Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 5 Proof Through the Night

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Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic must fly Airwolf into Russia unarmed to rescue a FIRM agent and his family.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Vladimir Rostoff - Rick Lenz

Tanya Rostoff - Linda Grovenor

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Ivan Turgyev - Radu Gavor

Natalya - Maria Korda

Tanker Plane Pilot - Cris Capen

Tanker Plane Co-Pilot - Greg Winfield

Sgt. Tembrusco - Rick Garia

Cpl. Munga - Sam Kwasman

1st Russian Soldier - Scott Turchin

Technician - Eric Goldner


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Detailed Synopsis

At 8 in the morning in a research building in Sverdlovsk, Russia, a group of scientists, including Technician, are testing out a biological weapon on a rat, which quickly dies when it inhales it. Vladimir Rostoff walks into the room as the Technician tests out the weapon on a monkey. Rostoff opens a vial of the agent after putting on a protective mask, exposing the researchers and Technician to the agent, who quickly die. Rostoff then leaves after taking another vial.

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, code name Archangel, and Marella recruit Stringfellow Hawke to rescue Rostoff. Archangel tells Hawke that Rostoff will make his way to a cabin in the Ural Mountains for pickup. Hawke finds a picture of Natalya and Tanya Rostoff in Vladimir's file and tells Archangel that Airwolf won't make it with enough fuel if there are five passengers, and Archangel suggests leaving Airwolf disarmed to save on weight. Marella tells Hawke that Vladimir saved the life of Archangel and reveals Archangel's real name. Later she tells Archangel she wonders if it is a trap and perhaps Vladimir has turned to the Soviet's side. Dominic complains to Hawke about the plan and jokingly suggests they not go. Somewhere over the Baltic Sea, Tanker Plane Pilot and Tanker Plane Co-Pilot are betting on what kind of vehicle they will be refueling and both are wrong when Airwolf arrives to be refueled, to the shock of Sgt. Tembrusco. A couple of MiG-23's are detected on Airwolf's radar and Hawke makes Airwolf nap the earth. Marella and Archangel land at FIRM headquarters.

Hawke and Dominic arrive at the farm house and see Vladimir waiting for them in the woods. They land and Vladimir runs to the farm house with Hawke running after him. Vladimir tells Hawke that he believes the Soviets might be hunting him and that he stole a biological weapon. Vladimir asks how Archangel is doing and then tells him his family is at another location in Kirivitz in case he was captured. They fly to Kirivitz and Dominic tells Hawke that he thinks they are walking into a trap. Ivan Turgyev walks inside his house as Russian Soldiers including 1st Russian Soldier, are playing cards. Hawke, Dominic and Vladimir arrive at the house and see the soldiers inside and as Vladimir moves to go inside, Hawke pulls a gun on him. Marella tells Archangel that there is increased KGB traffic in the Ural area. In the morning, 1st Russian Soldier and the other one leaves. Vladimir goes up to Ivan and they hug and Vladimir tells Ivan he is leaving. Vladimir tells his family his plan and Natalya cries while Ivan can't believe Vladimir is a spy. Tanya tells Vladimir to surrender to the authorities while Dominic gets the biological weapon from the bedroom. Ivan grabs the biological weapon from Natalya and runs outside to a helicopter that has arrived. Hawke chases after him and after recovering the vial, is threatened by the helicopter pilot.

Dominic shoots at the helicopter which then returns fire at the house. The helicopter flies to an arriving group of vehicles. Hawke arrives in Airwolf and flies at the Soviet helicopter causing the air draft to make it fly erratically. The helicopter fires at Airwolf and Hawke once again uses the air draft, this time causing the helicopter to crash. He then uses the thrusters to cause one of the vehicles to crash, before landing. As he is getting into Airwolf, Vladimir looks back at Ivan once more and waves. Airwolf is spotted by four MiG's who start firing at it, but turn around when Airwolf leaves Soviet airspace. Tanker Plane Pilot and Tanker Plane Co-Pilot discuss how it is the first time Sgt. Tembrusco missed a flight and they continue their bet. Cpl. Munga tells Tanker Plane Pilot that an aircraft is approaching and tells him a helicopter is approaching. Marella tells Archangel that Hawke accomplished the mission and they celebrate. Hawke, Dominic, Archangel, Marella and Rostoff's family celebrate with a meal at Hawke's cabin. Tanya excuses herself and leaves and Hawke follows her. Tanya tells Hawke she will never give up Russia and Hawke tells her she won't have to. Hawke then plays his cello while Tanya sings, while in Russia, Ivan plays his balalaika and sings.