Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 7 Fallen Angel

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Hawke and Dominic must save Archangel when he is captured behind enemy lines.

Series Index

Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Dr. Karl Kruger - John Ericson

Marella - Deborah Pratt

Vladimir Kinskov - Barrie Ingham

Maria Von Furster - Camilla Sparv

Nurse - Carole Ita White

Zeus - John Brandon

First Assistant Director - Gene Whittington

Director - Bob Zmuda

Polizie One - Frank Lester

Polizie Two - Etan Boritzer

Olga - Maria Mayenzet


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are flying a bi-plane for a movie shoot. Hawke performs a maneuver which puts him behind the other bi-plane. The Director then calls the First Assistant Director over and takes the walkie talkie from him and calls Dominic. He asks Dominic what he is doing and Dominic tells him he called cut and Hawke is just messing around. The Director tells Dominic he will tell him when to cut and then has him perform the barn stunt. Hawke and Dominic crash the plane into the barn and remark the roof didn't feel like it was balsa wood like it was supposed to. They end up in the hospital and tell Caitlin O'Shannessy that the balsa wood was placed on the wrong side of the barn roof. Marella walks into their hospital room and tells Hawke and Dominic that Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, is a prisoner in East Germany. She tells them that Zeus and the rest of the committee will not be sending a rescue party and his section has been closed. She hands Hawke a data device with information on what Archangel was doing and tells him, Archangel was in East Germany trying to rescue an agent called Maria Von Furster who had made the KGB white list. Hawke agrees to go and as Marella is leaving she tells them good luck. Caitlin walks back into the room and Hawke and Dominic have the idea to have her help since Dominic is too injured. Hawke takes Caitlin out in Airwolf and trains her on its weapons systems.

In Magdenburg, East Germany, Archangel is standing outside leaning on a castle pillar. Dr. Karl Kruger walks up to him and invites him to eat breakfast with him. Archangel is surprised to see Kruger, as he thought he was dead. Archangel asks about Maria and Kruger tells him Maria had nothing to do with his capture. Archangel asks Kruger what is the purpose of him still being alive as anything he knows pertaining to the FIRM would be obsolete. Kruger starts to ask Archangel to work with him when Archangel starts to laugh. Vladimir Kinskov walks into the area and asks what is so funny and then criticizes Kruger for Archangel's treatment. Hawke and Caitlin get Dominic out of his hospital bed. A Nurse walks into the room and asks what they are doing. Dominic tells her he is leaving just for a little while to do some stunt work and she folds her arms across her chest. Caitlin flips the Nurse onto the bed and Hawke wheels Dominic out of the hospital. Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin take Airwolf to the coordinates listed in the file Marella gave them. As they are heading in the direction, four MiG-25's appear on Airwolf's radar screen. They manage to use their radar dampener to avoid detection.

In East Berlin, Hawke meets up with Maria and tells her Archangel has been captured trying to save her. After some persuasion, she agrees to help him. Olga gets a vial of the drug Titum 1221 and Kruger tells her to give Archangel 50cc's more of the drug. Archangel starts to shake and when Olga pauses, Kruger orders her again to give Archangel 50. Polizie One and Polizie Two walk up to Hawke and then grab him and start to take him away when he doesn't answer their questions and acts like he is a mute. Maria walks up and starts to sign language at Hawke. Polizie One and Polizie Two start to question Maria, and eventually let Hawke go. She tells Hawke where Archangel is being held, but refuses to help in any other way due to Kruger once being her lover. Hawke promises if he helps him that Kruger wont be hurt. Vladimir asks Kruger about his progress and tells Kruger that they don't have much time. Maria takes Hawke into the catacombs of the castle. Dominic and Caitlin start flying Airwolf towards the castle. They fly into the castle courtyard and start shooting at the guards. Olga and two other nurses get Archangel out of his torture tub and Maria and Hawke walk into the room and grab Archangel, who is happy to see Maria. Hawke and Maria help Archangel get in Airwolf, but Maria is shot by Kruger. Airwolf then flies off. Kruger walks over to Maria and as she opens her eyes, Vladimir congratulates Kruger and tells him everything has gone as planned. Kruger then tells Vladimir in 24 hours, Archangel will assassinate Zeus and the entire committee.

At FIRM headquarters, Archangel and the others, including Marella walk into a meeting with the committee. Zeus welcomes him back and thanks Caitlin, Dominic and Hawke for rescuing Archangel. He then says Marella will have to be suspended until a review board can determine if she is capable of following orders. Dominic argues with Zeus and Archangel demands his staff back. When Zeus refuses Archangel's demand, Archangel pulls out a gun and fires at Zeus. Kruger and Vladimir are skeet shooting at the castle while Maria watches. Vladimir asks Maria if she is worried what might happen to Archangel and Kruger tells him to leave her alone. Maria assures Kruger that she loves him and they kiss. Airwolf appears and starts firing and Kruger realizes it is just a diversion. Kruger runs back to the lab area and sees Archangel taking the Titum 1221 drug vials. Archangel then tells Kruger that Hawke figured out their plan and put blanks in his gun. Hawke starts to walk into the room with the drug notes and when Kruger points a gun at him, Archangel shoots and kills Kruger. Maria walks up and threatens to kill Archangel, and demands the notes and vials. Archangel puts his gun away and as Maria goes to shoot him anyway, Hawke shoots and kills her. Dominic continues to kill guards using Airwolf. Vladimir finds Kruger and Maria dead and the drug vials gone. Hawke and Archangel get into Airwolf and they fly away. They shoot down two MiG's and Archangel realizes that Maria was working with Kruger to set him up. Dominic wants to go get beer and bratwurst and when Caitlin suggests they can discuss their next mission, Dominic, Hawke and Archangel act like Airwolf doesn't exist.