Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 17 Natural Born

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A young pilot seeks revenge at any cost when his uncle is murdered.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Chester Hansen - Noble Willingham

Winter - Christie Houser

Reverend - Sandy Kenyon

Jake O'Donnell - Seth Foster

Kevin - Lance Sloane

Bert - Lee Ryan

Marcia - Kathryn Stanleigh

Wiley - Casey King

Mechanic 2 - Allen Joseph

Gibson - John Medici

Receptionist - Nancy Linari

Girlfriend - Robby Dillon

Mechanic 1 - Gary Frommer

Schecter - Steve Chambers

Police Pilot - Kevin N. La Rosa

Town Lady - Aline Towne


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Detailed Synopsis

During the town fair, Chester Hansen is selling helicopter rides to the audience. As the Reverend is walking up to the helicopter ride booth, Kevin flies overhead with Winter in the helicopter. Kevin starts to circle the area dangerously causing people to duck down, including Town Lady and then flies off and continues to do risky moves. Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic fly past them and Kevin wonders who they were. He finally lands and Chester yells at him for scaring away customers and the Reverend grabs Winter and tells her she wont be flying in a helicopter ever again. At their hangar, Chester tells Kevin he is the best pilot he ever met, but he has the responsibility to keep his customers safe and he is grounded from flying. He gets a call from Jake O'Donnell and tells him he wont take the job. Kevin tells Chester he promises to be safer and then asks if he can borrow the helicopter, but Chester tells him no. Chester then sends Kevin to pick up some lug nuts. As Kevin goes into town he sees Winter and her Girlfriend. Winter tells him the Reverend wont let her date Kevin anymore due to him being too wild and reckless. Winter's Girlfriend tells her they have to go and Winter tells Kevin to call her. Dominic tells Hawke he needs more power than what they have in their secret Airwolf base to fix the radar image scope. They decide to take it to Dominic Air to fix it in the hangar overnight. Chester hears a helicopter land and readies a shotgun. Jake O'Donnell walks in to the hangar with Schecter and another man and greets Chester. Chester brings up how in the past Jake lied to him about his cargo and refuses to work for Jake again. Jake walks over to a photo of the two of them and a group of other pilots from their days working at Skyways at the Van Nuys airport. Jake tells Chester if he works for him, he will be able to retire in two years. When Chester again refuses to work for Jake, Schecter shoots Chester dead.

Kevin returns and sees the hangar on fire and Chester's body holding the old photo, on the ground outside and a black helicopter leaving. A Police Pilot lands after he sees the fire from the burning hangar and calls in a medevac. The Police Pilot runs over to Kevin and Chester's body and notices Chester has been shot. While the Police Pilot is looking for anyone in the burning hangar, Kevin steals the Police Pilot's helicopter. He flies after the black helicopter and Jake tells Schecter to shoot Kevin down. which he does. Kevin goes to Winter's house and she tells him he should turn himself in, but he says he has to find the people who murdered Chester. The Reverend calls for Winter and she and Kevin kiss before she goes back inside. Kevin goes to the Van Nuys Airport and shows Mechanic 1 the photo of Chester and Jake, and Mechanic 1 suggests he talk with Dominic. Kevin walks up to Dominic, who is getting frustrated while working on his plane, and starts to stammer. Hawke and Caitlin O'Shannessy walk over and Caitlin tells Dominic that Bert now wants three helicopters for the advertisement. Kevin shows Dominic the photograph, but Dominic doesn't recognize any of the men. As Kevin is walking off, Hawke offers him a job doing maintenance. Bert arrives with Wiley and Marcia and Dominic tries to convince Bert to use two helicopters, but Bert sticks to three. Marcia tells Dominic she knows Bert can be difficult, but he is a great artist and is too good to be making commercials. After Marcia walks away Caitlin asks if Marcia was serious in her comment about Bert, and Wiley jokes that he is the next Olivier.

Kevin shows Dominic a photo of a helicopter from The Aviator's Source Book and asks him if he has seen one, and Dominic suggests he ask Hawke. Hawke tells Kevin he saw helicopters like that in Vietnam, but now they are rare. During the night, Kevin steals a medic bag and heads upstairs. Gibson adds a new weapon system to Jake's black helicopter and Jake has Schecter pay Gibson. As Kevin is sleeping, he is woken up by the black helicopter leaving. Hawke suggests to Dominic they try and work on Airwolf that night due to there being a new moon. Caitlin tells Dominic and Hawke that she can't find any pilots available to fly the third helicopter and Kevin tells them he can fly. Hawke takes Kevin out to test his abilities and then chastises him when Kevin tries to pull a stunt. While taking out Wiley for the detergent commercial, Kevin sees the black helicopter and chases after it in the helicopter, bringing Wiley with him. Bert tells Dominic to bring Wiley back and threatens to fire them from their contract. Schecter and the pilot see Kevin chasing them and speed away. Kevin lands the helicopter and Wiley thanks him for taking him out and giving him the time of his life. Dominic yells at Kevin and tells him he got them fired.

That night, Hawke and Dominic fly Airwolf into the hangar and Kevin is caught sitting in Airwolf's cockpit. Kevin tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin about the murder of Chester and they contact Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, who tells them that Blue Stone Flying Service is the only aircraft company in the area to use the particular helicopters. Hawke suggests they visit the Blue Stone Flying Service together and Caitlin tells them she and Kevin are going to drop off some film canisters. Caitlin and Kevin drive to Blue Stone Flying Service and Caitlin goes inside. She speaks with a Receptionist, and while the Receptionist goes to look for a group rate cost, Caitlin grabs a company jacket and hat and goes into the hangar. Kevin sees the black helicopter and jumps the fence into the property and he and Caitlin are caught by security and Schecter. As Jake is walking away, Kevin yells that Jake is the one that killed Chester, and Jake decides to bring Kevin and Caitlin along to dump them off the helicopter later. Hawke and Dominic find out Caitlin and Kevin never went to the ad agency and get into Airwolf. Caitlin and Kevin are put into a helicopter with Schecter, but manage to get free and knock him unconscious. Kevin, who is still tied up, takes the controls and as Jake is about to shoot Caitlin out of the air, Airwolf blows them out of the sky. They land and Kevin goes to live with the Reverend and Winter.