Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 21 Tracks

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Hawke takes a group of wheelchair bound friends on a trip up a mountain trail and they run into the Cat Man.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Levitt - Alan Toy

The Cat Man - Timothy Agoglia Carey

Hunter - John Dennis Johnston

Sheriff - William Bryant

Ben Foran - Jim Knaub

Charlie Callahan - David Hall

Maurice Kemp - Norm Wilson

Rudy Cruz - Shorty Powers

Kirk - Hugh Farrington

Mustached Hunter - Michael Crabtree

Susan - Rebecca Clemons

Linda - Nancy Bleier

Deputy - Michael Masters


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Detailed Synopsis

The Cat Man is going on a hike when he spots a bobcat footprint, he hears the sound of a bobcat screaming and finds Hunter and Mustached Hunter after they have shot and killed a bobcat. The Cat Man confronts them and tells them to either leave or die. As they leave, The Cat Man tells them he will be watching them. During a kayak competition, Stringfellow Hawke is beaten by Kirk. Dominic tells Hawke he lost a lot of money betting on him and Caitlin O'Shannessy tells Kirk he was winning the entire time and Hawke calls her a traitor. Susan brings Kirk his wheelchair and they kiss. She explains to Caitlin what POINT stands for and Susan tells her the members of the group are going to ascend San Exito Peak. The Cat Man tells his menagerie of cats he will protect them. Levitt signs up for the ascent and Linda asks him what he is trying to prove. Kirk introduces Hawke, Caitlin and Dominic to the rest of the group including Ben Foran, Charlie Callahan, Maurice Kemp and Rudy Cruz and then they start their journey up the mountain.

As they go along the trail, they pass by Mustached Hunter who stares in astonishment as they go up the trail. They stop to have a beer and are watched by The Cat Man and they all hear a gunshot in the distance. Hunter returns to his camp and Mustached hunter tells him he wants to leave and tells him of seeing Hawke and the POINT members. The Cat Man shoots and kills the Hunter and Mustached Hunter with a bow and arrow. At night, Charlie and Cruz play a rendition of Moonshadow and Hawke plays a Blues version of the song. The Cat Man continues to stalk the group. The next morning, Levitt tells Hawke and Cruz he doesn't think he will continue on, but the others try to convince him to continue. Linda tells Caitlin she thinks Levitt shouldn't have gone on the trip and is worried about him. Hawke radios in and tells Dominic they are doing fine and right on schedule. They all make it up a peak, including Levitt, and celebrate. As Callahan is giving a speech, he is shot and killed by an arrow shot by The Cat Man. They see The Cat Man and Hawke shoots at him and then realizes the radio is broken. They decide to try and escape by going back down the mountain and The Cat Man follows them. The Cat Man shoots Hawke in the shoulder with an arrow and he tumbles down a slope.

Kirk takes Charlie's gun and shoots at The Cat Man who runs away. Dominic and Caitlin land their helicopter on the top of the peak and find no one there. Dominic tries to radio Hawke, but he doesn't answer. Levitt is lowered down on his wheelchair and rescues Hawke who also has a broken leg from his fall. Dominic and Caitlin fly around looking for Hawke and the group, but don't find them. Dominic and Caitlin get Airwolf. Hawke has the idea to bait The Cat Man. Caitlin and Dominic talk to the Sheriff and Deputy and see the dead bodies of the Hunter and Mustached Hunter. The Sheriff tells them about The Cat Man and that The Cat Man may be hunting their friends. They fly Airwolf and continue to search for Hawke and the others. After Maurice sets Hawke's leg, Hawke climbs up a ridge while the others try to get down the mountain on their wheelchairs. The Cat Man starts shooting at the members with his bow and arrows and as he is about to shoot one of them, Hawke fires at him and breaks his bow. Airwolf crests above The Cat Man and he runs away. The members tackle The Cat Man and beat him. Back at base camp, The Cat Man is taken away by the Sheriff and Deputy and Caitlin argues with Hawke about him going to the hospital. Linda cries and tells Levitt she was worried she might lose him and they hug and kiss. Cruz takes Charlie's hat and Kirk tells him Charlie would be proud. Maurice hugs his entire family and Ben starts to flirt with Caitlin. Susan tells them all they are happy to have them back and they celebrate.