Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 16 Little Wolf

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Hawke and Dominic are caught in the middle in the conflict between a former mother-in-law and her grandson's mother.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Rainy Jennings - Jonna Lee

Greg Stewart - Stephen Shortridge

Herb Waldron - Peter Brown

Arnie - Grainger Hines

Martha Stewart - June Allyson

Harry - David Ashrow

Prentiss - Dick Durock

Waiter - Steve Restivio

Security Man - Richard Ditore


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke is test flying Greg Stewart's plane, while Dominic, Greg and Arnie watch from a hangar. Suddenly a plane flown by Herb Waldron starts to fly closely behind Hawke in a dangerous manner. They land and Hawke tells Herb that Herb could have killed them both with his dangerous flying. Herb then insults Hawke, his flying and Vietnam War pilots and Hawke tells Herb, if he Herb was in Vietnam, his own men would have fragged him. At a party at Martha Stewart's house, Hawke and Dominic talk about Greg and how the town was named after his ancestors. Greg and Martha are in a room trying to convince Rainy Jennings to sign over legal rights to her and Greg's son to Greg. Martha tells Rainy that she wont be able to raise little Greg properly, because she and her family are of a different socioeconomic status, and little Greg needs to grow up in wealth. Herb walks into the room and tells Greg, Hawke is there to see him and Greg has to return the plane soon. Greg and Rainy ask to delay the decision on little Greg and after Greg leaves, Rainy asks Martha why she made Greg divorce her and Martha changes the subject. After Rainy leaves, Martha tells Herb not to allow Rainy to leave until she has signed the legal rights over.

Waiter offers hors d'oeuvres to Hawke and Dominic. Greg walks up to Dominic and Hawke and hugs them and asks them to stay until he gets back from dropping the plane off in San Jose. They agree to stay if they get to meet his son when he gets back. Rainy tries to leave with her son, but her car wont start and Prentiss walks up to the car window and tells Rainy she can't leave until Martha says so. She walks up to Hawke and Dominic and asks Hawke if he will drive her and little Greg into town. Prentiss sees them leaving and stops Rainy and asks Hawke and Dominic not to intervene. Martha tells Dominic and Hawke that Rainy isn't in her right mind and it is best for her and little Greg to be confined to the property. Before leaving, they see Rainy one more time and she thanks them. Herb calls Martha and tells her, Greg's plane crashed and she tells him to bring Greg's body back. As Hawke and Dominic are driving back, they discover little Greg is in the backseat of their car. With little Greg is a note from Rainy telling them how Martha is trying to steal little Greg. Hawke and Dominic stay at a motel and when Hawke calls later, he is told both Greg and Rainy are gone. During the night, Herb and Arnie arrive at Martha's house with Greg's body. Martha tells Herb not to tell Rainy about Greg. Hawke leaves to go to Rainy's parent's house while Dominic stays with little Greg, and Dominic repeatedly calls Caitlin O'Shannessy to ask her questions about babies.

Martha tells Herb she needs Rainy to sign over custody and tells him to get Rainy to do it no matter what he must do. As she is lying in bed, Rainy catches Herb trying get to little Greg's crib. In the morning, Hawke calls Dominic and tells him Rainy's parents told him they haven't seen her. Martha again asks Rainy to sign the paperwork, but Rainy tells her she will never sign over her rights to little Greg. Martha discovers little Greg is gone shortly before Hawke arrives in his car. Herb walks out of the house and Hawke realizes Herb is also the county sheriff. Hawke demands to see Greg and Martha demands little Greg back. Martha okays Herb to kill Hawke and as he is escorting Hawke out, Hawke manages to get away. Herb tells Harry and Security Man to go after Hawke and tells Arnie to join the chase. Harry shoots at Hawke, but misses and a deputy points Arnie to where Hawke went. Arnie drops smoke to try and smoke Hawke out and Hawke knocks the deputy unconscious and steals his uniform.

Hawke calls Caitlin and tells her to bring Airwolf and then calls Dominic about Herb coming for little Greg. Herb gets a call telling him where Dominic and little Greg are and then leaves after promising Martha he will be careful with little Greg and will kill Rainy when he gets back. Hawke sneaks inside of Martha's house while Martha tells Rainy that Greg is dead. Hawke finds Rainy and she tells him Greg is dead. Herb arrives at the motel with Prentiss and a few other deputies. Herb orders Dominic to come out and Dominic grabs little Greg and brings him out of the motel. Caitlin arrives in Airwolf and after Herb orders his men to shoot, she shoots back and Herb and the deputies retreat. Hawke and Rainy find Greg's body and drive away, but are chased by Harry and Security Man and another deputy in a car. Dominic and Caitlin help Hawke and Rainy after Security Man starts shooting at their car. Harry calls Herb on the radio and Hawke and Rainy get into Airwolf. Herb in his plane gets into a dogfight with Airwolf and loses. Martha and Harry are arrested by the U.S. Marshals and as she is being taken away, Martha lists a series of demands for how she will be treated in prison.