28 Weeks Later (2007)

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A daughter and son are chased by their infected father after London is ravaged by the Rage Virus.


Apocalyptic, Viral


Alice - Catherine McCormack

Don - Robert Carlyle

Sally - Amanda Walker

Jacob - Shahid Ahmed

Geoff - Garfield Morgan

Karen - Emily Beecham

Boy in Cottage - Beans Balawi

Doyle - Jeremy Renner

Flynn - Harold Perrineau

Scarlet - Rose Byrne

Tammy - Imogen Poots

Andy - Mackintosh Muggleton

DLR Soldier - Meghan Popiel

Stone - Idris Elba

Military Officer - Stewart Alexander

Senior Medical Officer - Philip Bulcock

Rooftop Sniper - Chris Ryman

Soldier - Tristan Tait

Medical Officer - William Meredith

Bunker Soldier - Matt Reeves

Bunker Major - Thomas Garvey

Medical Centre Lobby Soldier - Tom Bodell

Carpark Soldier - Andrew Byron

Carpark Civilians - Sarah Finigan, Roderic Culver, Maeve Ryan, Ed Coleman, Karen Meagher, Amanda Lawrence, Simon Delaney, and Drew Rhys-Williams

Sam - Raymond Waring

Depot Man - Kish Sharma

Depot Woman - Jane Thorne

Rage Zombie

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Detailed Synopsis

Alice, Don, Sally, Jacob, Geoff and Karen are hiding in a house together after the Rage Virus has struck England. Don and Alice are talking about how thankful they are that they sent their kids on a field trip, before the virus hit. Karen places a plate of food in an empty spot for her boyfriend Sam, and Jacob angrily reminds her, Sam abandoned them five days ago. They hear a knock on the door and a boy's voice begging them to let him in. The Boy tells them that he was being chased by his mother and father when he came across their house. Karen pulls away cloth that is blocking a window and is looking outside the window when she thinks she sees Sam. An infected sees her looking out the window and attacks and kills Karen and when Jacob tries to help her she changes into an infected and attacks him. Don uses a crowbar to kill Karen and the remaining members of the group separate into other areas of the house. Alice and the boy run upstairs, while Sally, Jacob, and Geoff run into a barn. Geoff is killed when the door he is holding is broken down by the infected, who then eat him. The infected then grab and kill Sally. Don makes it into the room with Alice and the boy, but runs away when Alice refuses to leave the boy who is too afraid to leave the closet he is hiding in. Don is running for his life with a large amount of infected following him when he sees Jacob starting a boat. Don jumps on the boat, but Jacob slips and falls off of the boat and he is grabbed and killed by the infected. Don takes one last look at the window where he last saw Alice and continues to drive the boat down the river.

15 Days Later: Mainland Britain is quarantined. 28 Days Later: Mainland Britain has been destroyed by the Rage Virus. 5 Weeks Later: The infected have died of starvation. 11 Weeks Later: An American-led NATO force enters London. 18 Weeks Later: Mainland Britain is declared free of infection. 24 Weeks Later: Reconstruction Begins.

28 Weeks later, Doyle and Flynn are stationed in London as part of the NATO force. A plane full of passengers lands and Scarlet notices that included in the passengers are two children, Tammy and Andy, the first children admitted back into London. Scarlet gives Andy a quick health check and admits him and Tammy into London. Tammy and Andy take a train to District 1 on the Isle of Dogs, a secure zone for returning citizens. A DLR Soldier tells them that it is forbidden to cross the river into London. Tammy and Andy are greeted by Don at the end of their train ride. During a meeting with Stone, Military Officer, Senior Medical Officer and others, Scarlet angrily tells a Military Officer that she should have been notified before children were brought back to Britain as there are still diseases running rampant. Stone asks Scarlet what she is afraid of and she tells him she is worried the Rage Virus is going to come back. Don takes Tammy and Andy to his penthouse where he lives and where they will be living. He then tells them how Alice died, but leaves out the part that he left her. Doyle's shift starts and he says goodnight to Flynn, whose shift is ending and hello to Rooftop Sniper. Andy wakes up from a nightmare and tells Tammy he is worried that he is going to forget what Alice looked like. The next morning, Tammy and Andy sneak out of District 1 and are spotted by Doyle who reports it up the chain of command. Tammy steals a moped key from a dead pizza worker's corpse and her and Andy ride through London. They then drive back to their old house and grab some items, including a picture of Andy with Alice. Andy thinks he sees Tammy upstairs and when he goes into the attic he finds Alice still alive. Alice starts to increasingly hold Andy tighter and tighter until he wrenches free and he and Tammy exit the house to find a group of soldiers outside. Alice is taken back to District 1 and while Scarlet is taking a blood sample, she notices that Alice has a bite wound. A Soldier tells Don that they have found his kids and his wife, which shocks Don. Scarlet tells Stone that Alice is infected with the Rage Virus and can infect others with it. Don goes to see Alice and becomes infected when he kisses her. Don then kills Alice and begins to kill anyone he comes across. Stone comes across Alice dead and his soldiers dead and contacts Bunker Major and informs him that an outbreak has occurred and Code Red has been initiated. Medical Officer tells Tammy and Andy not to worry, but is then killed by Don, however they are saved by Scarlet who shoots the now infected Medical Officer. Scarlet tries to get Medical Centre Lobby Soldier to let her through a barricade, however Andy is separated from them by the pushing crowd. A large group of people are locked in a carpark by Carpark Soldier who tells them they will be safe. Andy hears a banging noise at a door and when he goes up to the door, Don breaks in and starts killing people in the carpark. The people in the carpark break through the locked doors and run out, chased by the infected. Outside chaos engulfs the area and the soldiers have a hard time identifying the infected from the non infected. Stone orders the soldiers to shoot at everything. Doyle kills Rooftop Sniper who was being attacked by two infected and then abandons his post. Andy is saved by Sam who calls him into a warehouse and barricades the doors. Andy finds Tammy and Scarlet hiding in the warehouse and he tells Tammy that Don has been infected. Doyle tells Scarlet and the others including Depot Man and Depot Woman that their best chance is to make a run for it during the night. Doyle then leads a group of people with him including Scarlet, Tammy and Andy. Flynn contacts Doyle and tells him that air support is arriving soon to bomb District 1. As they are running to their pick up point to meet Flynn, Scarlet is shot in the leg and Depot Man and Depot Woman are shot dead by a panicking soldier. Sam refuses to run out into the open so Doyle can locate the soldier, and so Andy runs out and Flynn shoots and kills the soldier. Air support arrives and starts bombing the area and Stone and those in the bunker including Bunker Soldier watch as District 1 is destroyed. Flynn calls Doyle and tells him that there is a group of infected heading their way and a large group of them crest a hill nearby. Flynn arrives, but tells Doyle he wont take anyone but him. Sam jumps on Flynn's helicopter, but is eventually shaken off. Flynn uses his helicopter blades to kill a large amount of the infected and then tells Doyle to meet him at the stadium by himself. They hide in a car when they see smoke coming their way and then Doyle gets out of the vehicle to push it when they see soldiers with flame throwers heading in their direction. Doyle is then set on fire by the soldiers and burns to death. They abandon the car in a tunnel and and walk through it in the dark. Don finds them and kills Scarlet by smashing her head in with the butt of her rifle. He then finds Andy and bites him and Tammy shoots and kills Don. Andy still alive, runs away and Tammy chases after him and they both realize that Andy is immune to the Rage Virus like Alice. Tammy and Andy walk to the stadium and find Flynn and his helicopter parked in the center of the stadium. He invites them in and they fly off.

28 Days Later: A voice comes on the radio in Flynn's discarded helicopter asking for help as a group of infected run through the streets of Paris out of the Chunnel.