Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 17 Desperate Monday

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Caitlin is held hostage for ransom along with members of her college sorority.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Barbara Scarelli - Elyssa Davalos

Robert Hollis - Bryan Cranston

J.J. Hollis - Morgan Stevens

Alicia Kincaid - Robin Dearden

Zach Daks - Robert Viharo

Sergeant Colvetti - Don Gordon

Ellie Camlane - Jackie Kinner

Clay - Clay Kelbaugh

Joseph Scarelli - Don Saroyan

Sullivan - Louie Elias


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Detailed Synopsis

Caitlin O'Shannessy walks up the stairs to the Hotel Queen Mary for the Kappa Lambda Chi reunion. Sitting in a van outside is Robert Hollis, J.J. Hollis and Zach Daks. They watch as a cab driver drops off Barbara Scarelli. Robert pulls out a gun and J.J. seems to have doubts about what they are about to do. In the reception hall, a band plays music for the guests. Barbara walks to a table where Caitlin, Alicia Kincaid and Ellie Camlane are already sitting. Barbara greets everyone at the table and they update each other on what has gone on with their lives. Barbara tells them how Joseph Scarelli has bodyguards that watch her constantly, but she managed to give them the slip. J.J. walks into the hall carrying a large box of "flowers" and asks for Barbara. He tells her the man that ordered the flowers told him he wanted Barbara to meet him upstairs in the Oyster Bar. As they leave, Caitlin senses something is suspicious and follows them. As Caitlin is talking with Ellie, Zach pulls a gun on Barbara and Ellie screams. Barbara's bodyguards, who were close by searching for her, pull out their weapons and J.J. shoots them with a machine gun he had hidden in the box of flowers. Robert runs and checks on a bodyguard and tells the others that the bodyguard is dead. Zach then tells Robert and J.J. to round up the witnesses and to bring them back into the reception hall.

The police and SWAT team arrives and surround the ship. Sergeant Colvetti asks Clay if the landline is set up and then briefs Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel on the situation and Archangel briefs him on Barbara's father. J.J. starts to lose it and pushes some of the hostages around and thinks they should surrender before they get killed. Caitlin tells them they should listen to J.J. and Barbara asks Robert why he did it. He tells her the reason is, because of her father's money. Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic arrive and tell Archangel that Caitlin is on the ship. J.J. continues to lose it and Alicia starts to panic and Caitlin tries to reassure her. Colvetti calls and Robert picks up the phone. Colvetti calls Robert stupid and then asks how the hostages are doing, before asking who he is talking to. He asks Robert what his demands are and Robert demands a helicopter, a jet and 10 million dollars. Robert then demands to speak with someone with clout before hanging up. Archangel asks Hawke and Dominic to get him a layout of the Queen Mary after he is given charge of the operation. Caitlin asks Robert to let them go and Zach figures out that Caitlin is going to be trouble. Caitlin and Barbara ask them to at least release Ellie due to her pregnancy, but Zach thinks she will be worth more to them as a hostage, because of her pregnancy. As J.J. continues to lose it, Caitlin tries to reassure him that if he cooperates he won't be killed. Zach grabs her and sticks her in a chair in front of the door leading to the reception hall. She starts to tap Morse Code on the door and J.J. almost shoots Hawke and Dominic as they are waiting outside of the door.

The hostages are brought further into the reception hall behind another door. Clay tells Archangel and Colvetti that Robert is calling. Archangel answers the phone, but Robert hangs up the phone when Archangel tells him his demands will take time. After the call, Archangel asks Dominic and Hawke to bring Airwolf. Sullivan and the Zebra Squad arrive and they race onto the ship. Barbara tells Caitlin she blames herself for getting them into the situation and admits she can only think about how she is going to get herself out of the situation. Dominic flies towards the ship in Airwolf, while Hawke flies in on another helicopter to fulfill Robert's demand. Robert tells Barbara the reason why he came up with the plan and his past history with Zach. Joseph arrives at the Queen Mary and Archangel goes to talk to him. Caitlin and Barbara go to comfort Alicia, but she blames everything on Barbara. J.J. apologizes for messing things up by shooting the guards and makes Robert promise to kill him if things go bad. Hawke lands his helicopter and Robert talks with Hawke and Hawke convinces him he isn't a threat as Archangel tells Robert that they are playing by Robert's rules. The hostages are brought out of the ship and most of them are released by J.J. and Zach except for Alicia, Caitlin, Barbara and Ellie. Hawke takes off and shortly after Dominic in Airwolf follows him. Alicia starts to have a panic attack and as Zach points his gun at her and pulls the trigger, Caitlin pushes his hand up and he shoots the top of the helicopter, causing the helicopter to crash. Robert escapes with J.J., and Caitlin and Ellie as hostages while Barbara escapes and Hawke saves Alicia. Zach tries to escape in a plane, but is stopped by Dominic in Airwolf. Hawke tells Robert to give up and after hearing a gunshot, finds Robert holding a dead J.J. Robert admits to killing J.J. and Hawke, understanding why, leaves Robert to mourn by himself before the police arrive.