Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 15 Santini's Millions

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After saving the life of a millionaire, Dominic inherits 40% of his assets.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Carl Barron - John Ireland

Margo Brewster - Lory Walsh

Cooper - Joseph Ruskin

Charles Selkirk - Hank Brandt

Graydon - Jared Martin

Senator Younger - Conroy Gedeon

Director - Douglas M. Warhit

Dolores - Pamela Bowman

Angelo - John O'Connell

Smitty - Vincent Howard

Doctor - Ray Colbert

Man 1 - Jonathon Hugger

Reporter - Ken Kurtis


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Detailed Synopsis

Dominic is transferring a heart to Chicago General hospital using Airwolf. Carl Barron informs Graydon that he is going to be late to the board meeting. Carl's plane's fire alarm system goes off and Carl crashes the plane into the side of a mountain. Airwolf's infrared scanners pick up an object on the side of a mountain and Dominic picks up Carl. Dominic introduces himself and so does Carl, who then offers to pay Dominic to change course to Los Angeles, which Dominic refuses. Senator Younger questions [[Michael Coldsmith Briggs III]], Archangel, and tells him the House Oversight Committee has notified the Senate about payments to Santini Air. Archangel explains the FIRMS relationship with Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic and then walks out of the meeting. Dominic criticizes Carl for valuing money over ethics and then drops him off at Carl's building. Before leaving, Carl thanks Dominic. The next day Dominic tells Hawke and Caitlin O'Shannessy about last night and meeting Carl. Carl pulls out a photo of Margo Brewster from his desk and then writes a last will and testament. He then puts on a lab coat and greets Smitty before entering the plasma lab. The lab suddenly explodes and Smitty runs to it and calls out for Carl.

After Graydon gives the eulogy for Carl, Charles Selkirk walks to the podium and reads from Carl's new will, which he had just written. In the will, Carl leaves his property and 60% of his estate to Margo Brewster and 40% of his estate to Dominic, who he calls the "only honest man he ever met". The will continues and explains why Dominic is getting a portion of Carl's estate, and includes flying in a secret advanced helicopter. A group of reporters enter the funeral services and Reporter asks Dominic what Carl meant about a super helicopter. Senator Younger calls Archangel and brings up the report of Dominic and the super helicopter and tells Archangel he better have a good reason why Dominic was using Airwolf. Archangel goes to Santini Air and demands to know why Dominic picked up Carl. During dinner, Graydon assures Margo, the will must be a hoax and Margo tells him she wishes she could have told Carl what was in her heart. At Santini Air, a large crowd is camped outside and Man 1 yells to Dominic that he has an idea to turn water into gasoline. Graydon calls Hawke and asks to speak with him and Dominic and then offers 500,000 dollars to Dominic to walk away from the will. Dominic refuses and tells Graydon he will see him at the next board meeting. At Universal City studios, Director explains to Hawke the scene he wants to film. Cooper, who is dressed as an extra, pulls out a device and puts it on the back of Dominic's helicopter. Dolores walks up to Dominic and flirts with him and offers Dominic the keys to unlock her costume. Dominic takes Director in his helicopter and while they are flying, Cooper presses a button on a controller which causes the helicopter to malfunction. Dominic manages to land the helicopter and later at the hangar, tells Hawke and Caitlin he doesn't understand what happened. Charles tells Dominic that the court upheld the will and that night Dominic studies up on Barron Technology Services in preparation for the upcoming board meeting.

Before the meeting, Graydon tells Margo she has to be prepared to push back against anything Dominic comes up with at the board meeting and tells Margo he needs to have her give him proxy status. During the meeting the board members agree to give Graydon carte blanche powers over the company. Dominic brings up some points from the company report, including that they have been overcharging the United States government for parts and may be pushing people off of their land in Tucker Valley. Graydon angrily stands up and tells Dominic he is outvoted, but Margo sides with Dominic and offers to talk with him. They walk outside and Margo tells Dominic about her relationship with Carl. Margo gets a phone call that Dominic wants to meet her in the parking lot and as she gets into the helicopter Cooper watches her. Cooper calls Graydon and tells him Dominic left with Margo and Graydon and Cooper meet at Santini Air. Dominic shows Graydon and Cooper that it obviously wasn't him that picked up Margo due to his helicopter being out of commission. Caitlin mentions that Angelo paints Dominic's helicopters and Angelo tells Dominic that an old man paid him to paint up a helicopter like Dominic's. Graydon shows Angelo a photo of Carl and Angelo tells him it was the guy that paid him. Cooper pulls a gun on Dominic, Hawke and Angelo and he locks them in a spray booth and turns on the paint thinner spray.

Caitlin sees Graydon and Cooper leave and Graydon tells two other attack helicopters to meet him at Big Bear. Caitlin turns off the paint thinner and removes the trap Graydon left to cause an explosion and saves Hawke, Dominic and Angelo. Graydon tells Cooper that with Carl "dead", Dominic dead and Margo killed by her "kidnappers", he will run the company while the estate goes to probate. Dominic and Hawke use one of Angelo's helicopters to fly to Airwolf. Margo berates Carl for always interfering in people's lives and he apologizes and tells her Dominic made him realize about the mistakes he made. He tells her he decided to come back to see Margo after coming to his senses at a cabin in New Zealand and they hug. Graydon and the others arrive and start shooting at Carl and Margo who run away. Hawke and Dominic arrive and blow up two of the attack helicopters, before being forced to retreat when Graydon threatens to kill Margo and Carl. Graydon waits to kill Clark and Margo so he can savor the moment, and before he is about to kill them, Airwolf returns and blows Graydon and Cooper out of the air. Clark returns to Barron Technology Services and tells reporters he changed his mind about being alone and Margo will be running the company. Reporter asks again about reports of a super helicopter and Clark tells him after his crash he was delirious and there was no super helicopter, which gets a thumbs up from Archangel. As they are walking to the building, Carl asks Dominic if it ever occurred to him to let Graydon kill him so he could keep the money and after Dominic tells him no, Clark tells Dominic to keep looking in his mailbox for someday he will really die.