A Good Marriage (2014)

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A woman finds out a deep dark secret about her husband of 25 years.


Horror, Psychological


Darcy Anderson - Joan Allen

Bob Anderson - Anthony LaPaglia

Holt Ramsey - Stephen Lang

Betty Pike - Cara Buono

Petra Anderson - Kristen Connolly

Bill Gaines - Mike O'Malley

Donnie Anderson - Theo Stockman

Vince Dorne - Will Rogers

TV Anchor - Pun Bandhu

News Reporter - Terra Mackintosh

Minister - Robert Hogan

Cleric - Sean Dugan

Bartender - Danny Binstock

Stacey Moore - Kris Lundberg

Waitress - Susan Blommaert

Waiter - Roe Hartrampf

Vocalist - Rafe Terrizzi

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Detailed Synopsis

A vehicle follows another vehicle at night as the poem the Hound of Heaven is read by a narrator. Darcy Anderson and Bob Anderson are celebrating their 25th anniversary with their friends. A Bartender comments to Holt Ramsey how Darcy still looks good for an older woman and Holt brushes him off. Darcy sits with her kids Petra Anderson and Donnie Anderson and her future son in law Vince Dorne. She becomes emotional when Donnie tells her of his successful bid to be the advertiser for the largest auto dealership in Cleveland and leaves the table. She goes into the bathroom to powder her nose and her neighbor and friend Betty Pike tells her how great her life is. Betty then tells Darcy that another murder was reported and it is believed to be the work of a serial killer who has already killed eleven women. Bob gives Darcy a pair of angel fish ear rings as an anniversary present. They are called in front of the crowd and Bill Gaines presents Bob with a see through toilet seat with coins embedded inside. Petra then tells the crowd how her parents have worked hard to develop a good marriage. Before they are about to have sex, Bob looks out the window and watches Betty fooling around with a man. The next day Bob leaves on a trip. Darcy turns on the television and watches as a TV Anchor gives a report on the notorious Beadie serial killer who possibly murdered once again. A News Reporter reports from the location of where the body was found in South Gansett. Darcy goes into the garage to get new batteries for the television remote control and finds a stack of magazines including a Bound Bitches in Bondage. She also finds a box given to Bob by Petra hidden under a cabinet. Inside the box are the personal effects of the missing woman Marjorie Duvall. Darcy breaks down and quickly puts the box back into its hiding place and goes back into the house. Bob calls home and notices something is wrong in Darcy's voice. Darcy uses the computer to look up information on the Beadie killer and reads about the murders he committed and the taunting letters he left. As she is reading about the missing woman Marjorie Duvall, she sees a photograph of Marjorie wearing the same angel fish earrings he gave Darcy for their anniversary. Darcy imagines the TV Anchor giving a report on how she knew Bob was a killer.

Bob is in a diner when he sees a woman reading a book entitled Bring Me to My Knees. After she leaves Bob asks the Waitress for his check and then follows the woman out and follows her in his car. Bob returns home and tells Darcy he knows she found his box with Marjorie Duvall's stuff and he checked her search history on her computer. He tells Darcy that he at first fought the urge to kill women but eventually he succumbed and started killing. Bob tells her he wont stop her from going to the authorities, however she would have to think about how it would affect her and the kids. After Darcy wakes up from having a dream that Bob is strangling her, She finds a large knife in a stack of books on his side of the bed. At dinner that day Bob makes a promise to Darcy that he will stop killing if she promises to keep his secret. Darcy is watching the news when she hears the case of a murdered woman in Portsmouth, but is relieved when it turns out the murdered woman's husband is the suspect. She also catches Bob staring creepily at Betty and confronts him about it. During a lunch with Betty, Darcy angrily tells a Waiter she hasn't finished when he goes to pick up her plate. Petra has her wedding and Darcy notices Holt Ramsey in his car watching them. At the wedding reception, Betty tells Darcy that she thinks Bob has a thing for her. A Vocalist calls for the father and daughter dance and Darcy imagines Petra as a little girl. Bob tells Darcy thank you for everything and they walk back into the party hand in hand. Darcy has another nightmare where she sees Stacey Moore who then transforms into her daughter Petra. Bob runs into the house and tells Darcy that he found a doubled die penny and they should celebrate. Darcy offers to drive so Bob can celebrate and get drunk. As Bob is bringing Darcy a glass of sparkling water Darcy pushes him over the second floor banister. When she checks on Bob he is still alive and she suffocates him to death with a plastic bag and dish rag. She cleans up the murder scene and then calls 911. Darcy goes to Bob's funeral and after the Minister gives his speech, she places the angel fish earrings in his casket. She chastises Donnie after he makes a comment about Betty similar to one Bob made. Darcy then donates all of Bob's belongings to a Cleric and his charities. Holt Ramsey goes to Darcy's house and tells her he knows her husband was Beadie. Before he leaves Darcy tells him that she wont let him ruin her children's lives. Holt gets into his car and collapses. Darcy goes to the hospital and after she and Holt exchange stories about the worse thing he ever did and how she found out about her husband's murders, he agrees not to tell anyone about her husband and tells her she did the right thing by killing Bob. Darcy sits at home reading a magazine on coins and eats tootsie rolls from a tin with a note from Bob telling her he to go easy on the candy as he wants her around for a long time.