Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 3 Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n

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Hawke and Dom must go undercover to stop an American from trading a top secret jet for his son.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Maj. Sam Roper - James Whitmore Jr.

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Carl Zimmer - Charles Knox Robinson

Nhi Truong - Irene Yah-Ling Sun

Colonel Quoc - Aki Aleong

Lt. John Winner - John Sanderford

Lt. Simms - Paul Tuerpe

Ho Minh Truong - Chad Allen

MP - Stan Roth

Radar Station Lieutenant - Larry Margo

Radar Station Controller - Duncan Wilmore

Russian Officer - Radu Gavor

Jeep Driver - Gene Bicknell


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Detailed Synopsis

Ho Minh Truong runs around stealing food and shoes in Ho Chi Minh city. He runs into an alley and is beaten up by a group of thugs who steal the shoes he stole. Carl Zimmer picks him up from the ground and asks him if he would like to meet his father. Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic test out maneuvers in Airwolf. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, code name Archangel, and Marella try to recruit Hawke to go on a mission for the FIRM. Archangel tells Hawke a recon pilot is planning on stealing a plane and delivering it to the Russians, but they don't know which one. When Hawke wonders how people can tell the good guys from the bad guys, Marella tells him the good guys wear the white hats. Hawke, who is undercover as a Captain in an Army, Air Force exchange program, arrives on base and as he is being driven around, Jeep Driver remarks on how glad he is the jets flying overhead are theirs and not the enemy's. As Hawke passes by, Maj. Sam Roper recognizes him and tells Lt. John Winner, who also remembers Hawke. As Hawke is dropped off at headquarters, he sees Nhi Truong, who he knew from Vietnam. She asks him if he bothered to look for her and he tells her Saigon had already fallen by the time he left the hospital. Hawke goes to talk to Dominic, who is undercover as a janitor and asks him to get information on Nhi Truong.

Colonel Quoc questions Ho Minh Truong where his mother is and who his father is. Carl Zimmer demands Colonel Quoc sign the visa forms and Colonel Quoc reminds him they are in his country. Colonel Quoc then reluctantly signs and stamps the visa form. Hawke, Roper, Winner and Lt. Simms are getting drunk with a group of other pilots. As they are walking home, Winner remarks about his lack of ability to adjust after coming back from Vietnam and how nothing he did in Vietnam matters back home and how people just ask the cliche question, how many people did you kill. Roper tells Hawke he knows he is not there as a pilot and he knows he had a relationship with Nhi Truong. Dominic drives his jeep onto the airfield and is told he will have to move by an MP. He asks where Hawke is and the MP points to a jet in the sky. Roper is taking Hawke out on a training flight when he makes the jet bank over and over again, causing Hawke to hit his head on the cockpit window. When they land, Hawke tells Roper he is no longer on the next mission. Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic that he knows Roper is the traitor and that his wife, Nhi Truong is trying to get her son to the United States. The boy, Ho Minh Truong has been given to the Soviets and is at Omrylkot, Russia. Hawke tells Archangel he doesn't want anything to happen to Roper and offers to trade Airwolf for Ho Minh Truong. Hawke goes to Roper's house and punches him twice and tells him he knows about the trade he was going to make with the Soviets. At Omrylkot, Zimmer and Russian Officer go over the details of the trade. Zimmer goes into the building where Ho Minh Truong is being held and Ho Minh Truong asks Zimmer who his father is from a photo from Vietnam. Hawke argues with Roper who tells him the Soviets contacted Nhi Truong first and after Hawke tells him it won't work, Nhi tells Hawke it is the only way to get Ho Minh Truong.

Hawke tells Dominic to get Airwolf ready and later tells Roper how he plans on accomplishing the mission. Radar Station Controller clears the aircraft for takeoff. Dominic pops smoke and Hawke and Roper land. Radar Station Controller tells Radar Station Lieutenant that he has lost contact with Roper and Hawke. Hawke leaves with Dominic and they get Airwolf from their secret base. Hawke comes back on radar and Radar Station Lieutenant tells Radar Station Controller if they lose contact with Hawke again to let him know. Hawke and Dominic attack the Soviet airbase. Dominic rushes in and rescues Ho Minh Truong. Carl Zimmer shoots at Airwolf and when he realizes his bullets are doing nothing, he puts his hands up in surrender. Ho Minh Truong asks Hawke if he is his father, and Hawke tells him he will know him when he sees him. Hawke returns Ho Minh Truong to Roper and Nhi Truong. Nhi Truong gives an ambiguous answer to Hawke concerning who Ho Minh Truong's father is. She then tells him she is changing Ho Minh Truong's name to Stringfellow Roper and Hawke hugs Ho Minh Truong.