Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 18 Hawke's Run

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Hawke is hunted by foreign agents who believe he was given missile schematics from a double agent.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Victor Resnick - Ray Wise

Edwards - David Gautreaux

Jerry Karston - Duncan Gamble

Marilyn - Wendy Schaal

Zeus - John Brandon

Jennifer - Lisa Donovan

Officer - Richard Camphuis

Rhonda - Leigh Walsh

Attendant - Victor Warren

Rogue Agent - Monty Jordan

Intersect Security Guard - Leon Ortiz-Gil

Sullivan - Louie Elias


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Detailed Synopsis

Stringfellow Hawke is visiting his friend, Jerry Karston. Jerry introduces Hawke to Jennifer, who asks if everything Jerry has said about himself is true. Hawke and Jerry go into Jerry's private office and Jerry tells Hawke about his company. Jerry gives Hawke a ticket to an art show given by the artist Tolnor and then offers Hawke and Dominic jobs working for his company. Jerry gets a call and Hawke goes out to get coffee. Hawke passes by an Intersect Security Guard who tells Hawke where he can find the coffee. The Intersect Security Guard sees Victor Resnick, Edwards, Rogue Agent and another rogue agent and Victor shoots and kills the Intersect Security Guard. Victor tells Edwards to kill everyone in the building and then kills Jennifer and Jerry. Hawke sees Jennifer dead and throws his cup of coffee in Rogue Agent's face. He goes into Jerry's office and is shot by Victor, but manages to get away and jumps in Marilyn's car and tells her to drive away.

She drives him to a phone booth after comparing their situation to a romance novel she read. Hawke calls Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, and asks him why the FIRM killed Jerry. Archangel denies any knowledge of the hit and Zeus, who is standing nearby, picks up the phone and listens in to their conversation. Zeus orders Hawke to come in for a debriefing, and when Hawke refuses, Zeus tells Archangel he is sending a team after Hawke. Marilyn offers to drive Hawke to where he needs to go and Hawke offers 300 dollars for Marilyn's car, but she refuses. Victor, Edwards and Rogue Agent go to Santini Air and search the office. Marilyn tells Hawke she was supposed to go to a job interview to be a catalog model and he directs her to Santini Air. Hawke notices the door is open, even though Dominic is practice flying. He goes inside and finds the office trashed, before collapsing from blood loss. Marilyn takes Hawke to a community hospital and a doctor shows Officer, Marilyn's car. Hawke wakes up in a hospital bed and Marilyn tells him the bullet nicked an artery. Hawke puts his clothes back on and he and Marilyn run away after the Officer tells them to hold it. Hawke and Marilyn get onto a charter bus and manage to get away.

They break into one of Marilyn's ex-boyfriend's houses and Hawke makes a phone call to Archangel. Archangel tells Hawke, Zeus has people looking for him and doesn't know why Jerry was killed. Dominic and Caitlin O'Shannessy get back to the office and Hawke calls and after removing a bug from the phone, Dominic tells Hawke he is in the news. Hawke then asks Dominic to pick him up and Caitlin to have Airwolf ready. Marilyn asks to come with Hawke and they kiss. A helicopter with Victor, Edwards and Rogue Agent lands and they start shooting at Hawke. Hawke grabs Marilyn and they run away towards a party. Hawke leaves Marilyn while he runs to the helicopter Victor and his men flew in. Rogue Agent and another agent shoot at Hawke as he runs to the helicopter, but he makes it and flies away. Hawke contacts Dominic and tells him to land and then tells Archangel where to meet him.

Archangel, along with Rhonda, wait for Hawke and Archangel shows Hawke some photos. Hawke identifies Victor and Archangel tells him, Victor disappeared in East Berlin six months ago. Archangel reveals to Hawke that Jerry was a double agent and had promised the FIRM schematics. A FIRM helicopter comes over the horizon and starts shooting at Hawke and Archangel and Archangel tells Rhonda to drive away after calling the incident in while he leaves with Hawke. The helicopter continues to shoot at Hawke and Archangel and Hawke flies into a tunnel, while the other helicopter crashes into the side of a mountain. Hawke drives to the art show and Attendant takes his ticket and tells him he is enrolled in a raffle for a Tolnor original painting. Hawke turns and looks at Caitlin, who is in disguise along with Archangel. Marilyn walks towards Hawke, along with Victor, Edwards and another agent. Marilyn tells Hawke all they want is his raffle ticket. Victor asks Hawke for the ticket for his and Marilyn's life, but Hawke runs away with Marilyn. The Zebra Squad arrives with Sullivan and they kill two of the agents, but Victor and Edwards get away in a helicopter. Dominic lands in Airwolf and Hawke and Marilyn get inside. Victor contacts a ship for retrieval, but Hawke is able to shoot Victor and Edwards' helicopter out of the sky. Archangel congratulates Marilyn for helping Hawke and she shows him all of the raffle tickets she took from the art show.