Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 4 The Truth About Holly

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Hawke and Dominic rescue a troubled woman from her abusive boyfriend.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Holly Matthews - Barbara Howard

Ed Aarons - Rick Jason

Tony - Luke Askew

Mr. Carlson - David Ruprecht

Hernando - Cliff Carnell

Lieutenant Grodin - Wayne Heffley

Everett - Anthony Tyler Quinn

Mancini - Patrick Wright

Agent 2 - Charles Howerton

Agent 1 - Robert Balderson

Worker - Ron McPherson

Delivery Boy - Frank Burt Avalon

Gabriel - Henry Carr


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Detailed Synopsis

In Taxquetl, Mexico, Stringfellow Hawke sneaks inside of a mansion. Ed Aarons, who is surrounded by Tony and Hernando, hands a bribe to the local Mayor. As they are leaving, the mayor and Gabriel run into each other. Gabriel opens the hallway closet door and Hawke grabs him and asks where Holly Matthews is. Gabriel then takes Hawke to a room and Hawke tells Holly he is a friend of Dominic. Hawke and Holly escape out of the mansion and run to Airwolf as an alarm goes off and Aarons' security chase and shoot at them. They return to the United States and Lieutenant Grodin questions them about Holly and if she was kidnapped. They then argue with Grodin about whether Holly was being held against her will. At Dominic's hangar, Caitlin O'Shannessy walks up to Hawke and he asks her how she found him. She tells him she took a leave of absence from the police force and asks him about Airwolf, but he refuses to acknowledge it exists. Caitlin then tells him she found the remains of Hawke's friend James in the desert. Dominic and Holly have lunch and she tells Dominic she feels dirty for moving in with Aarons. Holly sees a man and runs away from the table and Dominic runs after her and tells her the nightmare will end little by little.

Tony hands Everett a photograph of Holly and Aarons and Everett tells him he hasn't seen her. As Everett tries to walk away, Hernando blocks his path. Tony then threatens that if Holly doesn't come back then someone will get hurt. Caitlin and Dominic are walking to James' funeral when Caitlin accepts working part time for Dominic. On the movie set, Holly asks Caitlin what she did in Pope County. Hawke arrives on set and he and Holly flirt with each other. Mr. Carlson runs over to Hawke and asks him and Dominic to do the stunt in one take to help with the budget. At the last minute Dominic tells Caitlin he doesn't want her to do the stunt due to her inexperience, but she tells him she will manage. Mr. Carlson brings Hawke and Caitlin together and sets up the scene that involves a kiss. At first Caitlin is hesitant to kiss Hawke, but then they give each other a long kiss. Caitlin then gets into the helicopter to perform the stunt. As she is flying, a bolt comes loose and falls out of the cyclic control. She manages to land the helicopter on the set of a Roman film being shot. Hawke and Dominic run to Caitlin and she tells Hawke the cyclic was jammed. Everett runs to Dominic and points out Tony and Hernando. Dominic and Hawke chase after Tony and Hernando, but they get away.

Hawke and Dominic drive to Edw. Aarons Inc. and Worker asks what he can do for them. Hawke asks to see Aarons and when Worker tells him he isn't there, Hawke keeps on walking. They are stopped by Mancini and Hawke tells him he wants to see Aarons. Mancini tells Hawke, Aarons is in Mexico and Hawke and Dominic tell Mancini to tell Aarons to stay away from Holly. At Dominic's hangar, Holly brings up Hawke and when he and Dominic arrive they tell them they are going to have a talk with Aarons. A Delivery Boy arrives with a package for Holly. In the package is a live tarantula and a note from Aarons telling Holly to come back. Hawke takes Holly to his cabin and she brings up Caitlin and tells Hawke, Caitlin isn't right for him. Holly then tries to kiss Hawke, but he pushes her away and she walks off after accusing him of liking Caitlin and afterwards she tries to put Caitlin down. Hawke goes after Holly and apologizes if he said anything that gave her the wrong idea between them. As Caitlin is about to take Holly to Hawke's cabin, Dominic warns her about a restrictive airspace she will have to go around. As Dominic is getting the helicopter ready, a fire breaks out and Caitlin runs over and warns him right before the helicopter explodes.

Dominic accuses Aarons of being behind it to Lieutenant Grodin, but Grodin tells him he needs evidence. Everett gives Dominic the phone and Aarons asks to meet with him. Caitlin and Holly talk to Everett and he tells them that Hawke and Dominic are going to meet with Aarons and Holly tells Caitlin that Aarons lies. She then tells Caitlin that she and Hawke had sex the night before and he wants to marry her. Holly then tells Caitlin she wants to leave to go back to Buenos Aires, and asks her to take her to Hawke's cabin. Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf and meet with Aarons who tells them he is glad Holly is gone and he just wanted his coded account book which she stole. Aarons then tells them that Holly is crazy and makes up lies and once sent herself a dead cat and cut his break lines. Aarons then asks for a truce and after accepting, Dominic punches him in the face.

As they are flying to Hawke's cabin, Holly tells Caitlin her previous relationships have ended when the person made up lies about her or left her for someone like Caitlin. Agent 1 tells Caitlin that she is entering restricted airspace and Caitlin asks if she can skirt the area. Holly pulls a gun on Caitlin and tells Caitlin if they are shot down by the military then Hawke wont have anyone. Everett contacts Dominic and tells him Caitlin and Holly took his helicopter to go to Hawke's cabin. Agent 1 tells Agent 2 that Caitlin is still heading straight into restricted airspace. After receiving a phone call, Agent 2 scrambles jets to intercept Caitlin. Agent 1 contacts Caitlin and warns her to turn around or she will be shot down. Agent 1 and Agent 2 then see another helicopter appear on the radar and Agent 2 tells Agent 1 to tell the jets to shoot to kill. A jet fires a missile at Caitlin and Hawke has Dominic fire a sunburst. Caitlin manages to take the gun away from Holly and flies out of the restricted area. At Dominic's hangar, Holly tells Hawke that her grandmother told her she is going to a nice place for vacation and then she is put in a car and taken away to a mental ward. After she leaves Caitlin is hired by Dominic.