Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 21 Eruption

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Hawke and Dominic help miners being abused by their company during a volcanic eruption.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

John Cove - Mills Watson

Mary Avery - Juanita Mahone

Mrs. Cranovich - Angela Cartwright

Chief Crammins - Taylor Lacher

Lester Bowden - Bill Cort

Nick Cranovich - Joshua Cadman

Mrs. Cove - Christina Hart

Amelia Davenport - Laraine Day

Pilot - John David Yarbrough

Woman - Karen Blank

Limo Driver - Leon Rusty McClennon


Character thumbnails with links to profiles

Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf near Mount Catherine, which is currently showing signs of activity, to collect seismic and other scientific readings. Pilot radios to John Cove after firing a rocket into the side of mountain and John tells him the copper ore seems to continue. Chief Crammins tells John that one of his deputies is escorting Amelia Davenport into town. Chief Crammins wonders why they even bother with the ceremony of bringing Amelia into town and John tells him Amelia, as the last Davenport, is a symbol they use to make the workers forget their troubles. In town, Amelia gives a speech announcing the opening of another copper mine. Mary Avery walks up with two other people and she starts yelling towards Amelia. Chief Crammins and another officer run towards Mary and the two others and grab them and push them away. Amelia remarks that maybe there is too much of a growing gap between the headquarters in Denver, Colorado and New Gideon, Montana. After her speech, John walks Amelia to her limo and the Limo Driver opens the door for her. Before she leaves, John hands her a piece of paper with the results showing the finds of the extended copper vein.

John tells Lester Bowden he is leaving with the senior company men and Chief Crammins but leaving Officer Hadeen. Mt. Catherine erupts as Hawke and Dominic are just finished getting their readings. Officer Hadeen is killed by a cloud of ash which also covers New Gideon. Hawke and Dominic are forced to land Airwolf which they land near Officer Hadeen's vehicle. They check on Officer Hadeen and decide to take his body into town. As they are driving, they get a call from Bowden asking for help. A Woman sees them drive up and thinking they are Officer Hadeen yells its the police, and a group of people run out with items from the company commissary. Hawke and Dominic walk into the commissary and see Nick Cranovich and Dan breaking into a crate and Hawke demands they leave the crate alone. Bowden walks out of the main office and tells them they need to stay to help protect Davenport property, which Hawke points out should be a priority after helping those who may be injured. Dominic gets the commissary generator working while Hawke and Bowden bury Officer Hadeen. Hawke and Dominic go further into town and tell the public that there is light and heat available at the company store. Mrs. Cove walks up to them and tells them John is with his friends out hunting and Nick stole her heater. She points out the trailer Nick lives in and demands her heater back and Nick arrested. They go to the trailer and speak with Mrs. Cranovich who gives back the heater and they decide to take her to the commissary where there is heat. Dominic drops off the heater and notices Mrs. Cove has heat and didn't need the heater.

Pilot tells John they are lucky none of the helicopters were in the air when Mt. Catherine blew up as he repairs one of the helicopters, which is going to take ten hours to repair. Bowden calls Hawke and Dominic over the radio and asks for help. They drive back to New Gideon and the commissary where Bowden is holding Nick by gunpoint. Nick tells Hawke and Dominic the company stole the emergency supplies and left them with nothing. He then tells them how the company charges them for using the heaters, but takes them back if they are sick or their quota drops. Bowden admits what Nick said is true. Nick says they need Dr. Fisher who was arrested with Mary and placed into a condemned mining tunnel. Hawke, Dominic, Bowden, Nick and the other miners break into the mining tunnel and manage to rescue Mary and Dr. Fisher as Mt. Catherine continues to erupt. Dr. Fisher checks on Mrs. Cranovich and Mary thanks Dominic and Hawke. She tells them she started to question company policies and when she and Dr. Fisher found out the health and pension plan money was being diverted elsewhere she was arrested for attempting to tell Amelia. Amelia drives up in her limo and Mary says she doesn't want Amelia in the commissary with the others. Hawke demands Amelia be allowed in and anyone else that is injured.

After Dr. Fisher attends to Amelia, Mary tells Amelia about the things that are being done to the miners. John and Chief Crammins arrive and Amelia tells John she is bringing some of the workers to Denver to report on the doings of the company. When Chief Crammins goes to arrest Mary, Nick and Dominic grab him and Hawke takes away his gun. Amelia tells John he is fired, but he tells her he answers to the board of directors and not her and walks away. Amelia tells everyone the company is hers in name only and she only controls a third of the company stock. Bowden walks out with accounting records showing fraud and offers to go with Amelia and Avery to report everything to the board. Chief Crammins sees them leave in the limo and tells John who orders him to get the helicopters ready. Nick sees Chief Crammins and John fly away and runs and tells Dominic and Hawke. Pilot starts to fire rockets at the limo as the Limo Driver tries to evade them. Airwolf arrives and manages to have the three helicopters destroy each other and John, Chief Crammins and Pilot are killed. Back in town, Amelia tells Dominic and Hawke she is going to recommend Mary be added to the board of directors as a member at large. Nick walks up and tells everyone Mrs. Cranovich just had triplets, Betty, Laura and Nick Jr. and then faints.