Air (2015)

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A pair of maintenance workers struggle to maintain their sanity while protecting the few remaining scientists on Earth.


Post-Apocalyptic, War


Bauer - Norman Reedus

Cartwright - Djimon Hounsou

Abby - Sandrine Holt

President - Michael Hogan

Female Reporter 2 - Sophie Lui

Male Reporter - Ryan Beil

Female Reporter 1 - Paula Lindberg

Anchorman - Peter Benson

Sleeper 1 - David Nykl

Sleeper 2 - Darren Dolynski

Sleeper 3 - Jin Sangha

Sleeper 4 - Klara Rybicka

Sleeper 5 - Meredith Hama-Brown

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Detailed Synopsis

In a converted missile silo, a television turns on and a recording of the President is shown giving a speech about an upcoming war that is about to happen. A reporter asks about a rumor of scientists, engineers and doctors being placed in ark facilities, but the President stresses that the safety of everyone is his concern. Two maintenance engineers, Bauer and Cartwright, are woken up from their cryonics sleep chambers for two hours, indicated by a ticking timer. They check the air quality outside and the computer shows it is still bad. They also notify the system that they are on duty. Cartwright reads a list of what they have to do during their period of work and notices that seismic activity occurred and they will have to do a structural inspection. They go through their normal routine of changing air filters and other routine maintenance. Cartwright hears a voice and turns around to see Abby sitting in a chair. As they are having a conversation they are interrupted by Bauer who asks Cartwright if he has completed his check on the cryonic sleep chambers. Cartwright checks the sleep chambers, including one with what appears to be Abby inside, when Abby appears to him again. Abby asks Cartwright if he has told Bauer about her and they are again interrupted by Bauer who walks into the room. Cartwright pulls out a binder that discusses the time required for nuclear pollutants to disperse and tells Bauer that they might not be stuck in the silo for much longer. The recorded baseball game Bauer is watching is interrupted by a news bulletin and Anchorman comes on the air and talks about a series of explosions in major capitols across the Earth. Right before they are about to return to sleep, an electrical mishap breaks out along a crack in the floor leading to a fire in Cartwright's sleeping tube.

They are able to put it out, however the tube is damaged. The timer runs out and the power shuts down and they are forced to turn on the emergency oxygen system. As they are waiting for the oxygen to come back on Bauer admits he lied and said he was unmarried in order to get the job and wonders what it was like for his family when the bombs fell on the surface. After they don't find replacement parts for the damaged sleeping tube in storage, they decide to search in the sealed off long term storage. Cartwright finds a box with a replacement piece and they install it into the damaged sleeper. Bauer offers to get into the sleeping tube while Cartwright, who is hesitant to get in, runs a diagnostic check. Bauer notices something is wrong with the oxygen pump and starts calling out for Cartwright. The plastic cover on the tube collapses on Bauer and begins to suffocate him before Cartwright is able to cut him out. With their remaining oxygen running out, Bauer comes up with the idea to pull out one of the people in the sleeping pods so that Cartwright can use it. Cartwright is filling a needle with morphine to give the sleeper when Abby appears and tells him not to do it and she tells him there is another way. Cartwright refuses to kill the sleeper and a fight breaks out between him and Bauer. Cartwright convinces Bauer to hear him out and they decide to go search a facility that is supposedly nearby. Cartwright leaves their facility and finds the skeleton of a soldier on the outside of the door. While Bauer is messing with the electronics, an old news report comes on the television and Female Reporter 1 reports that there are rumors that the public bomb shelters are not effective. Cartwright makes it to the ABC Deep Sleep Facility which holds 108 people. The facility is locked forcing Cartwright to enter the facility through the air ducts. He comes across a large group of skeletons in the air duct. He enters the the facility and finds it in shambles with a large piece of the roof caved in. He looks out of the hole in the roof and sees a blasted Earth and city skyline. When he enters the sleeping chamber he finds all of the sleepers dead. Cartwright tells Bauer that none of the facilities are connected electronically and the system just tells them they are not alone so they don't go crazy. Meanwhile Bauer watches video feed recorded when he was suffocating in the sleep chamber which shows Cartwright was standing around nearby when he was suffocating.

Cartwright returns to their facility and is confronted by Bauer who threatens to kill him. Abby appears to Cartwright and shows him a way to get back into the facility. Cartwright makes it back into the facility but is chased by Bauer who starts shooting at him with the dead soldier's gun. Abby appears to Cartwright again and tells him he has to kill Bauer or Bauer will kill him. Bauer catches up to Cartwright and shoots him in the shoulder. Cartwright tries to explain things to Bauer and pulls out his photo of Abby, but then runs away after knocking Bauer away. Bauer goes into the sleeper area and finds the sleeping pod with Abby after realizing that Cartwright and Abby are married. Cartwright attacks Bauer and injects him with a fatal dose of morphine and Bauer lays down and dies. Cartwright then gets into Bauer's sleeping pod and goes to sleep. Later the facility comes to life and the monitor shows that the outside air quality has dramatically improved. The sleepers, including Abby, are woken up and Abby, who still maintains a youthful appearance is reunited with Cartwright who now appears to be a much older man. They then hug and Cartwright starts to cry.