Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 16 Prisoner of Yesterday

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Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic fly south of the border to save Jason "Doc" Gifford.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Jason "Doc" Gifford - Nicholas Campbell

Emilio - Mario Marcelino

Hoffman - H.M. Wynant

Teresa - Julie Carmen

President Marios Guzman - Michael Constantine

Tomas - Nate Esformes

Luis - Del Zamora

Dr. Jensen - John Furlong

Doctor - Joe Dellasorte

Soldier - Jim Malinda

Radio Operator - Garrett Pearson


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Detailed Synopsis

In Suriana in 1985, locals are fleeing as the military moves into their town. Teresa, Emilio, Luis and another man are disguised as a nun and priests as they walk through a hospital. They come to a room with a soldier at the door and take him hostage and free President Marios Guzman. A couple of doctors find the soldier tied up and free him. A Soldier tells his subordinates to search for President Marios and then runs outside and tells the guard to stop the ambulance when he realizes it has President Marios in it. A Doctor tells Teresa that President Marios is in worse shape than before and he needs rest. President Marios then asks for Jason "Doc" Gifford.

Stringfellow Hawke and Jason are camping and fishing and Hawke notices Jason is constantly listening to the news on the radio. A jeep drives up and Emilio and the other man from the hospital escape walk up to Hawke and Jason. Emilio tells Jason, someone from the Golden Otter Lodge told him he could find him there and that someone needs medical attention. Jason asks who it is and when he finds out it is President Marios that needs his help, he says no. Emilio shoots Dominic's jeep's tires and then takes Jason as a hostage. Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy arrive at the campsite and Hawke tells them he thinks Jason is being taken to Suriana in South America. Teresa catches Carlos standing in the open with his M16 and tells him to stay hidden. President Marios asks Tomas if he can speak to the people and Tomas tells him they have the equipment and will to do more than just talk. Teresa and Luis walk into the room and Tomas introduces himself to her and she tells him he has jeopardized security by coming to see her father. Teresa tells President Marios that she didn't get him out of the hospital so he could revive his political career and he tells her, he just wants to tell the people farewell. Hoffman tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin that Jason used to be employed locally as a crop duster and met President Marios during that time. He tells them that President Marios only trusted Jason as his doctor, but eventually started taking a quack serum from Dr. Jensen. Hoffman continues that once President Marios took power he became a dictator, until the military overthrew him. Before they leave, Hoffman warns them not to takes sides.

Jason is brought to the cantina where President Marios is at and Jason angrily greets President Marios. Jason and Teresa go for a walk and he asks why she didn't leave with him when she knew what President Marios was becoming. He tells her the serum is worthless and she tells him he is free to leave when President Marios dies. Dr. Jensen tells Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin he has been harassed by government officials and secret police from two different countries, but refuses to admit he gave President Marios the serum. He admits Jason came with two other men and then left. They scan the villages looking for signs of radioactivity that could be from the serum and find a house with high radioactivity. Hawke sneaks into the building while Emilio is telling President Marios how he remembers when he took power and the people were dancing in the streets. Jason tells President Marios that he turned against the people, which Marios denies and President Marios makes excuses for his behavior to Tomas who is sitting nearby. Hawke goes into the room and tells Jason to come with him, but Jason doesn't want to leave. Teresa enters the room and she tells Hawke, Jason can leave in a week no matter what. Teresa goes back on her word and orders Hawke to be taken hostage.

As Teresa is outside, President Marios goes outside and tells her now she understands she has to be a realist and he tells her, she is to be his revenge. Dominic and Caitlin go to see Hoffman and he warns them that President Marios words might start a civil war. President Marios gives a speech that is recorded by Radio Operator in which he calls for further revolution if they want it. Luis runs inside and tells the others a group of soldiers are coming. A battle erupts and during the battle, the box of serum is shot. After Hawke saves them by using a bazooka to blow up the armored truck, Teresa takes away his pistol and orders him to help with the stretcher to get President Marios to another location. Jason makes an escape plan with Hawke and Hawke manages to escape after Jason notices Teresa doesn't shoot after him. Caitlin and Dominic then rescue Hawke. In a warehouse, Tomas oversees a group of men put explosives in vehicles disguised as telephone company vans, which then leave the warehouse.

Caitlin is left at Hoffman's resident while Hawke and Dominic go to save Jason. President Marios is brought inside the warehouse where the disguised vans came from and the Radio Operator explains to Jason how the equipment works. Jason tells Teresa President Marios is dying and she realizes after the message is broadcast then she will be his revenge. Jason finds the empty boxes labeled explosives and realizes President Marios' plan. Luis tells Teresa, Emilio was killed by a military patrol and Jason sees President Marios has died. Jason asks what the explosives are for, but Teresa tells him she doesn't know. The Radio Operator tells them it is too late to stop the vehicles as they destroy the palace, shipyard, barracks and one final van driven by Tomas is to destroy an unknown target. Before Teresa can order the vans to stop, the soldiers shoot the balloon holding the equipment used to broadcast the signal. Airwolf arrives and scares away the soldiers surrounding the warehouse and then lands. Teresa gets inside Airwolf after Jason tells Hawke and Dominic about the car bombs and Teresa is the only hope to stop them. They hack into the government radio and Teresa asks the van drivers to stop. A pair of F-4's chase after them and Dominic notices three of the vans have listened to Teresa's plea. As Tomas is about to blow up the ambassador's residence, he is blown up by Airwolf. Hawke lands Airwolf back at the warehouse and Jason tells Hawke that he is going to stay for a few weeks and then waves goodbye.