Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 4 Bite of the Jackal

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Dominic's helicopter is sabotaged which leads to his and a stowaway's rescue by Stringfellow Hawke and Archangel.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Mitchell Bruck - Scott Hylands

Phoebe Danner - Shannen Doherty

Laura Archer - Susanne Reed

Joachim Santos - Rafael Campos

Col. Arias - Julio Medina

Miriam Santos - Ruth Britt

Soldier Callan - Herb Armstrong

Betz - Ron Stein

Bruck's Pilot

Betz's Pilot


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Detailed Synopsis

Soldier Callan walks into the helipad for Santini Air. He opens the nose of a helicopter and places a device with a keypad inside and starts a timer. Dominic tries to convince Stringfellow Hawke to go on a trip with him to Acapulco to make a delivery to Queenie May Shapiro, but Hawke declines. Mitchell Bruck is told by Soldier Callan when Dominic leaves the helipad as he sits in a limousine with Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, code name Archangel and Laura Archer. Archangel toasts Mitchell being assigned to Mexico for ten days and they drop off Mitchell at the airport. Laura asks Archangel if he thinks Mitchell will replace him someday and he tells her he might. Laura plays a recording of the conversation Mitchell had on the phone and track it to Van Nuys Airport. He then has the limousine return to the airport. Dominic sees a hand grabbing for his sandwich and discovers Phoebe Danner in his chopper. She introduces herself and tells him she wanted to go to Acapulco so stowed away in his helicopter. As Phoebe is explaining she wanted to see her father, the helicopter catches fire and Dominic crash lands. Hawke and Tet have a premonition and look into the sky.

Phoebe wakes Dominic up and they jump out of the helicopter. Archangel and Laura play Hawke the recording they made of Mitchell's phone conversation. Laura then tells Hawke that Mitchell knew he was about to be out of the FIRM and that if he could capture Airwolf he could get a job with any intelligence agency. Hawke invites Archangel to fly with him in Airwolf to rescue Dominic and he agrees. Mitchell tells Col. Arias he hopes he didn't take too much time sending out troops to find Dominic. Hawke gets into Airwolf and then picks up Archangel. Dominic secures his helicopter and as Phoebe brings him the wheel that fell off, two helicopters appear in the horizon. Bruck checks to make sure Betz's Pilot is in ready condition. Dominic fires a flare into the air and Mitchell and another pilot begin firing at them from the helicopters. A group of soldiers are dropped off and Mitchell tells Dominic and Phoebe if they try to leave a perimeter he has made, they will be shot and killed. Bruck's Pilot tells Mitchell that he sees something on the radar coming their way. Archangel tells Hawke that there are two helicopters in the air and one on the ground nearby. A rocket crew led by Betz shoots the tail rotor of Airwolf and Hawke is forced to escape.

Mitchell tells Col. Arias where Airwolf was last seen and Arias tells him he will send out a search crew in the morning, but Mitchell tells him he plans to wait for Hawke to come back to rescue Dominic. Mitchell tells Arias about a missile called the leech that he plans on using against Airwolf, which attaches itself and then shoots out a gas that causes loss of consciousness. Hawke lands Airwolf on a farm. Phoebe asks Dominic if he thinks the men surrounding them will kill them, but he tells her no. Dominic looks at a photo of Phoebe's parents and she tells him about her parents and shows him the dress she is going to wear when she sees her father. Dominic then tells her why he thinks they were brought down and surrounded. Joachim Santos, Miriam Santos and a group of men surround Hawke and Archangel, who are repairing there rotor blade with an anvil. Joachim introduces himself and Miriam. Joachim tells them they scared their animals and families and Miriam tells them their chickens will probably not lay another egg. Hawke asks for their help and Joachim agrees in exchange for payment. Archangel pays them and Miriam offers to help them. Joachim asks Hawke to stay a bit after they finish and then he and Archangel joke with each other. They repair the rotor wing and then take off in Airwolf as Joachim, Miriam and the villagers follow in vehicles.

Betz notices Dominic close the engine doors of his helicopter and Dominic tells Phoebe his plan for their escape. Mitchell tells Betz to let him know when he sees something on radar. Joachim, Miriam and the villagers bury dynamite and then detonate it. Mitchell and the others get into their helicopters and fly into the air. Hawke fires at the Mexican troops and Betz and Dominic and Phoebe get into his helicopter and start to fly away. Airwolf is hit with a leech missile which disperses gas and Archangel uses his cane to knock it out. Hawke fires a rocket and blows up the helicopter with Mitchell and Bruck's Pilot, and then fires another rocket blowing up the helicopter with Betz's Pilot. Hawke stares down Col. Arias who puts his hands up and then flies Airwolf away after dusting him. They return to Hawke's cabin with Phoebe who is scared to meet her father in case he doesn't like her. Dominic reassures her and Phoebe goes outside and hugs her father, while Hawke looks at the photo of him and his brother and then looks at them hugging. Meanwhile, Laura tells Dominic the cost of finding Phoebe's father.