Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 8 Fight Like a Dove

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Hawke and Dominic help an Israeli Nazi hunter capture an arms dealer in Paraguay.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Sarah Lebow - Tovah Feldshuh

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Helmut Kruger - Walter Gotell

Arab Buyer - Elias Zarou

Minter - Terry Burns

Harry "Dove" Lebow - Peter Mamakos


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Detailed Synopsis

In Paris, Harry "Dove" Lebow confronts Helmut Kruger and tells him he is going to take him to Israel for crimes during World War II at the Dachau Concentration Camp. Kruger stabs Lebow with a hidden knife, killing him. Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic test the altitude limits of Airwolf. They make it to 86,000 feet before returning to their hidden base. Hawke senses someone is in the base and he orders Sarah Lebow to step out. He then searches her and she introduces herself. She tells them she wants justice to bring Kruger to trial in Israel. She tells them Kruger killed her father and then tells them she needs Airwolf to get her inside his base. After Hawke refuses to go, she offers to help him find Saint John. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, and Marella tell Hawke about Harry Lebow and then tell him the world is grey and that he shouldn't help Sarah. Archangel finally admits that he is tied with Kruger. At the Kruger Estate in Paraguay, Kruger is giving a demonstration with Minter of the Thor Missiles to Arab Buyer. Arab Buyer demands to see a demonstration and Kruger has a pilot he paid try and evade the missiles. The pilot manages to evade three of the missiles, before his jet is hit by the fourth one and explodes.

Sarah gets into Airwolf with Hawke and Dominic. Marella and Archangel are still in Hawke's cabin when Archangel realizes Hawke is going to help Sarah and Marella suggests they warn Hawke. Archangel calls Hawke and tries to convince Hawke to turn back, but Hawke refuses and hangs up on him. Marella then calls for an F-15. Minter tells Kruger he struck a deal with an El Salvador group and Kruger tells him he will give him a bonus. Kurger, Minter and the group of buyers including Arab Buyer take a tour around Kruger's munitions warehouse. Kruger tells Arab Buyer that he has the power to tip the fate of nations in a war and then threatens to sell his weapons to Arab Buyer's neighbors to prove the point. Hawke has Dominic scan the area and when their scanners come up scrambled, he realizes Archangel has given their frequency to Kruger. They turn on their lights and see Archangel standing next to Kruger. Hawke then flies away. Sarah angrily tells Hawke that he is giving Kruger time to prepare and then asks Hawke why he has loyalty to Archangel. Dominic then tells Sarah that Archangel must have a plan. Kruger and Archangel argue and Kruger threatens to kill Archangel. Archangel leaves and Kruger tells Minter to place a tracking device on the jeep Archangel is going to use to contact Hawke. Archangel drives the jeep out into a field and then calls Hawke. Hawke arrives in Airwolf and Dominic scans for anything nearby. Archangel then gets back into the jeep and drives to where Airwolf lands. Sarah shakes Archangel's hand and notices his injuries. Archangel tells Sarah to go home and Dominic picks up some F-4 Phantoms on the radar. Hawke then takes Airwolf into the sky and blows up the two Phantoms.

Minter tells Kruger Airwolf destroyed the Phantoms and Kruger tells him he hopes Airwolf comes back so he can possibly get pieces of Airwolf. Archangel tells Hawke, Dominic and Sarah that he sold Kruger, Thor missiles. He explains to them that by selling the Thor missile system he is protecting Israel due to the ability to cause the Thor missiles to self destruct using an inputted code. He then tells them that he doesn't have the device to input the code with him so Airwolf will have to go against the Thor missiles on its own. Minter tells Kruger that the Arab Buyers have transferred the money to his bank account. Minter then suggests they leave before Airwolf comes back and Kruger tells Minter he must stay with him. Hawke understands that Sarah wants to kill Kruger and tells her it isn't worth it. Archangel and Sarah are driving to the compound when Archangel parks the jeep to follow the schedule set by Hawke. Sarah demands he hand over the keys and when Archangel refuses she shoots him in his ear lobe. Hawke flies Airwolf to Kruger's compound and Kruger has Minter fire the Thor missiles. Hawke manages to evade three of the missiles and uses the fourth missile to blow up the the balcony that Kruger and Minter are standing on. Kruger is injured but still alive when Hawke doubles back. Sarah walks up and points a gun at Kruger and shoots him in the earlobe. Back at Hawke's cabin, everyone tries to figure out how Archangel was injured and Sarah says that a sniper shot him in the ear. Hawke then asks Sarah and she admits she shot Archangel in the ear.