28 Days Later (2002)

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A man wakes from a coma and is faced with a viral apocalypse.


Post-Apocalyptic, Viral


Jim - Cillian Murphy

Selena - Naomie Harris

Major Henry West - Christopher Eccleston

Hannah - Megan Burns

Frank - Brendan Gleeson

Activist 1 - Alex Palmer

Activist 2 - Bindu De Stoppani

Activist 3 - Jukka Hiltunen

Scientist - David Schneider

Infected Priest - Toby Sedgwick

Mark - Noah Huntley

Jim's Father - Christopher Dunne

Jim's Mother - Emma Hitching

Mr. Bridges - Alexander Delamere

Mr. Bridges Daughter - Kim McGarrity

Infected Kid - Justin Hackney

Private Clifton - Luke Mably

Sergeant Farrell - Stuart McQuarrie

Corporal Mitchell - Ricci Harnett

Private Jones - Leo Bill

Private Bell - Junior Laniyan

Private Bedford - Ray Panthaki

Private Davis - Sanjay Rambaruth

Private Mailer - Marvin Campbell

Rage Zombie

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Detailed Synopsis

A group of activists break into the Cambridge Primate Research Centre where experiments are being conducted on chimpanzees. They find a chimpanzee in a room forced to watch a constant loop of videos showing murder and riots. Activist 1 begins taking pictures of the condition of the chimpanzees while Activist 3 goes to release some of the other chimps. A Scientist walks into the lab and tries to call security, but he is grabbed by Activist 3. Scientist warns the activists that the chimps are highly contagious and they have been given an inhibitor. The Scientist tells them the chimps have been infected with a virus called Rage. Activist 3 returns to breaking the chimps enclosures open while the Scientist pleads with the activists to stop. The first chimp freed charges and attacks Activist 2. Activist 3 beats the chimp to death with bolt cutters and then Activist 2 turns around and spits blood in Activist 3's eyes. Activist 2 then attacks the Scientist.

28 days later, Jim wakes up in the hospital still connected to IV bags and monitoring devices. He walks around the abandoned hospital calling for anyone but no one answers. He then leaves the hospital and walks around a deserted London. Jim walks into a church and sees a large pile of bodies of people who committed mass suicide. He says hello and a group of bodies pop up and stare blankly at him. An Infected Priest opens the door and lunges at Jim who wacks him with his bag of cans. Jim runs out of the church and is followed by a group of infected. He is saved by Selena and Mark who bring him to their hideout and introduce themselves. Selena tells Jim what happened to England and Mark tells Jim he is the first uninfected person they have seen in six days. The next day Jim, Selena and Mark go to Jim's parent's house and Jim finds their mummified corpses in bed holding a photograph of him and a bottle of wine and pills on the bed stand. Jim reads the back of the photo which says "Jim, with endless love, we left you sleeping. Now we're sleeping with you. Don't wake up. x" They decide stay at Jim's house because it is too late to get back to their hiding spot. Jim lights a candle and watches a video of his mother and father when an infected Mr. Bridges and Mr. Bridges Daughter break into the house. Mark helps Jim by killing Mr. Bridges Daughter while Selena uses a machete to kill Mr. Bridges. She asks if Jim was bitten and then kills Mark when she notices he has a bite wound on his forearm. Selena gathers supplies from the house and then they leave.

As they are walking they see an apartment with Christmas lights blinking and head for it. As they climb the stairs they are are chased by a group of infected. At the top of the stairs they are greeted by Frank wearing riot control gear who tells them where to run. Frank kills the infected and then Jim and Selena and Mark and Hannah introduce themselves. Jim and Selena stay with Frank and Hannah for the next few days. Frank turns on the radio so Jim and Selena can hear a broadcast from Major Henry West stating their are other survivors and where they are located, north east of Manchester. They decide to leave and they use Frank's taxi which they fill with supplies. While driving through a tunnel Frank's taxi has a flat and they are forced to fix it while the infected run towards them. They go to a grocery store and restock their supplies. While at a gas station to fuel up, Jim goes into the store to explore. He is attacked by an Infected Kid which he kills. They stop at some ruins and have a picnic and see a group of horses running freely. At night Selena gives them some of her Valium which she uses to sleep. They drive by Manchester which is on fire and then go to the 42nd blockade which is where the transmissions said to meet. They search the blockade area but it appears to be deserted at first. Frank is infected by a drop of blood that falls from a dead soldier in the rafters. Frank tells Hannah he loves her very much and is shot dead by a group of soldiers led by Major Henry West.

Jim, Selena and Hannah are brought to a mansion which is the acting camp of Major West and his men. Major West introduces himself and welcomes them. The next day, Major West takes Jim on a tour of the property including showing him Private Mailer who is infected. During dinner a philosophical debate arises where Sergeant Farrell states humans being wiped out would be making the planet go back to normal considering the short time humans have existed while Major West says nothing has really changed as even before he witnessed people killing people. A group of infected attack the base and are killed. As Corporal Mitchell is walking inside he takes away Selena's machete and grabs her and tries to kiss her. Jim goes after Mitchell and is put into a hold, which is then broken by Sergeant Farrell who hits Mitchell with the butt of his rifle. Major West calls Jim into his office and tells Jim he promised his men women to prevent his men from becoming suicidal. Jim runs to Selena and Hanna and they try to escape however Jim is butt stroked with a rifle and knocked unconscious. Sergeant Farrell tries to protect Jim, Selena and Hannah, however he is overpowered by the other men. Jim and Sergeant Farrell are brought to the woods to be executed by Mitchell and Private Jones. Private Jones shoots and kills Sergeant Farrell, which angers Mitchell who wanted to bayonet him. While they are fighting Jim escapes and sees a jet flying overhead.

Back at the house West orders Selena and Hannah to go and dress nice. Selena convinces Private Clifton, Private Bell, Private Bedford and Private Davis to leave the room while she and Hannah change and then she gives Hannah a large dose of Valium. Jim turns on the alarm horn at the blockade and West and Davis go to investigate. Jim kills Davis, steals his rifle and returns to the mansion. He shoots the chain around Private Mailer, setting him free. Private Mailer breaks into the mansion and attacks and vomits blood on Private Clifton and Selena, Hannah and Private Jones run away. Private Bedford goes to shoot Mailer when he is attacked by an infected Clifton and killed. Jones is killed when he runs straight into the bayonet attached to the rifle held by Jim. Jim runs into a room where Private Bell is hiding. Bell tells him he doesn't have any bullets in his rifle and Jim climbs out the window as Bell is killed by Mailer and Clifton. Jim finds Selena and Corporal Mitchell and kills Mitchell by forcing his fingers into his orbital sockets and brain with his fingers. Jim tells Selena the world is not all infected and as they are kissing he is hit with a bottle by Hannah, who had walked through the door and thought he was biting Selena. They all run outside and to Frank's cab. When Jim opens the door he is confronted by West who accuses him of killing all of his men and shoots Jim. Hannah gets in to the driver seat and drives the cab toward the mansion. She parks at the entrance and Mailer breaks the back window and drags out West. Jim, Selena and Hannah then drive away. 28 days later, Jim wakes up in bed in a house in the countryside. A jet flies by and the infected are visibly dying from starvation. Jim, Selena and Hannah run outside with a large banner with the word hello and place it outside. The jet flies directly overhead and Jim wonders happily if the jet saw them this time.