Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 9 Flight 93 Is Missing

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Hawke and Dominic must work against time to locate a downed flight Caitlin was on board.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Hergos - John Calvin

Edward Johnson - Philip Abbott

Ingrid Kendall - Ina Balin

Joskins - Alex Kubik

Laurie - Lynn Herring

Little Girl - Summer Phoenix

1st Soccer - William Kirby Cullen

Stewardess - Anne Wyndham

Male Passenger - Richard Peabody

Dress Designer - Lester Fletcher

Mrs. Smith - Kathleen O'Malley

Marks - Angus Duncan

ATC Representative - David McBride

Airport Security - Darwin Joston


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf into Hurricane Kim. Hawke relays to the National Weather Service that the hurricane is unstable.

Previously, Caitlin O'Shannessy is talking with her mother about going to her sister's wedding and her mother harasses her about not being in a relationship. Hawke and Dominic walk into the hangar and Hawke reminds Caitlin, her flight leaves in an hour. Caitlin tries to make an excuse for not going, but they end up taking her to the Los Angeles International Airport. Dress Designer is telling a group of reporters that he always sees his models off before they leave for a fashion show. Edward Johnson asks Ingrid Kendall how she thinks his presentation will go to the bankers in Dallas. She tells him she thinks he will be successful and then tries to say something but hesitates. As Caitlin is walking through the metal detector, she sets it off and is told to empty her pockets by Airport Security. She drops a large amount of items in the basket, before having to drop more items into it, because she sets the detector off again. A Stewardess tells the passengers about to board the plane that the weather is improving. 1st Soccer sees Caitlin and tells his friend, "not bad." and afterwards, 1st Soccer and his friend block her path and he introduces himself, but then moves aside when she threatens him. Caitlin goes to her seat which is next to Mrs. Smith. As the Stewardess is taking a Little Girl to her seat, Hergos walks by her wearing a jumpsuit and says he has to check the microwave. He walks into the galley and places a device in the champagne cabinet, before leaving the plane. The Stewardess gives the safety instructions and the plane takes off to Dallas.

Dominic tells Hawke a joke about break dancing and then tells Hawke his accountant told him, Hawke is going to jail if he doesn't file his taxes. Dominic then tells Hawke that a special accountant is being flown to his cabin to do his taxes. Caitlin tells Mrs. Smith about her disagreements with her mother and Mrs. Smith is shocked when Caitlin tells her she is a pilot. A terrorist tells a group of other men it is time, and they walk up to the cockpit and tell the pilot, co-pilot and navigator to stay calm after showing them their weapons. Laurie is helping Hawke with his taxes, while Tet watches. Laurie decides to take a break and asks for Vodka. Hawke apologizes to Laurie for having to help him out and she tells him she saw him in her boss's office before and volunteered. They hear a helicopter flying over and as Hawke and Laurie are getting comfortable, Dominic bursts in with food. A terrorist tells the pilot what heading to go and when the pilot realizes it is heading towards the water, he tells the terrorist, he is going to kill everyone. The terrorists destroy the radio. An air traffic controller tells his supervisor, the flight has disappeared. Caitlin hears Mrs. Smith remark about the size of the waves and runs and tells everyone to buckle their seat belts. The hijackers use the intercom to tell the passengers the plane has been hijacked. The plane crashes and Caitlin goes to the Little Girl who is calling out to her mom. As the plane sinks, the passengers continue to become stressed.

Joskins tells Hergos the hijack was successful and they celebrate. Caitlin tells the Stewardess that she needs to go and calm down the passengers. The Stewardess tells the passengers that they will be okay and Edward tells them the plane can maintain its integrity underwater. A Male Passenger stands up and accuses Edward of lying. Hergos and Joskins take their boat and use a tracking device to find the underwater plane. Caitlin calls over 1st Soccer and has him help her apply pressure to a passenger's wounded leg. Marks plays a recording from the terrorists to Hawke, Dominic, Ingrid and an ATC Representative,demanding 50 million dollars in ransom for the passengers. Hawke thanks Marks for allowing them to help. The ATC Representative tells Hawke and Dominic that the plane has essentially vanished. Ingrid wants to start raising the money and Hawke tells her, even if they gave the terrorists the money, they would never see the plane again. Ingrid then tells Hawke that she has loved Edward since the day they met, but never told him. The terrorists in the cockpit blow the cockpit window and water starts to leak into the plane, which the Male Passenger points out. Caitlin then tells him to shut up. The terrorists then swim up to the surface. A plane approaches the boat and Hergos shoots it down with a rocket launcher. Joskins then shoots the terrorists who were on the plane to eliminate them as witnesses.

Marks tells Hawke and Dominic that if the hurricane continues north they will have to call off the search. The Male Passenger tries to open the plane door and then pulls a knife on Caitlin. He swings at Caitlin and she takes the knife away from him. Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf out and photograph the area. The Coast Guard tells them to come in due to the weather, but Hawke ignores them. Hergos and Joskins celebrate when they hear they are calling off the search and that tomorrow they will be millionaires. Caitlin reads the Little Girl a story and afterwards the Little Girl tries to get Caitlin to teach her how to take down people like her mean brother. Dominic and Hawke go over the photographs they took and Hawke finds the plane. Caitlin and Edward go looking for holes that are now letting in more water and Edward tells her there is nothing they can do and they will only last a few more hours. The models ask Caitlin if they can help and she suggests they give a fashion show to distract the other passengers.

Hawke shows Marks the photo and tells him they will radio back if they find it. Hergos and Joskins hear on the radio that the Coast Guard may have spotted the downed plane and Hergos decides they have to destroy the plane and they will have to just try again with another plane. Hawke and Dominic take Airwolf over the water and Dominic spots the shape of a plane underwater and Hawke radios it in to air rescue with their location. Hawke jumps overboard in a diving suit and the passengers celebrate when they see him. A fleet of Coast Guard ships then head to the location. Hawke returns to Airwolf. 1st Soccer starts to ask Caitlin something and she figures out he is asking her out and tells him yes. Dominic sees Hergos' boat and mistakenly thinks it is a rescue ship and drops a marker in the water. Joskins fires the missile launcher at Airwolf and barely misses them with a direct hit. Joskins then drops a depth charge into the water causing the plane to rock and the passengers to panic. Dominic is forced to hotwire the weapons systems due to the damage from the missile while Joskins continues to fire at them. Dominic fixes it and Hawke shoots the .50 cal at Joskins, killing him and then fires two rockets into the ship, blowing it up. The Coast Guard arrives and Mrs Smith tells Caitlin she is a hero. Back at Santini Air, Caitlin tells her mother over the phone that she is sorry she missed her sister's wedding. Dominic tells Caitlin there are tons of eligible men and then points at Hawke.