Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 1-2 Shadow of the Hawke

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Stringfellow Hawke is recruited by Archangel to recover Airwolf from its creator for the F.I.R.M.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Gabrielle - Belinda Bauer

Senator Dietz - Eugene Roche

Blaze - John Calvin

Chuck Gordon - W.K. Stratton

Faye - Tina Chen

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Major Kamal - Frank Annese

Captain Cameron - Herbert Jefferson, Jr.

Dr. Moffet - David Hemmings

Mitch-Director - Philip Bruns

Mona Kahn-Reporter - Dee Dee Rescher

Co-Pilot-Mark - Dean Wein

Libyan Officer #1 - Nick Faltas

Libyan Controller - Steven Greenstein

Controller-Red Star - Gary Epper

Army Lieutenant-Red Star - Dan Woren

Radar Operator-USS Enterprise - Toby Norton

Arab Boy - Paul LaGreca

Angela - Helene Phillips


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Detailed Synopsis

At Red Star Control in Devil's Anvil, California, Dr. Moffet, Chuck Gordon and Co-Pilot-Mark enter Airwolf and start it up for an exhibition for Senator Dietz. Moffet checks in with Controller-Red Star who tells him he is cleared for the exercise. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, codename Archangel tells Senator Dietz that Airwolf can exceed the speed of sound and Marella explains how Airwolf works to the Senator. Archangel tells the Senator that the FIRM wants to give control of Airwolf over to the Department of Defense in exchange for the development costs and the first five Airwolves off the production line. Airwolf's abilities are tested against a mock Soviet defense crew. Airwolf uses its thrusters to fly by the Soviet defenses, causing Army Lieutenant-Red Star to exclaim "Holy shit!" and covering him in dust. Airwolf successfully passes its tests and after the Senator congratulates Moffet and crew, Moffet reminds the Senator about Project Proteus and then fires into the control tower, killing Senator Dietz and most of the tower crew. Moffet then flies away in Airwolf.

Three months later, Stringfellow Hawke is playing the cello on his dock next to his dog Tet. A helicopter being flown by Gabrielle and carrying Archangel arrives and they go to speak with Hawke. Archangel introduces Gabrielle and Hawke ignores her. Archangel tells Hawke he has a job for him recovering Airwolf. He then tells him that it is in Libya. Gabrielle notices the artwork in Hawke's cabin and Hawke tells her they are the real thing. Hawke agrees to take the mission in exchange for information on the location of his brother St. John. That night, Gabrielle tries to seduce Hawke, but he rejects her advances. On the set of a movie, Dominic is arguing with Blaze and tells Mitch-Director that he won't let Blaze fly Dominic's helicopter by himself. Blaze tells Mitch that Mona Kahn-Reporter is going to be doing a live report about him and he told her he was going to be doing his own flying. Hawke agrees to fly with Blaze and Blaze immediately has issues flying. After Blaze continues to fly sporadically, Hawke takes control and lands the helicopter. At the Summer Palace of Muammar Gaddafi, in Kafir, Libya, Moffet is shooting at a coin being held by Arab Boy in a pool. He walks outside and Major Kamal asks him if he will go on a mission with Airwolf to destroy a French Mirage. Dr. Moffet shows Major Kamal the mid air refueling intake in Airwolf and tells him that is the only weak point in Airwolf's defenses.

Dr. Moffet and his crew go on the mission and shoot down a French Mirage. Hawke and Dominic are fired from the movie set and Hawke tells Dominic he was offered a job with the FIRM. He asks Dominic to help him and to fly into Libya. They return to Hawke's home and he finds all of his artwork stolen. Gabrielle tells him the FIRM took it but left behind his cello when Archangel insisted it. In Tripoli, Dr. Moffet and Major Kamal are watching Angela dance in a club. Dr. Moffet tells Major Kamal that he wants Angela, but Major Kamal tells him he must destroy an American Destroyer in order to have her. Gabrielle tells Hawke that their agent in Tripoli, Angela, has told them that Airwolf is somewhere near the coast close to Tripoli. Hawke catches a trout and Gabrielle asks him to put it back, but he refuses and later eats it in front of her. Dr. Moffet and his crew go on a mission and destroy an American Destroyer. Gabrielle watches Hawke playing the cello and they kiss. Dominic lands and delivers some groceries off to Hawke and then he and Hawke make plans for Libya. Dominic takes Hawke to the Valley of the Gods and shows him a place inside of a mesa, where he can hide a large object. Hawke returns home to find Archangel in his home and Gabrielle gone. Archangel tells him Gabrielle was sent ahead to Libya due to the destruction of the Destroyer. Hawke demands his artwork back and then punches Archangel in the face. Hawke arrives at the Orly Airport in Paris, France and is greeted by Faye, who briefs him on his mission and tells him Angela is dead and Gabrielle has taken her place. Dr. Moffet and Major Kamal return to the Red Castle and watch Gabrielle dance and Dr. Moffet asks Major Kamal if she is a spy like Angela.

Hawke goes into Gabrielle's changing room and they kiss. She tells him Airwolf is in Kafir. Hawke tells Gabrielle to leave or he leaves and she tells him she isn't go to die on him like the others. As Hawke is leaving the club he runs into Dominic. Gabrielle is interrogated by Major Kamal, who accuses her of being a spy for the FIRM. A Radar Operator-USS Enterprise communicates with a pair of F-14's. Captain Cameron tells Archangel that if his boys don't get Airwolf soon, then he will attack Libya, and Faye tells him the boys include women, including one who gave her life. Dr. Moffet, who has brought Gabrielle out to the desert and tied her to a jeep, toys with her by offering her water. Hawke and Dominic enter the airbase posing as Mirabelle Oil workers. They bluff their way past Libyan Officer #1 posing as Italians and see Airwolf. Dr. Moffet continues to toy with Gabrielle. Chuck finds Mark and tells him Libyan Oficer #1 told him Dr. Moffet is out in the desert torturing a dancer and they are held at gunpoint by Hawke. Hawke and Dominic then get into Mark and Chuck's flight suits and helmets and are stopped by Major Kamal. Dominic gets into Airwolf, while Major Kamal orders Hawke to lift his visor. He knocks Major Kamal and Libyan Officer #1 to the ground and then jumps into Airwolf.

Hawke and Dominic use Airwolf to escape after killing a group of Libyan soldiers including Libyan Officer #1. They see tracks in the desert and are spotted by Dr. Moffet who drives in his jeep away. They find Gabrielle and land and Hawke runs to her. She tells him she wanted to call and then dies. They get back into Airwolf and chase after Dr. Moffet. Libyan Controller shows Major Kamal, Airwolf on the radar and Airwolf shoots down numerous Libyan helicopters and blows up a group of tanks. Dr. Moffet thinks Airwolf has been shot down by a missile and drives towards the explosion. Hawke then fires a missile at him, killing Dr. Moffet who pointed his revolver at the fuel intake. Archangel tells his superiors that they have lost Airwolf and asks to borrow an F-14 from Captain Cameron. Dominic drops off Hawke and when Hawke returns to his cabin he sees Archangel inside with his artwork returned. Archangel asks him where he hid Airwolf and Hawke tells him it is wired with explosives and he is keeping it. Archangel offers to help Hawke out if he helps out the FIRM. As Archangel is leaving he asks if Gabrielle suffered and Hawke lies and tells him she didn't. Hawke then plays his cello on his dock and cries.