Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 10 And They Are Us

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Hawke and Dominic are sent by Archangel to provide support to the President of an African Nation.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Colonel Vidor - Christopher Stone

President Seko Logana - Raymond St. Jacques

Lea Logana - Berlinda Tolbert

Marella - Deborah Pratt

General Ali Butami - Grand Bush

Harold Ngomo - Milton Murrill

Lt. Reed - William Riley

Helicopter Pilot - Bruce Cervi

Mamma - Betty Cole

Radar Operator - Lee Payne

Sniper - Tony Brubaker


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Detailed Synopsis

In South Limbawe, Africa, a Radar Operator identifies two incoming enemy planes approaching and calls attention to the base over the intercom. The troops mobilize and Colonel Vidor mobilizes his helicopter squadron along with Lt. Reed and Helicopter Pilot. They set an ambush for the planes. The first plane is shot down and when the second plane continues its attack, Vidor attacks it by himself out of respect for the pilot's bravery. Vidor shoots the plane and is relieved when the pilot parachutes out of his plane. He then has Helicopter Pilot land to pick up the pilot. At Stringfellow Hawke's cabin, Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel and Marella brief Hawke and Dominic on the situation in Limbawe and how South Limbawe is building a missile silo to use against North Limbawe. They show Hawke and Dominic a slide show, and before they can finish, Hawke tells them he is not interested in helping them. They then show him a slide of Colonel Vidor, who Hawke thought dead, and who went down under enemy fire at the same time as Saint. John.

At the barracks of the South Limbawe Helicopter Squadron, Lt. Reed grabs the woman sitting with Helicopter Pilot and an argument starts. Reed pulls out a knife and Vidor grabs his wrist and throws him against the lockers. He then tells Reed and Helicopter Pilot to lighten up after having a drink with the downed North Limbawe pilot. Vidor walks into the kitchen and rambles to Mamma about getting into aerial combat with someone as good as him and writing his memoirs. While flying Airwolf with Dominic, Hawke has a flashback to when Vidor shot down Bo-Dai and took his helmet and name. Lea Logana tells President Seko Logana that the Germans want to initiate a trade agreement. Seko then laments how different nations are only willing to be friends when they want something. A Sniper starts to sneak up on Seko and Lea when Airwolf lands. Dominic shows Seko around Airwolf and Seko dismissively asks how much they are being paid by the FIRM. Hawke notices the light reflecting from the bush and asks Seko and Lea to stand behind Airwolf. He then gets inside and shoots Airwolf's guns at the Sniper. The Sniper runs off and Seko accuses Hawke of racism when he comments how fast the sniper ran. Lea leaves with Dominic in her jeep while Hawke takes Seko for a test flight in Airwolf.

At the South Limbawe missile site, Harold Ngomo is criticizing General Ali Butami for constantly telling him what to do and for initiating a war with North Limbawe. When Ngomo threatens to stop the war, General Butami has him put under armed guard. Before leaving, General Butami tells Vidor that he had nerve gas given to them from the Eastern Bloc installed into the missiles for the attack on Northern Limbawe. Seko and Hawke are talking when Seko calls his men out from the brush and insinuates his men could take Airwolf from Hawke. Hawke pulls out a device and tells Seko it is a device he can use to make Airwolf self destruct. When Seko reassures Hawke his men are their only to guard them, Hawke reveals the device to be in reality, a lighter. Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf for a flight and confront Vidor who is training with his squadron. Hawke radios to Vidor and they each give their sign, countersign "we have met the enemy", "and they are us". Hawke lands and tells Vidor he is there to work for General Butami. Vidor and Hawke have a drink and Hawke asks him what he knows about Saint John. Vidor tells him he doesn't know what happened to Saint John and then shows Hawke the helmet that belonged to Bo-Dai. He tells Hawke he never went home after Vietnam, because the squadron was his family and there was nothing to go back to in the United States and he wanted to start over. They watch as Harold Ngomo is prepared for a firing squad. The Sniper who tried to shoot President Logana pulls up in a jeep with General Butami and points to Airwolf. They take Dominic hostage and go into General Butami's office where Vidor has pulled a gun on Hawke. Hawke kicks Vidor and then he and Dominic escape after knocking the Sniper and General Butami unconscious. As they are leaving, Vidor tells Hawke he will have to fight him tomorrow and then tells him to leave with Ngomo.

They get into Airwolf and fly away after firing at some of General Butami's men. Vidor has a meeting with his squadron where Lt. Reed becomes excited about the bonus checks they will be receiving for invading North Limbawe. Hawke wakes up on a cot and Lea, who is sitting in a chair next to him, tells him how he was shot, but the bullet went through him. Seko walks out of a room and tells Hawke and Lea that Ngomo has agreed to form a coalition government with him. The base is attacked by Vidor and Lt. Reed in their helicopter and Lea is injured when she is running towards Airwolf. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and fly after Vidor. Vidor sets his trap for Airwolf, but Hawke manages to shoot down all of the helicopters, but Vidor's. He then attacks the missile base and destroys it. Vidor flies his damaged helicopter towards Airwolf and before crashing it, he tells Hawke that he knows where Saint John is. At Hawke's cabin, Archangel tells Hawke that Vidor didn't know anything about Saint John. He then tells Hawke that the Limbawe coalition government is still holding and Lea gave him something to give to Hawke. He gives Hawke Bo-Dai's helmet and Hawke gives a toast to those who survived and those who didn't.