Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 8 HX1

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Hawke believes his brother is involved when a state of the art attack helicopter is stolen.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Dunkirk - Michael Halsey

Ellie - P.J. Soles

Mace Taggart - Sam Melville

Joe Ganns - Charles Cyphers

Mrs. Taggart - Peggy McCay

Mr. Taggart - Frank Marth

Saint John - Christopher Connelly

Armand - Rene Assa

Co-Pilot - Peter J. McKernan

Decker - Jack Verbois

Handley - Allan Graf

Angela - Rachel Brady

Passing Motorist - Carol Gillson


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Detailed Synopsis

Dunkirk and Mace Taggart are flying a helicopter with Joe Ganns, Decker and Handley. Joe asks Dunkirk how much he is going to make from their operation, but Dunkirk only laughs. They land outside of a restricted area of the DAVSCO Aircraft corporation and after breaking in, start shooting the guards. Taggart gets into the HX1 helicopter and flies off. Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf out to search for the HX1 on orders of Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel. Hawke thinks his brother Saint John is involved in the helicopter heist. He mentions the technique that they used could only be done by four people, Saint John, Colonel Vidor, Mace Taggart and himself, and Mace Taggart and Colonel Vidore are dead. Hawke has a flashback to Vietnam to when he is forced to leave Saint John and Mace when the Co-Pilot tells him the ropes are full. They pass over the DAVSCO corporation and don't find any signs of the HX1. Hawke goes to the FIRM headquarters and tells Archangel he thinks the FIRM has HX1 and thinks Saint John is working with the FIRM. Hawke tells Dominic that some of the men he served with in Vietnam became mercenaries and maybe Saint John is working with them.

Hawke goes to a mercenary camp and speaks to Joe. Hawke looks at Joe's M16 and comments he must be making some good money, which Handley hears. Hawke asks about the HX1 raid and Joe tells him some people thought he might have done it. Hawke mentions how Mace and Saint John used to pull similar operations as the HX1 heist, and Joe says they are both dead. Hawke leaves and Handley tells Joe they have a problem. Hawke goes to the home of Mrs. Taggart and Mr. Taggart. They tell him they kept track of everywhere Mace went in Vietnam. Mr. Taggart shows Hawke a photo of Mace, Saint John and Hawke and Hawke has a flashback to when he, Saint John and Mace had their picture taken by Ellie. Hawke brings up the theft of the HX1 and tells the Taggarts it is similar to what Mace and Saint John used to pull off. Mr, Taggart tells Hawke to leave and Mrs. Taggart tells Hawke she thinks Mace did it and isn't dead. Mr. Taggart then accuses Hawke of leaving Mace and Saint John behind to die. Hawke has another flashback to Mace, Saint John, Ellie and himself at a bar. Ellie asks Saint John if he loves her and if they are going to get married and have lots of kids when they get back to the United States. Hawke goes to see Ellie who is now married and has a son. Hawke asks her if she is happy and Ellie remembers how she cheated on Saint John with Mace which ended their relationship. Hawke tells Ellie, he thinks Saint John is still alive, but Ellie tells him to let it go and Saint John is gone.

Hawke goes to a bar where Dunkirk is telling Decker and Handley about work in the Persian Gulf. Decker asks Hawke why he hasn't been around lately and Dunkirk asks Hawke what he wants. Decker accuses Hawke of leaving Saint John to die and Hawke back hands him in the face. Hawke accuses Dunkirk and the others of working with Saint John. Hawke leaves and is confronted by Joe, Decker and Handley who beat him up. Hawke sees someone in the shadows and thinks it is Saint John and then collapses. Hawke goes to Santini Air and Ellie walks up to Hawke and tells him Dunkirk had come to see her a month ago and asked her to do his accounting for him. She then tells him that Dunkirk is now an arms dealer. Hawke goes to Dunkirk's ranch and asks him if he has the HX1, which Dunkirk denies after putting his niece Angela on a horse. Later, Hawke follows Dunkirk's car. Hawke sneaks into the warehouse Dunkirk went into. Dunkirk tells Joe, Decker and Handley, Hawke came to talk with him and Joe tells him he doesn't want to hurt Hawke, but Hawke is getting too close to their operation. Hawke points a gun at the group and Mace walks towards him with his own gun drawn.

Hawke tells Mace he's been told Saint John is dead, but he doesn't believe it and asks Mace where Saint John is. Mace then accuses Hawke of leaving him to die. Another flashback happens of Mace and Saint John escaping from the Vietcong. Hawke asks why he stayed "dead" and Mace tells him he wanted to make money on the cocaine trade. Hawke demands to know where Saint John is and Joe hits him in the back of the head with his pistol. Dunkirk tells Mace to kill Hawke, but after he has another flashback in which Hawke saved his life from a sniper, he can't do it. Hawke wakes up in the desert and stumbles to the road. A Passing Motorist stops to help Hawke and after giving him some water, she takes him to a payphone. Hawke calls Dominic and Dominic arrives in Airwolf. They head towards Red Rock Flats. Dunkirk is hosting a demonstration of weapons to Armand. Dunkirk has Mace demonstrate the HX1. Airwolf arrives and Hawke asks Mace where Saint John is. Mace tells Hawke he knows what happened to Saint John and starts attacking Airwolf. Hawke asks Mace again to tell him, but Mace continues to attack Airwolf. Dominic yells at Hawke to fire back and Hawke eventually does, causing the HX1 to blow up in the sky. The wreckage of the HX1 lands on the people watching the demonstration, killing them all. Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy try to comfort Hawke and Hawke smiles and drives his motorcycle away.