Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 5 The Hunted

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Santini Air is hired to escort a wealthy industrialist.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Robert Villers - Gregg Henry

Rosalind Gregory - Maggie Cooper

Carter Anderson III - Joseph Chapman

Edna Mosconi - Anne Helm

Market Owner - Penny Santon

Tony Spandel - Chris Capen

Coogan - Javier Grajeda

Everett - Anthony Tyler Quinn

Man - Guy Sartee


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf in the desert when the port engine goes out. They land Airwolf in its lair and Dominic tells Hawke they need to do maintenance on Airwolf. At Dominic's hangar, Robert Villers is secretly taking photographs and recording Caitlin O'Shannessy and Hawke. Caitlin again asks Hawke about Airwolf, but he denies it exists and she was only imagining it. Dominic arrives and reminds Caitlin she is only a part time worker and she leaves to go on a date. Rosalind Gregory arrives and tells Caitlin she is there to see Dominic. Rosalind then introduces Tony Spandel to Dominic and Dominic starts to introduce Hawke, but Rosalind already knows who he is. She tells Dominic that she would like to contract Santini Air for thirty days to fly company staff when needed. When Hawke asks who is paying, Rosalind tells him Carter Anderson III. Rosalind and the others leave and Dominic tells Hawke how excited he is over the deal, but Hawke doesn't agree. Edna Mosconi is on the phone with Susan threatening to not offer her any more jobs when Robert walks in and hugs and kisses her. He goes into the dark room and looks at negatives. Caitlin calls Hawke and asks why Dominic didn't hire her to help on the Anderson contract. Edna gets drunk and bangs on the dark room door and accuses Robert of developing pornographic photos after he refuses to let her in. She threatens to call the cops and tell them and when Robert leaves the room, she tells him she was joking and he grabs her and kisses her. Robert then listens to the recording he made of the meeting between Dominic and Rosalind.

Hawke and Dominic again take out Airwolf, but one engine continues to stall. Hawke tells Dominic he doesn't trust the Anderson deal. Robert goes to Coogan Tool and Die and shows Coogan some plans for something he needs built. Hawke and Dominic arrive at Santini Air and ask Everett who all the people are searching through the hangar. Hawke asks Tony what is going on and Dominic notices one of the people is photographing his personal paperwork. Market Owner asks Caitlin if Dominic is going to make her a full time worker and is happy when she hears Caitlin should get regular checks soon. Hawke arrives at Anderson's mansion with Tony following closely by. Rosalind drives up to the gate in a golf cart and Hawke tells her they wont be accepting her offer of work. Anderson tells Rosalind to let Hawke in and Hawke follows Rosalind inside. A Man runs up to Anderson and hands him an envelope and Anderson tells him to close the Brussels deal. Hawke asks Anderson who wants to kill him and Anderson tells him he has a plan to revitalize factories that are closing and keep the workers employed. Anderson then tells him that he needs him to get him to a meeting to sign paperwork and Hawke agrees to work for him after he learns Anderson knows of Airwolf and knows Michael Coldsmith Briggs III. At Coogan Tool and Die, Coogan finishes the project and asks for more money from Robert to cover the perceived risk he is taking. Coogan demands double the amount they agreed upon and Robert shoots him and stuffs him in a dumpster.

While Dominic is fixing a fuel control unit, Hawke tells Dominic he worries maybe Anderson is trying to steal Airwolf. Caitlin shows up and asks what Dominic is working on. Dominic then tells her she is on full time for a month and as she is leaving she figures out the gadget is an electric fuel control unit. Robert arrives at Edna's office and she gives him a box with a watch in it. She then offers to marry him and he asks if she has told anyone about him. Robert then shoots and kills Edna. Caitlin is flying with Hawke and Dominic when Hawke tells her she is the one that is going to fly Anderson. Robert puts Edna's body in the Mosconi work van and then blows it up with the homemade bazooka he had Coogan make for him. Dominic and Hawke take Rosalind and Tony to a bar and discuss how the operation will go. Caitlin is dancing with Robert when she tells him when she leaves and will come back.

Later, decoys of Anderson leave in different helicopters while the real Anderson flies with Caitlin in a plane. Robert rides a motorcycle to a junk yard and gets into a Corsair. Robert pulls along Caitlin's plane and she calls Hawke for help. Robert starts firing missiles at Caitlin's plane and Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf to help. Robert then starts firing at both Airwolf and Caitlin's plane. Hawke gets behind Robert's Corsair and fires his chain guns, disabling the Corsair. Robert gets on the radio and tells Caitlin he will see her and tells Hawke and Dominic good show and then the Corsair explodes. At Hawke's cabin, Dominic tells Hawke he can't get Caitlin to feel better and Hawke goes outside with his cello and Tet. Caitlin tells Hawke not to bother trying to make her feel better, and he plays songs to follow her mood. He then denies the existence of Airwolf as a joke. Caitlin gets riled up and Hawke tells Dominic, Caitlin must be feeling better.