Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 19 Dambreakers

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Stringfellow Hawke flies a reporter to a religious colony that rejects technology.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Johann Rector - Marjoe Gortner

Brother Ahab - Gregory Walcott

Hana - Devon Ericson

Kelly Dayton - Heather McNair

Sara Longwood - Cindi Eyman

Estelle Longwood - Pat Delaney

Salazar - Joseph Taylor

Rector's Man - Robert Apisa


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Detailed Synopsis

At the Renton Canyon High Dam in the Southeastern United States, Johann Rector is flying a B-25 bomber with Hana and Salazar. They drop a torpedo which then crashes into the dam, causing it to collapse. Hana declares the revolution has come to America.

One year later, at Santini Air, Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy tell Stringfellow Hawke they can't take Kelly Dayton to the religious commune and he will have to take her. Kelly walks up with her gear and stows it inside the helicopter. As they are flying to their destination, Kelly complains that her colleagues were sent on better assignments and she blames it on blow back after she reported on the mayor and his girlfriend. She tells Hawke the history of the commune and how they sold their original church in Los Angeles to an oil company and used the money to buy land. They fly over the Tidewater Project dam, which was finished a year ago. They arrive at the commune and walk towards the sound of people singing hymns. Johann Rector, disguised as Brother Jebediah, gives a sermon about simpler times to his flock, including Sara Longwood and Estelle Longwood and Rector's Man. Johann takes Kelly and Hawke on a tour of the commune and tells them they must sleep in different quarters, but Hawke tells Johann he is leaving at the end of the day. Johann suggests to Kelly that she might choose to stay and as Johann and Estelle walk away, Kelly tells Hawke she just had a little shiver, which is a sign the Devil walked by.

Hana tells Johann he shouldn't have let Kelly and Hawke come to the commune, but he tells her he had to as Brother Ahab had already invited Kelly to come interview them. Hana accuses Johann of liking being a religious leader too much and warns him not to lose his way. Kelly interviews Sara and Estelle and Sara tells her she wanted to show the outside world how they live in peace. During the interview, Johann walks into the room and Kelly asks him how it feels living so close to a new technological invention, referring to the Tidewater Project. As Johann talks about what is happening in the outside world, Hawke interrupts him and asks him how he would know what is happening outside the commune. Hana walks in and says the noon meal is about to be served, ending the interview. During the meal, Kelly asks Sara if she misses the modern activities she used to do. Sara looks at Johann and then when he gives her the okay, says she enjoys hearing the modern music when she goes into town to exchange goods, but that life isn't for her. Hawke asks her if she gets lonely, being the only child in the commune and Estelle starts to cry. Hana and Salazar walk over and take Estelle away. Johann tells Hawke and Kelly there are other children, but they are at another retreat at Lake Joshua. Kelly asks if she can see the retreat, but Johann tells her no. As Hawke and Kelly are watching the women till the soil, Sara walks over to Hawke and she asks him to meet her later. Hana sees them talking and yells at Sara that it is time for her Vespers.

As Sara and Estelle are walking in the woods in the evening, Sara looks back at Hawke, who is nearby. Hawke is stopped by Salazar, who asks what he is doing. Before they can argue, Johann gets between them and apologizes to Hawke. While Hawke is sneaking around camp, Kelly sneaks up to him and they both search around the camp together after Hawke tells her, he checked the maps and there isn't a Joshua Lake in the area. They see the bomber hidden under netting and Hawke figures out they must be planning on bombing the dam as Kelly recalls the dam bombing that happened the year before, which killed hundreds of people. They try and escape in Hawke's helicopter, but the battery has been removed. Johann and Hana walk up to them and Hana pulls a gun on them. Dominic tells Caitlin he is worried about Hawke. Kelly and Hawke are shoved into a room guarded by Salazar, and Kelly has another shiver. Johann paints the words "Judgement Day" on the bomber. Kelly calls to Salazar and when he opens the door, she is only wearing a slip. As Salazar is distracted, Hawke charges at him and knocks him unconscious and they tie him up. They jump into the back of a jeep that goes to a lone building. Hawke beats up two guards and forces them into the building, which is holding the Longwood family as hostages, including Sara, Estelle and Brother Ahab. Brother Ahab tells them the terrorists came in the night with weapons and took over the camp and Estelle says the terrorists threatened to kill the children if anyone tried to fight them. Sara is chosen to take a horse to try and make it into town to get help. Hana finds Salazar and alerts the camp. Hawke gives Sara some money and Dominic's number and tells her to ride away as he distracts the terrorists.

Hawke and Kelly are caught when Johann shoots at their jeep with the bomber's machine gun. Hawke tells Johann he won't get away with blowing up the dam, and Hana tells him they will continue to attack America until their fellow comrades are released from prison. Johann tells Kelly he is taking her with him so she can record their success. Sara makes it to a payphone and manages to briefly speak with Dominic before she is caught by Rector's Man. Dominic tells Caitlin about the call and they decide to investigate with Airwolf. As Hawke is being taken away by Rector's Man to drown with the others when the dam explodes, Kelly convinces Johann she will need Hawke's help to record the events. Hana tells Johann he has lost the ability to lead, but he insists he still answers to the cause. Brother Ahab prays to God with the rest of the commune and asks for deliverance as Airwolf flies in their direction. Sara is thrown in the hostage building and she tells Brother Ahab she doesn't know if help is coming, and Brother Ahab tells everyone, God will not abandon them. Hawke and Kelly escape as they are being brought to the bomber and Johann takes off with Hana and Salazar. Hawke and Kelly drive to the hostage building and free them and Airwolf lands nearby. Hawke gets into Airwolf and he, Dominic and Caitlin fly after Johann and the bomber. Airwolf catches up with the bomber, and Johann fires at Airwolf. Hana yells "for our comrades and the revolution" as she drops a torpedo. Hawke fires a rocket and blows up the torpedo, and then blows up the bomber. They return to the commune and Kelly tells Hawke she promises not to report about Airwolf. Hawke offers to take the children on a ride in Dominic's helicopter and Brother Ahab tells the children it is okay after telling Hawke he now realizes not everything in the outside world is to be feared.