants her to come home. In San Diego, California, 19 hours before Doomsday, Mrs. Reed watches a news report about a volcanic eruption in Orizaba. In Leon, Mexico, 13 hours before Doomsday, Frank reads from his computer that the cross they found must be returned to the temple at Chichen Itza before the long count calendar ends. Trish wants to take the cross to the national museum, but Frank insists they take it to the temple. 60 miles North of the Gulf Coast and 8 hours before Doomsday, Matt and Susan talk about Mr. Martinez and they argue about the existence of a god and fate. Sarah tells Alex that the elder of the village said the temple at Chichen Itza is in a state of unrest and she tells him the reason she is not sick is because she is a vegetarian. They walk to a river and find it full of dead fish and Alex notices the water is hot and the increase in temperature might be causing an increase in bacteria levels. Ted, Rick and David tell Lloyd about multiple reports across the world of earthquakes. When Ted mentions activity in Veracruz, Mexico, Lloyd pauses. At Coatzacoacos, Mexico, 16 hours before Doomsday, Sarah and Alex arrive at the village and find it seemingly abandoned. Secretary tells Lloyd, Sarah is on the phone. Sarah tells him the people from the village have disappeared and he tells her the president has evacuated the entire west coast and she needs to head north.

Alex tells Sarah he has a car and they can head north, but she thinks perhaps it is God's plan that she is in Mexico. Gino runs up to Sarah and tells her a woman in his village is sick and she decides God must have put her there to investigate. Gino points her and Alex to the direction of Wakanna. In San Diego, California, 17 hours before Doomsday, Susan arrives at home and Mrs. Reed tells Susan it is the apocalypse and she insists Susan believe in it too. Susan sees an image of Chichan Itza which matches part of the drawing she made and Mrs. Reed mentions how Susan used to always draw pictures of it. Susan mentions Mr. Martinez and his death and tattoo and Mrs. Reed thinks perhaps God sent him as a message. At the Mexican Border at California, 15 hours before Doomsday, Frank, Trish and Dr. Hunter are in a car on their way to Chichen Itza. In San Diego, Susan and Mrs. Reed leave their home and drive away as tornadoes touch down. Ted tells Lloyd tornadoes have touched down in San Diego and David reports air circulation in Russia coming from the Arctic. Rick reports on what is happening in Mexico. At the Mexican Border at California, 15 hours before Doomsday, Susan tells Mrs. Reed she knows she has to go to Chichen Itza and argues with Mrs. Reed if God loves her. As Frank, Trish and Dr. Hunter are driving, the ground opens below them and Dr. Hunter dies after letting go of the golden cross and falling down the open chasm.

In Veracruz, Mexico, 14 hours before Doomsday, Sarah and Alex reach Wakanna, who believes it is her destiny to go to Chichen Itza. Near the border, Frank tells Trish, Dr. Hunter sacrificed himself for them and Frank tells her what is happening with the world is a chance for a new beginning and they need to take the cross to Chichen Itza. Alex wants to take Wakanna to the hospital, but Sarah insists they go to Chichen Itza. Trish starts to get weak from an injury she sustained jumping from the vehicle and she notices Frank is still wearing his wedding ring from when they were married and he tells her their separation was his fault for being selfish and chasing success. In Leon, Mexico, 13 hours before Doomsday, Susan and Mrs. Reed talk about God. Wakanna tells Sarah her baby was made without a father. In Villahermosa, Mexico, 10 hours before Doomsday, Sarah calls Lloyd, but their call starts to break up after she tells him she is going to Chichen Itza. 60 miles north of the Gulf Coast, 8 hours before Doomsday, Uncle Jim is flying Lloyd towards Chichen Itza and they talk about how God does things for a reason, including when loved ones die. In Merida, Mexico, 75 miles from Chichen Itza and 3 hours before Doomsday, Lloyd and Uncle Jim land and Uncle Jim tells Lloyd he is staying and gives him his car and tells him to trust in God. Susan's car stalls and Mrs. Reed suddenly disappears. Lloyd turns around and Uncle Jim is suddenly gone.

Susan gets on her knees and prays for guidance and she is picked up by Lloyd. As they arrive at Chichen Itza, Trish collapses and dies and Frank takes her wedding ring she wore around her neck. Susan and Lloyd talk about the Rapture. A hail storm erupts and Alex is killed when a piece of hail lodges into his chest and he and Sarah pray as he dies a new convert to Christianity. At Chichen Itza, Mexico, 2 hours before Doomsday, Frank puts the cross in a calendar like disc and turns it. 1 hour before Doomsday, hurricanes erupt all across Earth as it stops rotating. Frank enters a hidden chamber and reads a prophecy that a woman will give birth in the temple and the chosen messengers will come together. Sarah and Wakanna arrive at the temple and meet Frank and around the same time, Lloyd and Susan arrive. Doomsday happens as Wakanna starts to give birth and a giant wave of water engulfs the west coast of the United States, fires burn in London, a large earthquake hits Jerusalem and the power goes out across the United States. Sarah prays to God and the baby is born on December 21st, 2012. Sarah remarks that it isn't the end but the beginning of a new cycle.