2019: After the Fall of New York (1983)

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A man goes on the search for the last fertile woman in the remains of a post apocalyptic New York.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Parsifal - Michael Sopkiw

Giara - Valentine Monnier

Ania - Anna Kanakis

Ratchet - Roman Geer

Bronx - Vincent Scalondro

Shorty - Louis Ecclasia

President of the Pan American Confederacy - Edmund Purdom

EURAC Commander - Serge Feuillard

Rat Eater King - Haruhiko Yamanouchi

EURAC Officer - Jacques Stany

Mutant - Tony Aschi

Tiziana Fibbi

Melissa - Alessandra Tani

Flower - Siriana Hernandez

Nevada Race Announcer - Franco Mazzieri

Big Ape - George Eastman

Big Ape's Gang

Pan American Confederacy


Four Pirates - Giovanni Cianfriglia

Trumpet Player - James Sampson

Harlem Hunters



Needle People

The Professor

Tiny People

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Detailed Synopsis

"Since the nuclear holocaust 20 years have passed. The leader of the EURAC monarchy, the powerful Euro Afro Asian Unity who pressed the fatal button claims to have won the conflict. But planet Earth has been reduced to a garbage strewn radioactive desert. Inhabited by humans devoid of all hope for a future. Radiation could not have been worse, a few deformed creatures developed in the immediate post war period, then nothing. For nearly 15 years now not one human child has been born. New York City, the huge pile of waste and rubble is under the control of a EURAC military force. With the help of mercenary hunters the EURACs are with deadly efficiency steadily exterminating the locals and using the healthy ones for every conceivable kind of genetic experiment in a desperate attempt to find the key to survival to the continuance of the human race."

Parsifal competes and wins a demolition derby competition in the Nevada desert versus the Four Pirates and is awarded the slave named Flower. Parsifal and Flower come across a group of men suffering from radiation poisoning. Parsifal mercy kills the men and gives Flower her freedom and license to kill tokens which allows her to keep the property of the dead men. He is then ambushed by Pan American Confederacy troops and brought to their base in Alaska.

The President of the Pan American Confederacy tells Parsifal he is sending him on a mission to find the last remaining fertile woman on Earth. Parsifal is introduced to the two men who will accompany him, Bronx and Ratchet and then they head for the remains of New York City. Parsifal and the others enter New York city through the territory of the Harlem Hunters. The Harlem Hunters ambush Parsifal and the others but are killed one by one. Parsifal and the others have to travel through the tunnel system in order to avoid EURAC patrols and he has a bed pan full of feces poured on his head by some mutated locals. As they are traveling through the sewers they come across a group of Needle People who chase and grab Shorty, who they at first believe is a child. The Needle People are about to kill Shorty when Parsifal intervenes. Parsifal is forced to fight the Rat Eater King and is about to win when Jack stabs Parsifal in the arm and Parsifal, Ratchet and Bronx are forced to surrender. Giara is awarded to Jack by the Rat Eater King for bringing back the most rats. While they are tied up in the Needle People camp, a EURAC and Hunter patrol attacks the Needle People camp. Parsifal, Bronx and Giara are captured and brought to the EURAC headquarters.

Bronx is interrogated by the EURAC Commander and they debate the war and the actions of the Pan American Confederacy and the EURAC while fighting the war. The EURAC Commander asks what Bronx is doing in New York City and Bronx uses his claw to gouge out the EURAC Commander's eyes. Ania interrogates Parsifal and tells him if he cooperates she will petition for him to be spared. Parsifal tells Ania he was on a mission to find the last remaining fertile woman on Earth and then lies and says Giara is the woman. He is then brought to a room where he is forced to watch Bronx be tortured. Parsifal breaks Bronx free and the two of them escape along with Giara. Bronx sacrifices himself to give Parsifal and Giara time to escape and as they are surrounded Ratchet appears and helps Parsifal and Giara. Shorty sees them and helps them escape into the sewer system. Shorty then takes Parsifal, Giara and Ratchet to his camp, the camp of the Tiny People. After Shorty tells Parsifal he knows where to find the fertile woman the EURAC attack the Tiny People camp with an ultrasonic weapon. Parsifal figures out how to stop the noise by using animal wax as an ear plug and he helps Giara escape while Ratchet helps Shorty escape. The four of them are surrounded by Yurikee the EURAC Officer, when a group led by Big Ape attacks and kills Yurikee and his men. Parsifal tells Big Ape about his mission to find the last fertile woman. Mutant tries to claim Giara as his own, but Parsifal beats him in a fight.

The next day Parsifal and the others including Big Ape continue on their way to find the last fertile woman. They briefly stop at Shorty's camp where he finds all of his people dead. Big Ape and Ratchet help break into the Professor's lab where they find him dead and his daughter Melissa in hibernation. Parsifal, Ratchet and Shorty agree to go to a junk yard in order to get scrap metal to use as armor for a vehicle the Professor had kept in working condition. Big Ape and Giara stay behind with Melissa. Big Ape knocks Giara unconscious and then rapes the unconscious Melissa in order for him to spread his seed. In the junk yard Shorty sacrifices himself to give Parsifal and Ratchet time to return with the scrap metal. Parsifal and the others put Melissa in the vehicle and then drive towards the only tunnel leading out of New York City. Big Ape is killed as they are leaving when a barrier laser cooks him. In the desert, Parsifal pulls over and confronts Ratchet about him being a cyborg. Ratchet attacks Parsifal and is about to stab him when Giara intervenes. Ratchet stabs Giara and Parsifal crushes Ratchet's head with a rock. Giara tells Parsifal she sacrificed herself because she loves him and then she dies. Back in Alaska Parsifal is told by the President he was never originally going to be on the rocket, however the President has three months to live and so Parsifal will be going to take his place. The rocket takes off towards Alpha Centauri. A scientist approaches Parsifal and tells him he will be the one to tell Melissa about the war and how the world has changed. Melissa slowly wakes up and stares into Parsifal's eyes.