A Boy and His Dog (1975)

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A boy and his dog become separated after the boy is enticed to enter a 1950's dystopia in the post-apocalypse.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Vic - Don Johnson

Quilla June Holmes - Susanne Benton

Lou Craddock - Jason Robards

Voice of Blood - Tim McIntire

Doctor Moore - Alvy Moore

Mez - Helene Winston

Preacher - Charles McGraw

Michael - Hal Baylor

Fellini - Ron Feinberg

Gary - Mike Rupert

Ken - Don Carter

Richard - Michael Hershman

Fanny MacBurnatt

Jurdan MacBurnatt

Mrs. Cammock

Mrs. Eunice Long



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Detailed Synopsis

World War IV lasted five days. Politicians had finally solved the problem of urban blight.

2024 AD. Vic is going over the history of World War III when Blood tells him there is a woman being held by a group of Rovers nearby. Also moving towards the Rovers and woman is a Solo. Vic knocks the Solo unconscious then watches as the Rovers leave. He goes into the underground area the Rovers left and enters the remains of a home. He finds the woman dying and a man dead next to her. Vic angrily leaves the remains of the house and wishes the Rovers had left her alive so he could have had a chance with the woman. Blood promises to look for another woman if Vic goes to look for food. They watch as the Rovers catch and kill another person. As they are walking Blood relates the history of the United States including WWIII, and WWIV which was over in 2007. They continue to walk into the desolate remains of Phoenix, Arizona where Vic and Blood met. Blood harasses Vic about leaving to find the paradise called Over the Hill, which Vic doesn't believe exists. Vic promises to leave for Over the Hill if Blood finds him a woman. Vic and Blood watch as Fellini, who is riding a machine being pulled by people and with a guitarist playing, comes to a stop near a food cache. Fellini has his men dig out some food while he eats fruit from a can and orders the guitarist to play music. Vic waits until Fellini goes into the hole, and then he runs towards Fellini's vehicle and snatches a bag full of canned food that had just been brought out of the hole. The guitarist kicks the kid guarding the vehicle and he and Vic run in opposite directions. Fellini's men start to pour out of the hole to go after Vic, but Fellini orders them back into the hole and credits Vic for having some guts. As Vic is running away, a group of three individuals decide that he is who they want and Lou Craddock tells the others to "put out the cheese".

Loaded with food they go into town and trade some canned goods for entrance to the outdoor movie theater. They are watching an erotic film called A Fistful of Rawhide when Blood senses a woman nearby. Vic tells him he doesn't believe him but gets desperate and butters him up until Blood tells him she is disguised as a Solo. Vic waits until the woman leaves and then he and Blood follow her. They track her into the remains of a school gymnasium, but Vic is afraid to go after her as he is worried there are Screamers, which are green glowing things that cause radiation burns when they touch a person, in the building. After Blood tells him the place is clean Vic crawls into the building and catches the woman, Quilla June Holmes. Vic threatens to rape Quilla and she starts asking him questions about himself which makes him uncomfortable. Blood goes to Vic and tells him a Rover pack has the building surrounded. Blood wants to abandon Quilla, but Vic refuses to give up his chance with her. Vic peaks out of the building and sees the Rovers and their dog. The Rovers slowly make their way into the gymnasium and Vic picks them off with his rifle one by one while Blood also joins in the fight. Vic and Blood come up with a plan to make the Rovers think the place is full of Screamers. Vic starts bellowing and the Rovers still outside the gymnasium run away. Vic, Blood and Quilla manage to kill the remaining Rovers and their dog in the gym, however Blood is injured. Vic tells Quilla that Screamers have a touch that will make a person brain dead and then they all run away as Blood tells them real Screamers are moving to their area. They hide in an empty boiler and decide to wait until the morning to leave. Vic and Quilla have sex and she tells him about where she comes from called Down Under. Quilla tries to convince Vic to go with her to Down Under, but Vic refuses. After Vic and Blood argue, Vic goes back to where Quilla is and she knocks him out with a flashlight. When Vic wakes up, Quilla is gone, but they find her ID card. Blood tries to convince Vic not to follow Quilla into Down Under, but his mind is set. They find the entrance and Vic uses the card left behind to open the door. Vic tells Blood goodbye and Blood tells him he will wait for a couple of days before heading to Over the Hill.

Vic climbs down into Down Under and after passing through an area filled with large pipes he comes out into a town reminiscent of the 1950's and is immediately grabbed by Michael. After being washed by Michael under the watchful eye of Doctor Moore, who is constantly taking notes of Vic's behavior, Vic is brought through the town. He sees a dog tied up by a leash and angrily unties the leash after talking to the dog. Both Vic and the dog are brought before the Council. First in line for the council and introduced by Mez is Mrs. Eunice Long, whose fruit is the winner of the blue ribbon for the annual Topeka Canning Festival. Next in line are Fanny MacBurnatt and Jurdan MacBurnatt who are on trial for lack of respect, having the wrong attitude and failure to obey authority. They are both sentenced to death to die on the "farm". Quilla walks in and gets upset when she finds out she wont be put on the committee like she thought she would for bringing in Vic. Lou Craddock tells Doctor Moore to marry Quilla off and if she still acts up then she will be sent to the "farm'. Quilla goes outside and vents to Gary who warns her about starting trouble. Mrs. Cammock tells Quilla that her class is waiting for her and she walks into class. The dog Vic had talked to and unleashed is brought before the Committee. Lou asks the dog what it and Vic talked about and the dog is sent to the "farm" after it doesn't answer. Finally Vic is brought in front of the Committee and he is told he will be used to get a group of women in the town pregnant as the men in the town cannot due to subterranean living. Mez laughs as Vic incorrectly believes he will be having sex with the women to get them pregnant.

Women are brought before Preacher and married one by one to Vic as he is milked of his sperm. Quilla has her turn and she uses a tire iron hidden in some flowers to knock both Doctor Moore and the Preacher unconscious. She frees Vic and tries to convince Vic to stay and help her and others run Topeka. Vic and Quilla are helped by Gary, Ken and Richard and they go to the Committee office to get Vic's weapons. Vic starts to walk towards the surface and Quilla steals his pistol and points it at him and admits that she brought him to Topeka so she can use him, not the Committee. Vic punches Quilla and takes his pistol and continues to leave. Michael walks into the park area and places three chairs. The Committee sits down and Mez calls out the names of the accused and Lou declares that Quilla June, Gary, Ken and Richard have all been condemned to die. Ken kneels before the Committee and is strangled to death by Michael. Michael then walks towards Gary and Richard and strangles them to death. Vic starts shooting at Michael and manages to kill him revealing him to be a robot. Vic and Quilla escape Topeka as Lou tells the rest of the Committee to get another Michael out of the warehouse. Vic hears a hoarse sounding Blood call his name and then he finds Blood lying on the ground almost dead. He tells Vic Fellini went into town and killed everyone and took it over. Quilla insists Vic leave Blood and Vic kills Quilla and serves her up to Blood. Blood recovers and he and Vic make their way towards Over the Hill.