Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 14 Discovery

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John Bradford Horn returns, this time in an attempt to steal Airwolf.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Alma Grace Harrison - Anne Bloom

Quist - Asher Brauner

Samantha - Christie Claridge

John Bradford Horn - John R. Vernon

Tom Billings - Kurt Grayson

Horn's 1 Man - Blake Marion

Denise - Brynja McGrady

Desk Clerk - Ken Sagoes

Price - Louie Elias

Horn's 2 Man - Tony Epper

Horn's 3 Man - Charlie Picerni

Horn's 4 Man - Bob Herron


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are flying Airwolf into a hurricane near the Virgin Islands to collect data for Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel. They return to their base and Dominic tells Hawke about the damage Airwolf sustained in the storm. Tom Billings is riding in a limo with Alma Grace Harrison and Quist when Tom asks Quist how far they are from their meeting with John Bradford Horn. Tom mentions taking a long time to finalize a deal and worries that Horn might be upset. Quist tells Horn's 2 Man to pull the limo over and Quist orders Tom and Grace to get out of the limo. Quist pulls out a gun and Tom grabs Quist and tells Grace to run away. Quist yells to Horn's 2 Man for help and after Horn's 2 Man punches Tom, Quist shoots Tom dead. Quist shoots at Grace and he and Horn's 2 Man run after her. A group of people on dirt bikes ride into the area and Quist and Horn's 2 Man leave. Grace, who is wounded from being shot by Quist sees an entrance to a cave and walks inside, setting off a sensor and alarm. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy hear the alarm and realize someone has entered Airwolf's hiding spot. Grace sees Airwolf and walks towards it.

Dominic and Hawke land in Dominic's helicopter and when they go inside the lair they find Grace unconscious. Quist calls Horn, who is playing chess with Denise and Horn's 1 Man hands Horn the telephone. Quist tells Horn that Tom is dead, however Grace escaped. Horn orders Quist to find Grace and make sure she is dead before Horn is picked up by Quist and then Horn hangs up the phone and beats Denise in chess. Dominic and Caitlin meet with Archangel and Hawke at a FIRM secret location disguised as a barn, where Grace is being treated. Caitlin asks how Grace is and Archangel tells her, Grace will be fine. Samantha scans Grace's hand and Archangel walks into Grace's recovery room. Archangel questions Grace and she lies to him and says she was taking photographs and was shot by a motorcycle gang. Archangel walks outside the room and tells Hawke, and the others he doesn't think Grace is a spy and Hawke wonders why someone shot Grace. Samantha walks into Grace's room with her clothes and Grace says she is tired. When Samantha leaves, Grace puts her clothes back on and escapes out of the building. She runs to the road and flags down an incoming vehicle and Hawke, who is the driver pulls over and lets her in. She lies to Hawke and tells him she was dumped on the side of the road when she refused to do things with a guy. Quist walks out of a hotel and tells Horn, Grace hasn't been to her room. Hawke pulls up with Grace and Horn recognizes him. Horn's 2 Man pulls up next to Grace and Quist grabs her and pulls her into the limo.

After dropping Grace off at the hotel, Hawke parks and Desk Clerk tells him Grace never picked up her room key. Grace is brought to Horn's property and she tells him what happened. Horn asks Grace if she can find the cave where Airwolf was at and threatens her if she doesn't find it. Hawke tells Archangel he lost Grace and Dominic suggests they move Airwolf. Quist drives Grace back to the area near the cave entrance and Grace takes him to the cave, which is now empty. Archangel and the others listen in using a remote hearing device as Quist threatens to shoot Grace, but then offers to help explain things to Horn. Archangel realizes if Horn steals Airwolf, then he can take over an island country. Quist explains things to Horn and Horn tells Grace she will have to make contact with Hawke to find out where Airwolf is. Grace is in the hotel pool when Quist walks towards her with a gun and Hawke sees her and Quist and warns Grace. Hawke shoots at Quist, but he escapes. Grace is brought back to the FIRM lair in the barn and Archangel questions her again and she lies again. Archangel tells her she must help them capture Horn and she agrees to it.

Grace is dropped off and is watched by a FIRM helicopter. She gets picked up by Quist and then she and Quist switch vehicles when they drive into a tunnel. Grace tells Horn that Archangel wants her to betray him and he tells her he knows where they are going to hide Airwolf. Hawke and Dominic go to Airwolf's lair and discover Horn has taken Airwolf. A tracking beacon alerts Caitlin and Samantha to where Airwolf is being taken and Price tells Archangel that the Zebra Squad is ready and Archangel tells Caitlin and Samantha it is time to go. Archangel contacts Hawke and Dominic and tells them Airwolf is being taken to the harbor in San Pedro, California. At the harbor, Quist tells Grace to relax and she tells him if she survives, she is going to get a job at an assisted living center. Hawke and Dominic are picked up by Samantha in a limo and they travel to the harbor with Archangel and Caitlin. Horn arrives in a helicopter with Horn's 3 Man and Horn's 4 Man and he walks over to Airwolf. Horn congratulates Grace and Quist and then motions to Horn's 3 Man who pulls out an uzi. As Horn's 3 Man is about to shoot Grace and Quist, the Zebra Squad arrive along with Hawke and the others. A firefight erupts and Quist is shot dead and Grace is shot by Horn's 3 Man. Horn escapes in his helicopter with Horn's 3 Man and Horn's 4 Man and Price and the Zebra Squad defeat Horn's men. Hawke runs over to Grace and she tells him she is cold and dies. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and chase after Horn's helicopter. They shoot it down, but Hawke thinks it was too easy and Horn taunts Hawke over the radio as he rides a ship out into the ocean.