Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 12 Condemned

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Hawke and Caitlin are sent on a mission to investigate a biological weapons lab.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Lt. Cmdr. Leoni Zirukov - Jan Triska

Lt. Elena Loupani - Karla Triska

Dr. Morton - Hank Garrett

Jennings Rudolph - Martin E. Brooks

Torgovitch - George C. Grant

Sailor 2 - Gene Scherer

Sailor 1 - Jonn Lander



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Detailed Synopsis

A group of people are laughing and causing destruction, while others are killing other members of the group. Jennings Rudolph films a video of himself talking about the spread of a sickness which causes death in some while others develop paranoia. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, gives Stringfellow Hawke a briefing on a viral outbreak in Afghanistan that escaped from a Soviet lab. He tells Hawke a sample was recovered and brought to a World War II bunker in the Aleutian Islands that was turned into a lab. He hands Hawke a tape player and tells him they haven't heard from the lab in 72 hours and the team of four that the FIRM sent haven't returned. Hawke tells Archangel that Dominic won't be back for a couple of weeks. Hawke and Caitlin O'Shannessy fly Airwolf to the island. They scan the area and see the grounds of the lab full of dead bodies. Hawke and Caitlin get into HAZMAT suits and walk to the lab. As they are searching the lab, Caitlin is grabbed by Dr. Morton. Dr. Morton, Hawke and Caitlin fight, and during the fight Hawke and Caitlin's suits are damaged, exposing them to the virus. They get out of their suits and chase after Dr. Morton, who manages to get away. They see a group of Soviet sailors land on the beach. While Hawke is making his way towards Airwolf, he is caught by Sailor 1. Hawke stalls Sailor 1 while Caitlin sneaks up on him and Caitlin knocks Sailor 1 to the ground.

Torgovitch and his patrol hear the commotion and after Hawke and Caitlin escape, Sailor 1 tells Torgovitch two Americans are on the island. A sailor collapses and Lt. Cmdr. Leoni Zirukov calls for a medic. Zirukov wants to send the sailor back on the submarine for treatment, but Lt. Elena Loupani tells him that the sailor will then infect the entire submarine. Zirukov calls an officer on the submarine and tells him if the virus spreads among the search party, then he will have to enact the destruction of the lab. Torgovitch reports to Zirukov that there are two Americans on the island. Loupani tells Torgovitch to send every available man to find Hawke and Caitlin, but Zirukov cancels her order and says their priority is to find the antidote. Hawke and Caitlin find the body of Jennings Rudolph and then go into his office. They watch the VHS tape that Jennings made and watch as he describes the symptoms and mentions a secure lab. Hawke and Caitlin are captured by the Soviets. Zirukov introduces himself and Loupani to Hawke and Caitlin. They argue whether, if an antidote exists, it belongs to the United States, the Soviet Union or the world. Hawke pulls back Zirukov's jacket, revealing a blotchy patch of skin and then reveals he too is infected. Caitlin pulls back her sleeve and finds out she is also showing symptoms of the virus. They agree to work together, which Loupani doesn't like.

Hawke and Catilin use Airwolf to triangulate the signal being sent out by the secure lab. Sailor 2 tells the others he has triangulated the source, shortly after Hawke and Caitlin triangulate it. Hawke sees Zirukov and his group trying to beat them to the lab and fires a missile at a bridge, causing Zirukov and his group to have to walk to the lab. The lab door is blown open and the two groups enter the lab. Inside the lab are a series of containers with dead rabbits named after the Marx brothers and a different antidote formula written down. Hawke finds "Harpo" who was given Formula B, still alive and he also finds the source of the signal. The antidote is located and Zirukov takes the first injection. Torgovitch quietly speaks with Loupani, who agrees with what he says. Torgovitch and three other troops locate Airwolf. That night everyone celebrates and dances. Zirukov congratulates Hawke and Hawke reveals that he knows a search party was sent out to find Airwolf. Dr. Morton is brought into camp and tells everyone a side effect of the antidote is acute paranoia. A Soviet sailor suddenly screams and falls into the bonfire setting himself on fire. Dr. Morton tells them that if they tranquilize themselves for ten hours, the effects will wear off. Sailor 2 becomes paranoid and Hawke grabs his AK and tells the others to throw their weapons into the ocean and Zirukov tells them to listen to Hawke. Zirukov suddenly becomes paranoid and calls the Soviet submarine to conduct an airstrike on the island. Hawke, Caitlin and Loupani walk to Airwolf and Loupani orders Torgovitch and his men to throw down their weapons. Torgovitch starts to become paranoid and Loupani shoots him in the leg. Hawke and Caitlin get into Airwolf and manage to shoot down the three missiles fired at the island. They land Airwolf and Loupani thanks Hawke and Caitlin. Hawke and Zirukov shake hands and then Hawke, Caitlin and Dr. Morton get into Airwolf and Hawke blows up the lab.