Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 1 Sweet Britches

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Hawke investigates a Texas town when a brother in arms goes missing after escaping from jail.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Sheriff Bogan - Lance LeGault

Buddy - Jeff Mackay

Buck - Guich Koock

Bobby - Robert Pierce

Sam Houston - James Whitmore Jr.

Billie - David Graf

Harry - Joe Horvath


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Detailed Synopsis

James Blake is riding a dirt bike along a road as he is being chased by Sheriff Bogan in his Bronco. Caitlin O'Shannessy arrives in her helicopter and asks Bogan if he needs assistance, but he ignores her. James crashes into a ravine and when Caitlin tells Bogan she is going to take James to the hospital, Bogan threatens to shoot James. After Bogan shoots in the direction of James, Caitlin flies away. The phone rings at Dominic's hangar and when Stringfellow Hawke answers it, Harry tells him he and James broke out of a prison and James told him to call Hawke and let him know. Hawke then tells Dominic how James helped him in Vietnam and is now in trouble in Texas. They get into Airwolf and fly it out of its hiding place. Buddy is at a campfire with Sam Houston when he hears a noise and Sam tells him it is a cheetah. They hear a lion roar and Sam tells Buddy it is Sam, the first big cat he ever brought back from Africa.

Dominic scans the town of Pope and tells Hawke about an electrified fence that leads from the town. Caitlin walks into the local bar and as she is walking towards Bogan, Buck blocks her path until Bogan tells him to let her through. She walks up to Bogan and tells him she would like to see James, but Bogan tells her she can't and then threatens her. After she leaves, Bogan motions to Buck and Billie to go after her. Caitlin stops her car when she sees an abandoned truck in the middle of the road and as she goes to investigate, her car is turned off by Buck who calls her Sweet Britches. A group of men including Billie walk out of a ditch and surround Caitlin and after Buck grabs her by the hair, she knees him in the crotch. Buck tells the men to tie Caitlin when Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf. Hawke tells them to let Caitlin go and she gets into her car and drives away. Buck starts shooting at Airwolf and Hawke uses Airwolf to knock Billie's truck over and then flies away. Buck and Billie go back to the bar and Billie tells Bogan they were attacked by a UFO, but Buck tells him it was a helicopter. Sam walks over and Buck and Billie tell him what happened. Sam tells Bogan that Buddy is willing to pay 100,000 dollars to hunt a person. Hawke walks into the bar and after ordering a beer, Bogan walks up to him and grabs him and arrests him for being a vagrant.

Bogan takes Hawke to the sheriff's office and he tells Bobby that if he catches him with his boots on his desk again then he will kill him. Hawke tells Bobby his name is James Blake and Bobby recognizes the name. Hawke tells Bogan his identification and car were stolen in El Paso, but Bogan tells him he thinks he is a liar. Dominic is drinking coffee when a lion walks his way. Caitlin lands her helicopter outside the sheriff's office and gives Bobby a court order and demands to see James. Bobby tells her James escaped and when she goes into the prison area, Hawke asks to speak to her. Dominic is stuck in Airwolf as he is surrounded by a pride of lions. Hawke asks Caitlin to get him out, but she refuses. Hawke calls Dominic and tells him to bust him out of jail. Bogan walks in and takes the phone away from Hawke and hangs it up. Caitlin tells him a prisoner is allowed a phone call and Bogan pulls out his gun and threatens to shoot her. Bogan then tells Bobby to put Caitlin in a cell. He tells Hawke he killed James and he is going to take him hunting. While they are waiting for Bogan, Buddy mentions to Sam that he wished he had gone to Vietnam, but he had to take care of his invalid mother. Bogan arrives and deputizes Buddy and tells him he has an escaped prisoner that needs to be caught. Bogan returns to the sheriff's department and tells Bobby to go get Buck, Billie and the other men and to bring them to the sheriff's department. Sam and Buddy get close to Hawke and Buddy starts shooting at him. Airwolf suddenly appears and knocks over their jeep as it flies by. Buddy dies in the crash, and Sam is eaten by the pride of lions. Buck goes into Caitlin's cell to rape her. Hawke and Dominic arrive at the Sheriff's Office in Airwolf and blow up Billie's truck and Bogan's Bronco. Hawke orders Bogan to let Caitlin go and Bogan tells Bobby to get Caitlin, while he and the other men grab weapons. Bobby gets Caitlin and runs out the back with her, but he is then shot dead by Bogan. Hawke then fires Airwolf's weapons and kills Bogan, Buck, Billie and the rest of the men. Caitlin thanks Hawke and then chases after them in her helicopter and tells him he can't leave. Hawke and Dominic then fly off and Dominic starts singing The Yellow Rose of Texas.