Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 11 Where Have All the Children Gone?

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A leader of a cult of children tries to force peace upon the world through violence.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Sabrina Cooke - Deborah Wakeham

Dr. Francis Watkins - Ben Hammer

Deputy - Tom Hodges

Deputy - Beau Dremann

Hal - Gary Riley

Cotton - Alicia Chambers

Fargo - Lewis Van Bergen

Harvey - Jeb Adams

Randy - Curtiss Marlowe

Aunt - Pat Delany

Female Technician - Helen Baron

Sullivan - Louie Elias

Gail - Dana Stein


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin O'Shannessy and Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel are at the funeral for Hawke's friend John Fargo. Hawke is given the U.S. flag and John's Congressional Medal of Honor to give to John's brother, Fargo. Hawke travels to the town of Beaudy, California. He pulls over at a mechanic's garage and notices the town is full of kids. He asks to speak to Hal's boss and Hal tells him, he is the boss. Hawke asks Hal if he knows where he can find Fargo and gives his address and Hal tells him he doesn't know a Fargo, but directs him towards the address. Hawke drives to the address and Cotton answers the door and tells him Fargo doesn't live there. He asks Cotton if she is Wendy Fargo and she tells him her name is Cotton and her parents are in San Francisco. When he asks her if any adults live in Beaudy, she rushes back into the house. Hawke goes to the police station and asks Deputy 1 and Deputy 2 where he can find Fargo. They tell him Fargo used to live in town, but moved to Connecticut or Maine. Hawke calls Dominic and tells him about the town and Cotton and asks him to contact Archangel to get information on the town.

Hawke stops at the Post Office and asks Randy to speak to the Post Master and Randy tells Hawke he has never heard of a Fargo. A van pulls into town and Fargo and Sabrina Cooke get out and the residents chant father and surround Fargo. Fargo sees Hawke leaving and asks Deputy 1 and Deputy 2 who he is. They tell him Hawke's name and Fargo tells them Hawke is dangerous and if comes back then Hawke must die. In the evening, the children sing a song about the judgement day. Fargo then gives a speech about peace and the end of pain and violence. Caitlin tells Hawke that the FIRM confirmed that Fargo still lives in Beaudy and Fargo is Cotton's guardian. Hawke tells Dominic he is going to try and find Fargo one last time in the morning and then head back. Hawke goes back to Cotton's house and tells her he knows Fargo lives there and her real full name. She tells him the same lie over and over again and he tells her he is going to have to go back and tell government agents about what is going on. After Hawke leaves, Fargo comes out of a room and tells Cotton, Hawke would have tried to deceive her. As Hawke is leaving town, he is pulled over by Deputy 1 and Deputy 2. They arrest him and bring him to Fargo who explains the town to Hawke. Hawke gives Fargo, John's flag and Congressional Medal of Honor and Fargo calls John foolish and has Hawke brought to a cell.

Sabrina overseas martial arts training of the children and warns Fargo not to take Hawke lightly. When Hawke is late to return, Dominic tells Caitlin to contact Archangel while he gets Airwolf. Sabrina hacks into a computer system for Project Slingshot and then the children are brought onto a bus. Fargo visits Hawke and tells him bits of his plan and how he shall cause peace to happen and use any money gained to look for POW's. Hawke sees through Fargo and tells him John earned respect, which Fargo won't be able to buy. As Fargo gets close to Hawke to scream at him, Hawke grabs him and orders Deputy 2 to open his jail door. Hawke puts both Fargo and Deputy 2 inside the jail and then drives away as Deputy 1 shoots at him. Deputy 1, Deputy 2 and Randy get into a police car and chase after Hawke. Dominic in Airwolf sees them shooting at Hawke and fires at the police car, causing it to crash. Hawke pulls them out of the police car and starts to question them. Fargo calls Sabrina, who is driving the school bus and tells her to hurry up the operation. Dominic contacts Archangel and Hawke tells him Fargo has a plan to blow up the world. Sabrina stops the bus in front of Aeroresearch International and introduces the children to Dr. Francis Watkins. Dr. Watkins takes them on a tour and shows them the main console for the Andromeda Five Series. He introduces them to Female Technician and as he is describing Project Slingshot, Cotton starts to read off of its specifications from memory. Sabrina yells "now" and the children attack the guards and Hal and Harvey grab Dr. Watkins.

Sabrina takes over the control console and Fargo starts to tell Dr. Watkins his plans. Hawke and Dominic meet up with Archangel and Caitlin and Dominic sees a jet has been launched. Fargo orders Dr. Watkins to deliver 20 million dollars to a Swiss bank account or he will use the drone aircraft to launch a nuclear missile against Moscow in fifteen minutes. Hawke contacts Fargo and asks him to cancel his demands, but Fargo refuses. A van pulls up and Sullivan runs to Archangel and asks him for his orders. Archangel tells Sullivan to take his troops and take over Fargo's computer room. Fifteen minutes elapse and after Dr. Watkins refuses to pay, Sabrina starts the launch sequence. Sullivan and his troops capture Fargo, but Sabrina launches the missile. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf to try and stop the missile. Cotton tells Sabrina that the missile wasn't supposed to launch and Fargo told them everything was for a bargaining chip. Hal says the missile will start a war and Gail says she doesn't want to die. Hal tells Sabrina Fargo lied to them and she tells him to shut up. The other children start to rebel including Cotton and Harvey points a gun at Sabrina and tells her to stop the launch, but she refuses. Sabrina changes the trajectory of the missile to hit Washington, D.C. When Fargo sees that Sabrina changed the path of the missile he tells her to destroy the missile, but she says Americans destroying their own capital will make more of a statement. Female Technician tells everyone the time of impact is nine minutes and thirty seconds. Hawke and Dominic are able to catch up with the missile cluster in time and shoot them down. Everyone at Aeroresearch celebrate and Sabrina is taken away by security. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin return to Beaudy later and Aunt walks up to them with Cotton and thanks Hawke. Aunt tells Dominic all the other children are being taken care of and thanks Hawke again. Cotton hugs Hawke and then leaves with Aunt.