Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 2 Firestorm

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Dominic helps an alcoholic friend who thinks UFO's are terrorizing him.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Eddie Donahue - Eugene Roche

General Sandower - Joseph Campanella

Tanya - Elizabeth Stack

Angie - Marilyn Schreffler

Everett - Tony Quinn

Nurse - Chris Rennolds

Soldier - David Orr


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are testing the performance of Dominic's helicopter, when Dominic mentions they should be doing regular flights with Airwolf to keep it maintained. They land and Everett tells Dominic that he got a call from Angie. They get into Dominic's jeep and ride towards the Four Corners area. At the Last Chance bar, Tanya and Soldier listen as Eddie Donahue talks about seeing lights in the desert. Angie offers to get him food instead of more booze, but he refuses and asks for another shot. Eddie sees Soldier and his friend looking at him and asks him what he is looking at. Eddie lunges at Soldier and they start to fight as Dominic and Hawke enter the bar. They grab Eddie and Dominic drives his truck home while Hawke follows in Dominic's jeep. Dominic brings Eddie into his trailer and Eddie recalls how Dominic has carried him home numerous times. Before passing out, Eddie mumbles about seeing lights in the desert. They leave after Hawke asks Dominic how many times he is going to help Eddie. Eddie wakes up and grabs his liquor bottle and takes a drink. He goes outside and lights appear in the sky. Suddenly a mortar round hits near Eddie and he falls down unconscious and the lights disappear.

He wakes up in the hospital and Dominic gives him some magazines to read and tells him he was screaming about snakes crawling on his body and Dominic tells Eddie, he has to quit drinking. Eddie's heart rate elevates as he tells Dominic of the things he sees in the desert. Two Nurses walk in and one tells the other one to get the doctor. The Nurse then grabs Dominic and pulls him away as Eddie screams that what he saw was nothing from Earth. Back at the hangar, Dominic tells Hawke they should check out the area to see if Eddie was seeing things. They then get into Airwolf and take infrared and thermal scan photographs of the area. Dominic tells Hawke, Eddie used to be a pilot, but took to drinking when a plane he was flying crashed, causing numerous casualties. They fly back and Dominic picks up Eddie from the hospital and brings him back to his trailer. As Dominic goes out to his jeep he sees lights in the sky. Eddie runs out and suddenly a loud screeching noise erupts from where the lights are. Hawke is looking at photos of the area they scanned yesterday when he comes across an area with a structure near Eddie's trailer. Hawke asks Everett if he has seen Dominic and Everett tells him he went to Eddie's place last night. Hawke drives to Eddie's trailer and finds it empty. He drives to the location from the photo and sees a camp and while using binoculars, sees Dominic and Eddie being escorted by armed men. A helicopter flies overhead and tells him to stop. He tries to run away, but is captured and bought to the camp.

As he is brought into the camp he sees a missile on a launch pad. In the headquarters building a technician tells General Sandower that all coordinates have been confirmed. Hawke is brought into the headquarters and Sandower asks him what he is doing sneaking around. Hawke tells him he is there to find a friend and Sandower asks him about Firestorm. Sandower has Hawke brought outside and Tanya injects him with a drug. Hawke starts to hallucinate and have flashbacks of Vietnam and of Sandower giving a press conference as Sandower asks him about what Eddie told him. Hawke wakes up in a room with Dominic and Eddie and Dominic tells him Sandower and his group are getting ready to fire the nuclear tipped missile at Moscow to start World War III. They start a fake fight to attract the guard, and then grab him and choke him unconscious when he tries to stop them from fighting. They break out of the room and Sandower starts the launch of the missile. Dominic is shot in the chest as he and Eddie drive away in a jeep and Hawke jumps onto a motorcycle and rides away. Dominic and Eddie arrive at Eddie's trailer, while Hawke gets into Airwolf. Dominic tells Eddie that he will have to help Hawke fly Airwolf to stop Sandower. A group of Sandower's men arrive at Eddie's trailer, but Hawke kills two of them, and the others surrender. Hawke lands Airwolf and Dominic and Hawke tell Eddie that he has to help them. Eddie gets into Airwolf with Hawke and they fly back towards the camp. Tanya tells Sandower that something is approaching and he has two rockets fired at Airwolf. Hawke has Eddie pop two anti-rocket sunbursts and then has him fire a rocket as the nuclear missile is launching. The rocket hits the missile causing it to explode and Sandower and everyone in his camp is obliterated. A news report says that government officials said that a nuclear test occurred in the desert . Hawke, Dominic and Eddie drive Eddie back to his trailer and Eddie tells Dominic he is going to try to get sober. Eddie goes into his trailer and opens a bottle of liquor as Dominic goes inside to tell him something. Dominic then tells Eddie that no one can live his life for him and he leaves. Eddie looks at the bottle of liquor and Dominic and Hawke leave Eddie's property.