Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 3 Moffett's Ghost

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A virus left by its creator causes Hawke and Dominic to lose control of Airwolf.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Dr. Hanson - Robin Riker

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Dr. Burton - Donald Hotton

Dr. Moffet - David Hemmings

General Gilson - Gary Pagett

Jet Pilot 1 - Mark Selinger

Jet Pilot 2 - Freddie Dawson

Young Pilot - Rodger LaRue


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are transporting Dr. Burton in Airwolf to a secret meeting with Soviet scientists. As they cross the Bering Sea, Hawke promises to pick Dr. Burton up when the meeting ends. They land in Russia and Dr. Burton is greeted by the Soviet scientists. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel and Marella are monitoring the radar when they see what appears to be missiles heading towards the United States, and then they disappear. At Hawke's cabin, Marella notices Tet looking up her dress and crosses her legs away from him. She mentions to Hawke and Dominic if Dr. Burton didn't have to work in secret, he would have won numerous Peace Prizes. Archangel tells Hawke he has to make sure he picks up Dr. Burton, or it would be a propaganda nightmare. Archangel asks him if he has had any problems with Airwolf and then tells Hawke, while Marella was monitoring the NORAD map she saw several stray targets. After Archangel and Marella leave, Dominic mentions to Hawke how the computers in Airwolf were acting up. That night, Hawke has a nightmare of the time he and Dominic took Airwolf from Dr. Moffet.

He and Dominic are flying Airwolf when the navigation system starts to run itself and takes over flying Airwolf. The weapon system automatically comes on and fires upon and destroys a drone. They land Airwolf and Dominic asks Hawke how they are going to pick up Dr. Burton if they can't control Airwolf. Dominic then suggests asking Archangel for help, but Hawke refuses. They go to the research office of Dr. Hanson. As they arrive they see Dr. Hanson testing a pilot program with Young Pilot, and Young Pilot tells her, she has visitors. Hawke tells Dr. Hanson he came to see her about Airwolf and that Airwolf is having computer problems. The Airwolf computer boots itself up and a video of Dr. Moffet starts and he gives his last will and testament. Hawke and Dominic take a blindfolded Dr. Hanson to Airwolf's secret lair and she notices the computer is on. They watch the video and learn that Moffet put a program in place that would take over Airwolf if he was ever imprisoned or killed. Dr. Hanson explains to Dominic and Hawke how a logic bomb works and how complicated it will be to fix the logic bomb Moffet left in Airwolf. During dinner, Dr. Hanson tells the story of how she flew onto a submarine to fix a computer. She then tells them about her research to create a program to allow people to fly vehicles with their minds. General Gilson stops by Archangel's office and asks him if he is testing a stealth aircraft in NORAD's northern quadrant. Archangel denies testing any aircraft, and General Gilson threatens to shoot any test vehicle out of the sky.

Dr. Hanson continues to work on the computer system of Airwolf and after being shocked, thinks she might have fixed the program. Hawke takes her outside for some fresh air, and Dr. Hanson recognizes the area as the Valley of the Gods. She goes back inside and hoots as Moffet's video stops running on repeat. Hawke, Dominic and Dr. Hanson take Airwolf out to test it and the weapons system auto locks on a Cessna plane. It fires towards the plane, and Hawke tells Dr. Hanson they installed blank rounds in the chain guns. Dr. Hanson figures out how to temporarily take control of Airwolf again and they land. She tells Hawke if she had a more powerful computer she might be able to override the program. Hawke and Dominic show Archangel and Marella, Moffet's video and Archangel tells them Airwolf should be grounded. Marella tells Hawke that the FIRM will try to pick up Dr. Burton, but Hawke refuses. As Hawke and Dominic are leaving, Archangel tells them the computer they requested is outside on a ramp. Before they leave, Marella gives them classified detailed designs of Airwolf to give to Dr. Hanson. When Dr. Hanson puts in the floppy disk Marella gave Hawke, a video starts and Archangel tells Dr. Hanson that if she can't fix Airwolf with certainty then she must use a hidden detonation charge to disable Airwolf.

In the morning, Dr. Hanson tells Dominic and Hawke she doesn't know if she fixed Airwolf and as they about to lift off, she tells them that she planted an explosive in Airwolf and threatens to detonate it. Hawke tells Dr. Hanson he needs her help to save Dr. Burton and gives her the option of detonating the bomb or helping them. A group of FIRM agents follow the signal of a homing device that Archangel also gave to Dr. Hanson to Callahan's Old West Indian Museum. Dominic walks out of the museum and starts to laugh as the agents turn around and leave. Hawke and Dr. Hanson take Airwolf and pick up Dr. Burton and then head towards Washington D.C. Radar picks up Airwolf and Jet Pilot 1 and Jet Pilot 2 are scrambled to intercept. Jet Pilot 1 orders Hawke to identify himself, but Moffet's program causes the signal to not work. Jet Pilot 2 goes into attack position, and Airwolf starts gaining altitude. At 8000 feet Airwolf levels out and Moffet gives one last message and causes what appear to be Russian bombers to show on NORAD's radar. Archangel calls General Gilson and tells him to disregard the radar notifications and that he is indeed testing a stealth vehicle. Hawke has an idea to depressurize Airwolf and Airwolf suddenly nose dives towards the ground. Right as Airwolf is about to hit the ground, Hawke manages to take control and he lands Airwolf. Hawke and Dr. Hanson then contact Archangel and Marella and tell them the logic bomb has been purged.