Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 14 Inn at the End of the Road

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A country bush pilot is kidnapped by terrorists with an aerial super device.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Jason "Doc" Gifford - Nicholas Campbell

Elena - Randi Brooks

Sheriff Frank Dudley - Hugh Gillin

Maxine - Caroline Smith

Jarrett - Craig Littler

Sally - Louise Fitch

Steele - Barry Sattels

Badger - Alan Toy

Killebrew - Ian Abercrombie

Charlie Tarwater - Robert Wightman

Roper - Robert Hoy

Lucas - Alan Woolf

Mary Ann Tarwater - Lynnanne Zager

Board Member - David Schroeder

Pilot - Jerome Blackwell

Co-Pilot - Hany Ghorra


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Detailed Synopsis

Steele, Elena and Roper, disguised as window washers are making their way up a high rise building. Jarrett is giving a demonstration to the board of SADEX showcasing the LOKI system, which acts as a biofeedback device for aircraft. He shows a video which shows a Korean War era jet beating two modern era jets. A Board Member asks if pilots will be able to withstand the stresses from LOKI utilizing an aircraft to its extreme, and Jarrett admits he doesn't know. As Jarrett is giving his presentation, he is interrupted by an explosion and Steele, Elena and Roper break into the room and steal LOKI after knocking Jarrett unconscious. A security guard runs over to Lucas, who is waiting by a car, and tells him he can't park there. Lucas shoots the security guard just as Steele, Elena and Roper are exiting the building and as they are escaping, the security guard shoots Roper, but is killed by Elena. They steal a car when they get into an accident and drive off.

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, gives a briefing about LOKI to Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic and tells them that terrorists using LOKI could strike anywhere in the world using any type of aircraft. He tells them the getaway vehicle was seen entering the Hallinan National Forest at Ranger Station 47. Jason "Doc" Gifford is at the Tarwater home to deliver Charlie Tarwater and Mary Ann Tarwater's baby. He reassures them that he has delivered a baby before, right before the baby is about to be born. Lucas tells Steele and the others that the car engine is blown and Steele blames Lucas for making them late for their rendezvous. Elena tells Steele, Roper needs a doctor and they decide to head towards the nearest settlement after Lucas dumps the vehicle. "Doc" successfully delivers the Tarwater's baby boy and they thank him. "Doc" goes to Maxine's lodge, the Golden Otter Lodge, and tells her about the Tarwater baby. A newscaster gives a story about Killebrew and his efforts to bring peace in the Middle East.

"Doc" greets Sheriff Frank Dudley and asks Sally if the moccasins she is making him are done and she tells him he will have them by Christmas. Sally then asks "Doc" when he is going to look at her bunions. Frank jokes about "Doc"'s rough night and Maxine changes the subject to Frank's run in with some bears and Badger jokes the bears got the best of Frank. Steele and Elena walk into the restaurant and Badger tells Steele the drinks are on "Doc". Steele asks for a doctor and "Doc" tells him he isn't a real doctor. "Doc" looks at Roper's leg and realizes he has a bullet wound and Steele and the others pull out their weapons. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and fly towards the Hallinan National Forest. Steele shoots the radio in the restaurant and tells Lucas to shoot the radio in "Doc"'s helicopter. Archangel asks for Hawke and Dominic's status and they tell them they haven't found anything yet. During the night, "Doc" tries to get Lucas's gun when Lucas falls asleep, but is knocked unconscious by Elena. The terrorists move everyone but "Doc" down into a meat locker after shooting Frank, who charged at Elena. They wake up "Doc" and tell him the others are in the meat locker and he says they will suffocate in there. "Doc" then threatens to kill any of them if one of his friends dies.

Hawke and Dominic spot the discarded stolen vehicle and see a helicopter flying off. They chase after the helicopter and Steele tells "Doc" to signal they are having radio difficulties. "Doc" manages to lose Airwolf when he flies into a tunnel and Airwolf's tail rotor is damaged when Hawke doesn't manage to pull up in time. "Doc" flies them to the McNeil Radar Base. Frank dies from a combination of his wound and lack of oxygen. Pilot tells Steele they are nearly ten hours behind schedule and Steele tells Lucas to murder and bury "Doc". Roper connects LOKI to "Doc"'s helicopter and "Doc" manages to escape from Lucas. "Doc" runs into Hawke and Dominic and tells them about his friends. After LOKI is hooked up, Roper asks if Pilot knows that there is a change he can die, but Steele insists that is a chance the Pilot has to take.

"Doc", Hawke and Dominic arrive at the Golden Otter Lodge and as Hawke is trying to open the door, he injures himself. "Doc" goes up to Frank's body and picks up his hat. "Doc" works on Hawke's shoulder and then promises justice for Frank. They take Airwolf into the air and Hawke flies injured. They tell Archangel they have located LOKI and Archangel tells Hawke that the thieves match the description of paid assassins from Europe. He tells them he thinks the assassins might be trying to kill Killebrew. The Pilot catches up to Killebrew's plane and helicopter escort and blows up the escort. Steele tells Co-Pilot that when the Libyans who hired them see their film of the downing of Killebrew he will be happy about paying them ten million dollars. LOKI takes control of the Pilot's helicopter, who dies from the stress, and starts firing at Airwolf. Hawke goes unconscious from his wound and Dominic kills the engines. The missile that was fired at Airwolf then hits the helicopter with Steele in it, killing him, Elena, Roper, Lucas and the Co-Pilot. "Doc" takes over and fires a rocket, blowing up the Pilot's helicopter with LOKI. Airwolf escorts Killebrew to safety. At the Golden Otter Lodge, they watch as a newscast says Killebrew arrived at the peace conference. "Doc" holds up a plaque honoring Frank with the words "He caught the big ones" made by Badger. Dominic offers to hire "Doc", but "Doc" tells him he is happy where he is, unless the pay is huge.