Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 10 The Deadly Circle

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A group of families are kidnapped as revenge for a military action that occurred during the Vietnam War.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Lia Van Luong - Kim Miyori

Carol Oshiro - Irene Tsu

Dao Van Lat - George Kee Cheung

Art - Joe La Due

Jimmy Oshiro - Branscombe Richmond

Tran - Robert Ito

Francesca - Dawn Mangrum

Ralph - John Kirby

Ray - Frank Pesce

Detective - Bob Jarvis

Bartender - Ed McCready


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Detailed Synopsis

At the Condor Squadron 135, Art pulls up in his car and gets a nod from Dao Van Lat, who is parked nearby. Dominic pins up his jacket from World War II and tells Stringfellow Hawke and Caitlin O'Shannessy stories about his time in the war. Lia Van Luong walks up to them and jokingly gives Dominic a hard time about telling old war stories. Art walks in and grabs Lia and tells her they need to talk. Hawke sees Art pushing Lia around and confronts him. As Art is about to fight Hawke, Bartender grabs him and tells him to leave. Caitlin invites Lia to sit with them. Dao watches as Hawke takes Lia home after leaving the restaurant. Carol Oshiro is counting while one of her sons is doing sit-ups. Masked men break into their house and kidnap them, leaving their puppy Rusty by itself. Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, and Francesca arrive at Santini Air and he tells Hawke about Jimmy Oshiro, Ralph and Ray's families being kidnapped. Archangel brings up that they all have a connection from Vietnam and they still keep in touch. Archangel then warns him that if Hawke had a family, they might be at risk of being kidnapped also.

Lia calls Santini Air and asks him for help. Hawke goes to her apartment and she tells him Art helped get her out of Vietnam and afterwards tracked her down. She tells him Art changed and she tried to break it off with him, but he has made her life miserable ever since. He calls Caitlin to see if she can stay at her place for a short while and while they are talking, the group of masked men run into the Santini Air hangar and kidnap Caitlin and Dominic. Hawke and Archangel go to Santini Air and Archangel tells Hawke he thinks the kidnappings may be retaliatory for something and he is going to hold a meeting with Hawke, Jimmy, Ralph and Ray at Hawke's cabin. Dominic and Caitlin are brought to a camp with a series of buildings surrounded by a tall fence. Dao tells them if they follow orders and don't try and escape they will be released in three days. Carol recognizes Dominic and Caitlin and unties their wrist bindings. She tells Caitlin she doesn't know who any of the kidnappers are. At the meeting, Archangel plays a video the hostage takers sent with the kidnapped families. Archangel asks them to think of something from their past that might explain things and insinuates it may be something they don't like to think about.

Lia is walking Tet when Archangel leaves with the others. She comes inside and sees Hawke re-watching the video the kidnappers sent. Tran congratulates Dao on his work and Dao notices Lia seems sad. Tran confronts her and she tells him she saw the same fear in Jimmy's daughter's eyes as she had when their village was slaughtered. Tran has Lia call Hawke and she tells him she knows someone who may be able to help. Dominic manages to remove a piece of floorboard and tries to escape while one of the families sets a fire as a distraction, but is caught by Art. He is then beaten by the guards and Art. Art brings Dominic back into the building and threatens to kill everyone in the building if someone tries to escape again. Lia takes Hawke to an alley to meet with the person she said had information and they are confronted by Dao and some men. They attack Hawke, but he manages to knock them away and tells them to stop. Afterwards he tells Lia he thinks she might be in on it. Tran walks into the alley and mentions Village 108 and then walks away.

Hawke calls Archangel and tells him what Tran told him. He tells Lia he was scheduled to go on a mission code named 108, but asked to interrogate a prisoner who may known the whereabouts of Saint John and was taken off the mission. Francesca pulls up the list of helicopter pilots that were on the mission Code Named 108 and it includes Hawke's name on the roster. Hawke asks what the mission was about and Francesca pulls up information stating it was believed to have been infiltrated by the Viet Cong and during the mission, multiple innocent villagers were killed. A list of survivors comes onscreen and Hawke recognizes three of the names. Lia tells Tran they can't go through with killing the innocent children and Tran reminds her what happened to their families. Tran accuses Lia of falling for Hawke and she tells Tran, he is the only man she ever loved and begs him not to go through with it, and he agrees. Hawke, Archangel and Francesca go to Tran's car dealership and find Lia dead in an elevator. A Detective takes notes as Lia's body is taken away.

While Hawke and Archangel are searching Tran's office, Hawke sees a large blown up photo of Quang Tho after it was destroyed and realizes the anniversary of its destruction is in two hours. They look at a map showing Tran's large property in the Los Osos Canyon. They get into Airwolf and head towards Los Osos Canyon. They pass over a group of cowboys and head north towards some more structures. Dominic notices all of the guards have left and tells Caitlin to get everyone ready towards a van left behind. Shortly after, Hawke and Archangel arrive in Airwolf. Two helicopters fly over a hill and Hawke flies to stop them from killing everyone. The helicopters start firing at Dominic who drives towards a group of tall trees concealing the road. Hawke shoots down the first helicopter with Art inside of it, while Tran and Dao fire another missile at the van, causing it to crash. Hawke then shoots down the helicopter with Tran and Dao inside of it. He lands Airwolf and helps Dominic out of the van wreckage. At the Condor Squadron 135, Bartender brings everyone a drink as Dominic relays the events after he was pulled from the van and how it was Caitlin's idea to leave the kidnapped families hidden in the trees and everyone cheers.