Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 12 Half-Pint

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Hawke meets who may be the nephew of his long lost brother.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Darren McBride - Doug McClure

Glen Carson - Michael D. Roberts

General Rangavara - James Hong

Minh Van McBride - Julie Nickson

Samantha - Christie Claridge

Le Van Hawke - Roland Harrah III

Jimmy - George Gonzales

Teacher - Nancy Williams

Freddie - Michael Beatrice

Mike - Shawn Alexander Campbell

Steve - Justin Manask

Airforce Officer - Richard Camphuis


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Detailed Synopsis

Somewhere in the Golden Triangle,General Rangavara leads a group of men to a clearing in the jungle. A helicopter with the flag of Thailand emblazoned on the side lands and Glen Carson walks over to General Rangavara and shakes his hand. Carson exchanges money with General Rangavara for cocaine. General Rangavara asks Carson how he intends on getting the drugs into the United States and Carson tells him one man is going to bring the drugs in for him. Carson then tells General Rangavara that both he and Rangavara are retiring from the drug business and Carson and his men slaughter General Rangavara and most of his men. Carson tells General Rangavara's dead body the name of the man who is going to bring the drugs into the United States, Stringfellow Hawke. While Hawke and Dominic are searching for a Soviet submarine in American waters, they tell Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, that the submarine has left and he tells them to return to base so he can tell Hawke about news concerning Saint John. In Archangel's limo, Archangel gives Hawke a report that he says he and Samantha checked, which includes a photo of a young boy.

They drive to Hughes Junior High and Hawke meets a Teacher who takes him towards a group of kids including Le Van Hawke, Freddie, Mike, and Steve who are playing quarters. Le wins the game and the other boys accuse him of cheating. Le offers to show them how to play better, but they attack him and Le beats them up. Hawke introduces himself and hands Le a photograph of Saint John and tells Le, Saint John's name. Hawke tells Le he thinks Saint John was Le's father and Le runs away after telling Hawke he already has a father, Darren McBride. Hawke stops at 5324 Nagle Avenue and speaks with Minh Van McBride who takes him inside their house. She shows Hawke a trunk with her sister's things which include a photograph of her and Le and a photo of Saint John. Minh tells Hawke she never met Saint John and while digging through the trunk he finds Saint John's ring. Darren comes home and Hawke introduces himself and Darren says he knew Saint John, but he died while on a mission. He says they served together in MACV-SOG, but Saint John died during an ambush in North Vietnam.

At Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines, Carson gives a prayer as caskets are loaded onto a cargo plane, including one with the nameplate, Saint John. As the last casket is loaded onto the plane, Airforce Officer is handed the bible by Carson, which includes an envelope with a large sum of money. Hawke goes to Archangel's office and Samantha brings up Saint John's profile which lists him as missing in action. Hawke angrily insists that Darren served with Saint John and saw him die in an explosion, but Archangel thinks Darren might be lying. Hawke tells Samantha to bring Darren's profile on the screen and she waits until Archangel tell her to bring it up. Darren's profile includes numerous commendations, but Archangel brings up there is no record of Darren serving in any secret units. Before walking out of the room, Hawke threatens that if Archangel doesn't start working with him then there will be changes. Archangel asks Samantha for everything on Darren and she hands him a file. Hawke, Le and Tet go for a walk near Hawke's cabin. While looking at the view of a lake, Hawke tells Le he sometimes wishes he had been born 200 years earlier and he might have been a cowboy. The next day, Darren asks Hawke about the area around his cabin. As Le walks in with two beers for Hawke and Darren he overhears Hawke tell Darren he wants to adopt Le and when Le overhears Darren tell Hawke they can work it out, Le runs back into the house.

Hawke uses bolt cutters to open Saint John's footlocker and finds a letter for Hawke. In it, Saint John writes he has been assigned to a special unit in Vietnam, and Dominic starts to cry when Hawke hands him the letter. Hawke, Archangel, Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy have a meeting and Hawke tells them he is going to adopt Le and is going to start living a quiet life. He asks Archangel to find Saint John's remains. Hawke drives back to Darren and Minh's house and Minh tells him Le ran away and Darren suggests they get in contact with Carson. Carson drives up and he, Hawke and Darren drive into the city to find Le. Le goes to an arcade and starts playing a pinball game. Jimmy's friend nudges him and motions towards Le. Jimmy and his friends walk over and Jimmy challenges Le to see who can get the highest score on the pinball machine. Le wins and Jimmy attacks him and Le is forced to run away. Hawke spots him and he, Darren and Carson chase after Le and Jimmy and his friends. Darren starts to attack Jimmy and his friends and they run away. Hawke tells Darren and Carson he will take Le home and Le tells Hawke he is worried Hawke will tire of him like Darren. Hawke brings Le home and Darren tells Hawke a friend called and said Saint John's remains are coming in.

Hawke and Dominic sneak onto the base the caskets arrived at and find Saint John's casket. Archangel, Samantha and a group of military personnel walk into the warehouse and as they open the casket they find it full of drugs. Hawke takes the casket that supposedly has Saint John's remains and buries it. Hawke asks Le if he ever met Saint John or if his mother ever mentioned him. Carson and Darren fly a helicopter towards Hawke's property. Hawke has Caitlin look after Le while he takes Airwolf into the air. Darren and Carson dig up the casket and find it full of sandbags. Hawke shows up in Airwolf and Carson, Darren and their two helpers start shooting at Airwolf. Darren runs into the treeline while Carson and the other two get into their helicopter. Carson crashes his helicopter into the side of a mountain and Hawke goes back to find Darrren. He finds him and lifts him up with Airwolf's nose and threatens to kill him after almost knocking him off the edge of a cliff. Darren admits that Carson knew Saint John while Saint John was in the hospital. At his office, Archangel tells Hawke the two that died with Carson were Airmen and Carson was indeed in the hospital with Saint John in 1973. Minh walks in and tells Hawke, Darren made her do it in order to get into the United States. She tells him she doesn't know if Le is Saint John's, but she was with an American. Le asks Hawke if he will still love him if he is not his nephew and Hawke tells him he will always love him and hugs him.