Airwolf: Season 1 Episode 9 Mad Over Miami

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Dominic is betrayed while trying to free Cuban dissidents captured during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Stella Rivera - Gina Gallego

Ivan Rivera - Tito Vandis

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Colonel Fernandez - William Marquez

Sanchez - Ismael Carlo

Sergeant Diaz - Javier Grajeda


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Detailed Synopsis

Dominic is flying his helicopter over the Gulf of Mexico using the signal strength of the radio to help him navigate to Cuba. On a beach in Cuba, Sergeant Diaz wonders to Colonel Fernandez if the helicopter is going to arrive, when Fernandez spots Dominic. Dominic lands and hands over a briefcase of money to Fernandez in exchange for two prisoners. Suddenly another helicopter arrives and starts shooting at everyone on the beach. Everyone takes cover and a crew member on the helicopter grabs the suitcase of money and the helicopter flies off. Fernandez accuses Dominic of trying to trick him and demands more money for the prisoners. As Dominic is flying back to Florida, he is forced to land when his fuel runs low from his fuel tank being ruptured during the attack. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, and Marella tell Stringfellow Hawke that Dominic's helicopter went down in Florida. They tell him they didn't send a search party due to his flight path into Cuba. Marella then tells Hawke that a hurricane is in the area. Hawke flies Airwolf into the hurricane and then lands on an island. He goes into a bar when he finds Dominic's helicopter nearby and finds Dominic ordering drinks but not drinking them.

Dominic tells Hawke that he was flying to Cuba to help prisoners that he helped train during the 1960's for the invasion of Cuba. Stella Rivera and two men walk over to Dominic and Hawke and she pulls out a machine gun. They are brought to a house and Dominic tells Ivan Rivera that he was double crossed. Stella shows Hawke a file of the men Dominic was going to save including her father Ramon Callarza. Hawke asks if any of the Cuban gangs knew of the prisoner transfer, and Ivan admits to Stella that he borrowed money from a gang leader named Sanchez. Stella tells Hawke that Sanchez and his men are criminals and mark themselves with tattoos of their crimes. She then tells Hawke where he can find Sanchez. Hawke tells Ramon that he wants to investigate Sanchez's camp and he will need Dominic's help. They fly Airwolf to an island occupied by a private army. Sanchez fires a heat seeking missile at Airwolf and Hawke blows it up. Hawke and Dominic then attack the camp until Sanchez raises his arms in surrender. Hawke asks Sanchez where he got the money for the weapons and Sanchez shows him a phone, which has a direct line to Archangel. Archangel lands with Marella and tells Hawke that they were training Sanchez and his men to fight Communist insurgents. Hawke threatens to tell the Washington Post about the FIRM supplying criminals with weapons to fight their war and then demands three million dollars to keep quiet.

Stella contacts Colonel Fernandez to schedule another prisoner transfer. She tells Hawke that he won't be making the delivery and he tells her and Ivan that if he doesn't go then they won't get the money he received from Archangel. They then agree if Dominic takes Stella. Hawke, Archangel and Marella wait at a bar until Dominic and Stella arrive and then Dominic takes the money. Hawke excuses himself and sneaks out of the bar. He is chased and captured by a group of Sanchez's men. Sanchez demands Hawke hand over Airwolf in exchange for not telling Colonel Fernandez not to double cross them. Hawke tells Sanchez Airwolf's cabin is pressurized and as Sanchez steps back, Hawke sneaks inside and lifts off in Airwolf. Dominic lands in Cuba with Stella, and Colonel Fernandez has his men point their weapons at them after taking the money. Hawke arrives in Airwolf and attacks Fernandez and his men and Dominic punches Fernandez as he tries to grab the briefcase of money. Sanchez arrives in a helicopter and Hawke blows him out of the sky with a missile. Fernandez calls on the radio and says an American helicopter is attacking him and a group of MiG jets fly out. Hawke then destroys three of them before the last one retreats. At the bar, Archangel proposes to work with Ivan and Dominic buys Hawke a drink.