Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 7 Echoes from the Past

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Stringfellow Hawke is tricked into telling East German spies the location of Airwolf.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Dr. Lisa Holgate - Zohra Lampert

Morton Abrams - Robert Hogan

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Peter MacGregor-Moore - Michael Halsey

Nurse Frida Simmons - Barbara Cason

Dr. Rothschild - Milt Kogan

Susan Hill - Michelle Nicastro

"Saint John" - Christopher Connelly

Charlene - Sally Hampton

Anchor Man - Fred Holliday

Anchor Woman - Rebecca Clemons

Female in White Coat - Bobbie Bates

Man in White Coat - Jerome Anson Blackwell


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke is playing his cello when he hears a plane outside. He goes outside with Tet and a package drops from the plane. Inside is a note "What's here is a gift. Talk Costs Money. I'll be at the closed-down airstrip over in Crofton in an hour. Come if you're interested", and bracelet with the name Saint John. Hawke flies to the location and finds Peter MacGregor-Moore waiting for him. Peter offers a trade for information on Saint John. When Hawke refuses to trade him the helicopter he flew in on, his art collection or his cabin, he offers to trade the information for $1,000 to which Hawke agrees to. Peter then hands him a satellite photograph and tells him Saint John is a prisoner in a compound in Vietnam and the FIRM, including Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, knows of his location. As Hawke is flying away he starts to feel strange and faints, crashing his helicopter. A group of people run up to him and Hawke falls unconscious.

He is brought into a hospital on a stretcher by Female in White Coat and Man in White Coat. When he wakes up, he is being moved by Nurse Frida Simmons and Dr. Rothschild and Dr. Rothschild uses defibrillators on Hawke. Hawke then imagines he is back with Gabrielle. He wakes up and tries to pull his IV tube out. Nurse Simmons gets a notification of a Code Blue and starts to run to Hawke's room and as the elevator opens, Susan Hill sees Hawke being grabbed by Nurse Simmons and a hospital orderly. Nurse Simmons then tells Susan she is on a private floor of the hospital. Nurse Simmons then tells the orderly to make sure no one accidentally comes on the floor from downstairs again. She tells Hake he has been in a helicopter crash and Dr. Rothschild tells him he has been in a coma for almost a year. Dr. Rothschild asks Hawke if he remembers anything from the crash and tells him it is believed he had a heart seizure while flying. He tells Hawke, Dominic would sit in a chair next to his bed and talk to him for hours, but died along with Briggs III, code name Archangel, during a rescue mission. He then tells Hawke, Saint John was rescued during the mission. Dr. Rothschild tells Dr. Lisa Holgate that he told Hawke about Dominic and Archangel. Hawke is watching television when an Anchor Man and Anchor Woman report Prince Charles and Princess Diana are getting a divorce. Hawke reads a newspaper article detailing the POW raid and deaths of Dominic and Archangel as Nurse Simmons watches.

Dr. Holgate walks into his room and Hawke figures out she is a psychologist and when he asks why he is so groggy, she tells him it's from being in a coma for so long. Susan is riding the elevator with "Saint John", when he drops a newspaper detailing the divorce of Charles and Diana and she comments about not knowing they were getting a divorce. Dr. Holgate tells Hawke that he has a visitor and "Saint John" walks into the room and they hug. Morton Abrams tells Dr. Holgate that he wants to talk with Hawke tonight, but she tells him it is too soon, band Morton tells her to reduce Hawke's medication. "Saint John" tells Hawke he survived as a POW by creating his own freedom in his mind. Hawke asks how Dominic died and "Saint John" tells him it was quick and the helicopter he and Archangel were in crashed after being shot. Dr. Rothschild introduces Morton Abrams to Hawke. Abrams asks Hawke were Airwolf is hidden after Hawke figures out Abrams is Archangel's replacement. Hawke asks him to bring him a map of the Las Vegas area. Susan sneaks into the floor by picking the stairs lock. Abrams then tells Dr. Rothschild and "Saint John" that Hawke told showed him Airwolf is hidden in the Valley of the Gods. Abrams tells Dr. Rothschild, Dr. Holgate, Nurse Simmons and MacGregor-Moore that they now know where Airwolf is hidden. He then tells Nurse Simmons to prepare Hawke for travel to Libya.

Nurse Simmons injects something into Hawke's ivy bag and when she leaves, he disconnects his IV tube. Susan goes into Hawke's room and he grabs her and asks her what the date is. He asks her if he would still have calluses if he was in a coma for a year and she tells him no. Archangel, who is at the location of where Dominic's helicopter was found, tells Charlene that the vehicle that left the area had dual rear wheels. She tells him they are trying to get any fingerprints at the moment. Archangel calls over Dominic and tells him the helicopter Hawke borrowed was completely undamaged. He then brings him into a building and Marella tells Dominic about an East German spy ring called Schwartzkrieg, revealing those treating Hawke are not who they appear. Archangel then tells Dominic they believe the group is working for Major Kamal in trying to get Airwolf back. Archangel asks Dominic to tell him where Airwolf is, but Dominic refuses. Hawke takes Susan with him and he finds the fake news room and when he looks at a screen of two different people and comments they are his brother Saint John, Susan asks which one. He tries to escape with Susan, but they are captured, put in straight jackets and put in an ambulance while Dr. Holgate stays behind.

Hawke and Susan are then put on a plane. They land in the Valley of the Gods and Abrams threatens to shoot Susan if Hawke won't fly Airwolf out of the lair. Hawke then parks Airwolf in the belly of the plane. "Saint John" and Nurse Simmons are left to guard Hawke and Susan while Dr. Rothschild, Abrams and MacGregor-Moore are in the cockpit. Dominic escapes out of Airwolf and puts a gun to "Saint John", while Hawke takes the gun from Nurse Simmons. They put them in the straight jackets and then get into Airwolf with Susan. Abrams calls air support from Cuba. Dominic tells Hawke how he hid in Airwolf when he didn't know what to do. MacGregor-Moore sees the rear cargo doors are open and Abrams goes to check it out. He opens the door and sees Airwolf taking off. A group of MiGs chase after Airwolf and fire missiles at it. Hawke maneuvers Airwolf so that a missile hits the aircraft with Dr. Rothschild, Abrams, MacGregor-Moore, Nurse Simmons and "Saint John", causing the plane to explode and then fires a missile at one of the MiG's, blowing it up. Back at his cabin, Hawke finds Archangel and Marella inside and ask him what happened. Hawke introduces them to Susan and she tells Archangel that she doesn't know where Airwolf is, kind of.