Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 20 The Girl Who Fell From the Sky

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Hawke rescues a woman dropped from a helicopter into the lake he is fishing at.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Dawn Jenene Harrison - Kristina Wayborn

Steele - William Smith

Weldon Rossiter - Tom Simcox

Dr. Forrester - Taylor Lacher

Senator Steven Houston - Bruce Gray

Lydia - Sandra Kronemeyer

Dr. Johnson - Chris Kriesa

Nurse Hilda - Emily Banks

Audrea - Kit Fredericks

Henderson - Fred Lerner

Guard/Phillips - Larry Levine


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Detailed Synopsis

In the evening, while Stringfellow Hawke is fishing in the lake near his cabin, Steele and Henderson are flying a helicopter nearby. They drop a body in the water and Hawke uses his flashlight to see what was dropped and Henderson notices Hawke's flashlight. Hawke retrieves the body, and finds Dawn Jenene Harrison still alive. He gets into a helicopter with Dawn and flies away after contacting emergency services. Steele and Henderson hear the transmission and fly away. Hawke takes Dawn to Fox Ridge Medical Center and calls Dominic and tells him about Dawn. Nurse Hilda walks up to Hawke and tells him Dr. Forrester would like to see him. At the Rossair International manufacturing and testing facility, Steele and Henderson tell Weldon Rossiter that Dawn may not be dead and Weldon asks if Hawke saw the A16 helicopter they were flying. Dr. Forrester tells Hawke that Dawn only has minor injuries and tells Hawke, Dawn's arm shows signs of heavy IV drug use and she is suffering from amnesia. Hawke tries to talk with Dawn, but she doesn't remember her name and hugs Hawke. Hilda gives Hawke fingerprints she took of Dawn. Steele and Henderson go to the hospital and when Dr. Forrester refuses to tell them where Dawn is, they shoot him. They see Hawke talking with Hilda and start shooting at him. Hawke grabs Dawn and they run out of the hospital and fly away.

As they are flying, Dawn tells Hawke she thinks she knows Steele and Henderson and tells Hawke she knows she isn't a drug user. Caitlin O'Shannessy drives to Santini Air and tells Dominic two cops followed her in. Hawke calls Dominic and tells him to contact Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, to tell him to check Hawke into the El Dorado spa in Rancho Springs. Rossiter yells at Steele for failing again and Steele tells him he is going to check with Santini Air, which he and Henderson read on the side of Hawke's helicopter. Dominic finishes a call with Archangel as Steele and Henderson walk up. Steele uses fake names as he introduces himself and Henderson to Dominic and then asks about his helicopter and Hawke. Hawke takes Dawn to Susan Lane's Country Elegance and speaks with Audrea, who is initially rude to Hawke and Dawn and infers they can't afford anything in the store. Hawke gets Dawn's address from Audrea and a name, Lila Maxwell. Hawke buys Dawn a set of clothes and they go to the address Audrea gave Hawke. They break into the apartment and Hawke finds drug bottles in the fridge. Dawn says she doesn't remember being in the apartment. Steele and Henderson go to the apartment and Henderson grabs Hawke and tells him not to make a scene. As they are walking, Hawke grabs Henderson and Steele starts shooting at Hawke. Henderson is shot by Steele and falls dead into a pool and Hawke and Dawn manage to drive away.

Archangel and Lydia go to the spa Hawke is staying at and Hawke gives Archangel, Dawn's fingerprints and the drugs he found. Rossiter has a meeting with Senator Steven Houston and Rossiter tells Houston that Dawn has been taken care of. Hawke, Dawn, Dominic and Caitlin go to Archangel's office and Archangel and Lydia tell them, Dawn has an arrest record for prostitution. Hawke thinks the information is wrong and Dawn agrees to go through a procedure that may cure her amnesia. Dr. Johnson conducts the procedure and afterwards tells Archangel and Hawke, Dawn's real name and her job with the Commerce Department. He also tells them about Dawn's affair with Houston. Dominic gets Airwolf while Archangel, Hawke, Caitlin, Dawn and Lydia go to Rossair. Steele sees them and warns Rossiter who is in a meeting with Houston. Archangel walks into Rossiter's office and Caitlin, Hawke and Dawn walk in after him. Archangel tells Rossiter and Houston about the charges they are about to face and Rossiter calls in Steele and Guard/Phillips. Guard/Phillips holds Archangel and the others at gunpoint while Rossiter and Steele get away. Caitlin distracts Guard/Phillips and Hawke punches him unconscious. Archangel calls the Zebra Squad who get into a shoot out with Rossiter's men. Dominic picks up Hawke in Airwolf and they chase after Rossiter and Steele in their A16 helicopter. Steele shoots at Airwolf and Hawke blows Steele and Rossiter's helicopter out of the sky. Back at Santini Air, Dawn thanks Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin and then hugs Hawke.