Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 15 Day of Jeopardy

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Stringfellow Hawke must protect a witness, who also is a former lover, so they can give evidence against a criminal organization.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Tess Dixon - Anne Lockhart

Peters - Jack Hogan

Vivian - Kandace Kuehl

Cullen Dixon - Clu Gulager

Kase - G. Gordon Liddy

Businessman 1 - William Mims

Businessman 2 - William Wintersole

Committee Chairperson - Ivan Bonar

Skeet Thrower - Joseph Della Sorte


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Detailed Synopsis

During the night, Tess Dixon is walking along a boat as she is followed by two men. Businessman 1 and Businessman 2 arrive on the boat and climb aboard. Tess jumps into the water and then starts to struggle and sinks under the water. The next morning, Cullen Dixon questions the two men who were watching Tess and they tell him Tess just disappeared. Cullen tells the men he has no tolerance for fools and then shoots and kills them. Tess is brought to shore by a rubber boat and is met by Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel and Vivian. Both Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic are also on the beach and Hawke and Tess have surprised looks on their faces when they recognize each other. Dominic asks who Tess is and when he finds out she is married to Cullen he tells her he did flying for Cullen, but was never paid for it. Archangel tells Hawke that a congressional committee has been formed to hear testimony from Tess. He continues that Hawke and Dominic's mission is to fly Tess to an undisclosed location whose coordinates will be sent to Airwolf's onboard computer. Vivian then gives Tess a suitcase full of clothes.

Businessman 1, Businessman 2, Cullen and Kase have a meeting and Businessman 1 tells Cullen, Tess can destroy years of work. Businessman 2 worries Tess may have already started talking and Kase assures him Tess hasn't started talking yet. Cullen accuses the others of wanting Tess for themselves, and Kase replies that Cullen only wants Tess as a possession. Cullen tells the others he understands Tess must be stopped and gives the okay to silence Tess in any way necessary. On their flight, Dominic tells Hawke where they are located at and then tells him when two helicopters start chasing them and firing at them. They shoot down the two helicopters and Hawke demands to know from Tess what is going on. She tells them she knows people who are part of a conspiracy to assassinate key politicians around the world. Hawke contacts Archangel and reports the helicopter attack and what Tess told him. Hawke tells Archangel there is a leak in the FIRM and they will be flying on their own flight plan until Archangel finds out who the mole is. Archangel tells Vivian to start questioning the ground crew providing Airwolf with the flight plan. Skeet Thrower is launching skeets into the air as Cullen shoots at them. Cullen tells Kase he overestimated his attack helicopters and Kase tells him another attack group is headed to intercept Airwolf. Cullen accuses Kase of cheating with Tess, which Kase denies. As Kase is walking away, Cullen points his shotgun at the back of Kase. Cullen yells pull to Skeet Thrower and when he misses the shot, Skeet Thrower mentions how he has never seen Cullen miss.

Tess starts to have a panic attack and tells Hawke and Dominic she can't trust anyone, even them. Archangel contacts Hawke and tells him they think they have found the mole, Peters and assures him they are safe to again put Airwolf in the FIRM's control. Peters tells Vivian he is innocent, but she tells him all the evidence points to him. He insists he is innocent and has been setup and reminds Vivian that the flight plan was sent to him from headquarters. Two jets start chasing Airwolf and one of them manages to hit Airwolf with a rocket. Airwolf appears to crash and the pilot of one of the jets contacts ground control and tells them Airwolf has been destroyed. As the jets pass over the crash site, Hawke shoots them both down with a surface to air missile. Kase contacts Cullen and Cullen tells him to get the ground forces ready. On the ground, Hawke tells Dominic about his and Tess's past and how she aborted their baby. Hawke walks over to Tess and she apologizes for thinking he may have been on Cullen's side. Businessman 1 and Businessman 2 get upset with how Kase is handling things and Kase tells Cullen if the ground attack fails he will initiate Blue Star.

A helicopter rises above the horizon and starts shooting at Tess and a group of motorcycle riders ride up and join in the attacks. Dominic gets Airwolf into the air and shoots the motorcycle riders dead and then chases after the helicopter. Tess runs away and is chased by a red truck full of men. Hawke grabs one of the motorcycles and chases after the truck. Tess flags down a semi driver and gets inside of his truck. The riders in the truck start to shoot at the semi. Dominic shoots down the helicopter, but the semi driver is shot dead. Tess takes control of the semi and Hawke manages to jump inside the semi and takes over driving and Dominic blows up the truck and the men riding in it. Tess starts to have pains and Hawke realizes she is pregnant. She apologizes for aborting their baby and tells him they were too young and tells Hawke the baby isn't Cullen's but the child of an Arab prince dignitary. Tess tells Dominic after the heads of state are assassinated, the plan is for the criminal committee to take over the banking committee for the world. Archangel and Vivian arrive at the meeting at about the same time as Airwolf lands. As everyone is walking to the meeting, Hawke senses something is wrong and as Vivian is about to shoot Tess, he shoots her first. Tess testifies in front of Committee Chairperson, Kase and the rest of the committee. Kase shoots and kills himself in front of the committee and later Dominic and Hawke explain to Archangel they figured out Vivian was the mole when Dominic was able to track a listening device she was wearing. Archangel tells them the Mexican government arrested Cullen, Businessman 1 and Businessman 2. Dominic tells him, Tess promised to name the child Stringfellow if it is a boy or Dominique if it is a girl.