Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 11 Random Target

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Hawke and Dominic are embroiled in a murder after doing a friend a favor.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Anne Brannen - Anne Lockhart

Kenneth Langhorn - Len Birman

Dent - Lou Felder

Annie - Eve McVeagh

Sam the Counterman - Danny Dayton

Kowal - James Ingersoll

Leon - Johnny Haymer

Delivery Boy - Roger Rose

Model - Kari Lloyd

Officer - Timothy J. Cutt

Stark - Dean Wein


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Detailed Synopsis

Dominic is training Caitlin O'Shannessy in Airwolf. She asks when she can become a crew member on Airwolf, but Dominic tells her she can't join yet. Annie is walking through the desert looking for arrowheads when she sees two helicopters. She follows the helicopters in her jeep as a plane with Kenneth Langhorn lands in the desert. As Annie drives towards the plane, Kenneth points her out to his bodyguards and they start shooting at Annie and her jeep. Annie turns her jeep around, but is chased by the two helicopters which blow up her jeep. Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are talking with Kowal, who is trying to subcontract them to do a job he is contracted to do. Dominic angrily accuses Kowal of low balling the bid and how he wants them to do it for less. Model arrives at the hangar and calls to Kowal. Kowal begs them to accept the job and Hawke agrees to do it. At Dent's compound, Kenneth asks how secure the compound is and Dent reassures him they are completely isolated.

Hawke and Dominic fly in Kowal's helicopter and film locations for film survey work. They pass over Dent's compound and Dominic films the models hanging out by the pool. Kenneth sees them and after Dent tries to blow the whole thing off, Kenneth grabs him and tells him to get the helicopter. Stark notices the name Kowal Air Service written on the side of the helicopter. Model drops Kowal off at his hangar and when Kowal goes inside, Stark and another man are waiting for him. Kowal is asked what he was doing in the desert and when he tells them he doesn't know what they are talking about, he has his neck broken. Stark and the other guy then start looking for the film. The next day, Dominic and Hawke arrive at Kowal Air Service and when they try to go inside, they are told by a police officer to speak with Anne Brannen. Anne asks them if they were employees of Kowal and then asks if they know anyone that might have a grudge against Kowal. Anne tells them she thinks it was probably junkies that murdered Kowal, but Hawke disagrees. Dominic then tells Annie some of Kowal's back history including that he has been divorced three times and gambles.

As Caitlin is walking through the Santini Air hangar she is hit in the back of the head by one of Kenneth's men who leave after mentioning they now know where the film is being processed at. Caitlin is brought to the Kensington General Hospital where she is questioned by Anne. As Anne is leaving, Hawke makes a sarcastic comment about the progress of the case, and she tells him with the lack of evidence, the case is low priority. Dominic tells Caitlin that Kowal wanted to quit the business a few months back, but Hawke convinced him to stay. Kenneth's men go to the film lab and set it on fire. Hawke and Dominic go back to Kowal Air Service. They hear a knock and surprise Delivery Boy. He gives them the film and tells them the film lab was burned down. Hawke and Dominic figure out the importance of the film and sit down and watch it. Anne arrives and Hawke tells her they have a film that will help solve the mystery of Kowal's death. Hawke plays the film for Anne, but she doesn't agree it has anything to do with Kowal's death. Anne then invites Hawke for breakfast. Anne tells Hawke the history of her family and their poverty. As they are passing a crime scene, Anne decides to stop. Anne speaks with an Officer who tells her about the crime scene. Hawke tells Anne, Annie's jeep was hit by rocket fire,but she doesn't believe him. Dominic orders a salami cotto provolone sandwich from Sam the Counterman. Someone tells Dominic his hangar is on fire and he has to be held back from running to his hangar.

Anne arrives and Hawke tries to convince her the fire is connected to what happened to Kowal, but she doesn't believe him and Dominic thinks maybe it was machine parts that started it. Anne asks how many people knew about the film and Dominic mentions he told Everett about the film and a few other guys and Anne suggests anyone could have heard about the film. Dominic and Hawke take out Airwolf and photograph the area they filmed for Kowal. They go back to Hawke's cabin and look over the photographs they took and they figure out what they have been looking for. Hawke calls Anne and asks her if the name Kenneth Langhorn means anything to her and after she tells him, Kenneth disappeared, Hawke tells her they have photographic proof he is still alive. Anne tells him not to tell anyone about what he knows and he agrees. Kenneth hands Anne a stack of money and thanks her for helping him out throughout the years. Anne drives Hawke out into the desert to supposedly meet her captain and Hawke notices she is acting nervous. A car arrives and Anne pulls a weapon on Hawke. Stark tells Anne that Kenneth has decided Hawke needs to die. Hawke attacks Stark and Kenneth's other guy and tells Anne to get into her car and they drive off. They are chased by Stark and the the other guy who start shooting at them.

Hawke calls for Dominic and Hawke tells Anne he figured out she was the leak, but didn't want to believe it. Dominic and Caitlin arrive and blow up the car with Stark and the other guy. Hawke pulls over and Anne tells him Kenneth is leaving that day before dying from a gunshot wound. Leon tells Kenneth that they want to take over the crime syndicate, but that he will be allowed to run it for them. Leon is surprised Kenneth isn't upset and as Kenneth is walking away, Leon, Dent, the other syndicate bosses and their guards are shot and killed. Hawke gets into Airwolf and they fly over the compound. Caitlin identifies two helicopters in the area and Hawke figures they are part of Kenneth's escort. They fly Airwolf over Kenneth's limo who orders his helicopters to shoot it down. Both helicopters are shot down and after some of his bodyguards are killed, Kenneth runs to the plane that is supposed to fly him away. His suitcase full of money opens up and three police vehicles arrive and arrest Kenneth. Later at Hawke's cabin, Caitlin asks him what he told the detectives and he tells her, he told them Anne died while doing surveillance on Kenneth.