Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 6 Sins of the Past

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Dominic's past comes back to haunt him.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Jason Darius - Brett Halsey

Aaron Martin - Jason Bernard

Lila Santini - Diane McBain

Beatrice Moretti - Lola Albright

Captain Babbitt - James A. Watson, Jr.

Lieutenant Grodin - Wayne Heffley

Vince Decter - Bobb Hopkins

Father Donovan - Sid Conrad

Solly - Michael Keep

Police Photographer - Michael Bond

Waitress - Dani Douthette

Model - Kathy Shower

Solly's Girl - Suzanne LaRusch

Darius' Heavy - David Cadiente

Sally Santini


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke goes inside the offices at Santini Air and finds Dominic sitting at his desk. Hawke tells Dominic, Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, wants them to go on a mission. Dominic then tells Hawke that his daughter Sally Santini died and she is to be buried the next day. They take Airwolf to San Remo island and on their way Dominic tells Hawke of how he hadn't seen Sally in years. Jason Darius shows a crowd of people his newly opened casino including Solly and Solly's Girl. Dominic and Hawke are walking along the beach when Dominic sees Aaron Martin. Dominic thanks Aaron for calling him and telling him about Sally and Aaron asks him if he is going to control himself at the funeral. They go to the Our Lady of the Bay church and Dominic kisses the head and kneels in front of Sally's body. Lila Santini walks into the church and she and Dominic exchange looks. At the cemetery, Father Donovan leads the eulogy for Sally, but is interrupted by Lila, who is there with Beatrice Moretti and Vince Decter, who declares that the only reason anyone is at the funeral is to collect money. Jason and Darius' Heavy look at each other as Lila continues to pester Dominic about why he is at the funeral. Before leaving, Lila tells Dominic that Sally hated him and she isn't sure that Sally was even his daughter.

At the San Remo Yacht Club, Aaron tells Hawke stories about when he and Dominic were young. Hawke asks about the casino and Waitress tells him the casino offered money for her and her husband's house for less than the amount it would cost to buy a new one. Lila is at her home when Dominic shows up and asks to get the locket he gave to Sally. She continues to insult him and then drops the locket on the ground. Before he leaves, Lila tells him, he was the only mistake she ever regretted. Dominic and Hawke then start on the mission for Archangel and when they return to the hangar, Caitlin O'Shannessy runs up to them and tells them Lieutenant Grodin is there to speak with Dominic. Grodin walks up to them and asks Dominic where he was the night before and hands him a picture of Lila and then arrests him for suspicion of murder of Lila who was beaten to death. Dominic is photographed by a Police Photographer and then has his fingerprints taken. Grodin tells Hawke and Caitlin that it could be days or weeks before Dominic is processed and sent to San Remo. Hawke goes to the FIRM headquarters and asks Archangel to give Dominic an alibi, but Archangel tells him he was ordered not to overtly help Dominic. He then offers to help inadvertently, but can't make any promises.

Hawke visits Dominic at the County of Los Angeles Central Jail and Dominic tells Hawke he is having memories of being locked up in a North Korean prison camp. Hawke flies Airwolf back to San Remo island. He goes to Lila's home and walks inside and is questioned by Captain Babbitt. Babbitt tells him they believe Dominic is the killer and Lila was known by other members of the town to be promiscuous. Hawke sees Vince and asks Babbitt how close she was to him. Babbitt then tells Hawke a new breed of people have come to the island since the casino opened. Hawke goes to a country club and buys Vince a drink. Vince tells Hawke he was about to buy the country club with Lila's money and his contacts, but it fell through. Vince then recognizes Hawke from the funeral and tries to hit Hawke, but Hawke easily knocks Vince down. Vince then tells Hawke Lila would give him money. Aaron takes Hawke to the house Dominic bought and lived with Lila and Sally in. They then watch home movies of Dominic's family, Aaron's family and Beatrice. Aaron then tells Hawke, he thinks Dominic killed Lila for what she did to Sally. Hawke is woken up by Darius' Heavy searching the house and they fight, but Darius' Heavy manages to get away. Hawke goes to see Beatrice who is preparing for a fashion show, and as Beatrice talks about Lila, she continues to poke a Model with a pin accidentally. Beatrice then tells Hawke that Dominic was tricked into marrying Lila when she told him she was pregnant, but wasn't. As they are talking, Darius' Heavy tells Hawke, Jason wants to speak to him.

Jason asks Hawke what he is doing on the island and tells him Lila didn't have any money and tells Hawke to go home. Aaron tells Hawke he didn't tell him about Lila's connection to Jason, because he was worried what Jason might do to him. Caitlin goes to the prison and visits Dominic and tells him, Hawke is working on a plan to get him out. Hawke visits Vince again and Vince tells him that Lila said if anyone tried to kill her, her daughter would protect her. Hawke calls Aaron and Aaron tells him to meet him at the house. Hawke goes to the house and finds Aaron dead and Darius' Heavy in the house listening to a tape telling Sally she sent Dominic a package with the identity of her killer Jason. Darius' Heavy chases after Hawke, beats him up and him and Vince are about to drop him overboard when Hawke manages to get loose and jump overboard. Babbitt finds Hawke washed ashore and gives him CPR and then tells him to go home. Hawke tells him Jason murdered Lila when she was blackmailing him for skimming from the casino and Babbitt tells him Jason has connections and was sent to the island to avoid prosecution for a murder. Babbitt goes to the casino and tells Jason he is going to take him in for questioning. Jason then tells his men to get rid of Babbitt and they start beating him up. At the grand opening Solly and Solly's Girl are playing craps. Hawke arrives in Airwolf and Jason tells his men to shoot at Hawke. Hawke fires back and the crowd of people run outside the casino where Jason and Darius' Heavy are arrested. Hawke then uses Airwolf to destroy the casino to the cheers of the locals. Later, Dominic arrives with Hawke and they celebrate his release from prison. Dominic then opens Sally's locket and looks at her photo inside.