Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 22 Birds of Paradise

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Hawke helps Le Van Hawke search for his missing aunt.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Le Van Hawke - Roland Harrah III

Isela Arragon - Barbara Luna

Vargas - Tony Acierto

Lynn - Debi Richter

Marlene - Dani Minnick

Kincaid - Eric Braeden

Assistant Manager - Dean Simone

Eurasian Girl - Mariko Van Kampen

Sandy - Leslie Huntly

Hunter - Ted Neale

Parking Attendant - Robert Ray

2nd Bartender - Robby Dillon

Disc Jockey - Debbie Davison

Vargas Bodyguard 1 - Jeff Cadiente

Vargas Bodyguard 2 - Richard Green

Hunter 2 - Bernard L. Kowalski


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Detailed Synopsis

A car pulls up to a club and a man and women get out and go into the club. In the club, Vargas is sitting at the table with Vargas Bodyguard 1 and Vargas Bodyguard 2. Vargas sees Isela Arragon and she motions with her head to leave the club. Vargas and his Bodyguards drive to an empty field where Isela is standing and waiting and a helicopter lands. Kincaid gets out and he and Vargas exchange suitcases. Sandy and Lynn get out of the helicopter and walk with Kincaid to Vargas. Vargas mentions there was supposed to be three women and Kincaid tells him the third one didn't work out so he had to drop her off. Le Van Hawke goes to Santini Air and tells Stringfellow Hawke, Minh Van McBride is missing. Caitlin O'Shannessy and Dominic ask him further questions and he tells them Minh has been missing for a week. They go to speak with Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, and Marlene pulls up Minh's information on the computer. Archangel can't provide any information on Minh and Hawke insists on doing more.

Hawke and Le search Le's house for clues. Hawke finds a piece of paper and calls Archangel and asks him to check on some phone numbers. Hawke goes to a club where Disc Jockey is playing. Assistant Manager walks up to Hawke and assumes he is a delivery man and tells him to come back tomorrow. Hawke starts questioning the Assistant Manager and when Hawke shows the Assistant Manager a photo of Minh, the Assistant Manager points towards where Vargas is sitting with Sandy and Lynn. As Hawke walks up to Vargas, his Bodyguards stand up and stand behind him. Hawke shows Vargas, Minh's photo and Vargas tells Hawke he hasn't seen her. He shows the photo to Sandy, Lynn and the Bodyguards but none of them admit to knowing her. Hawke shows the Disc Jockey, Minh's photo and then shows it to a bartender. As Hawke is leaving, Lynn pulls him into the bathroom and tells him, she saw Minh with Kincaid at Nick's Paradise. She continues that Minh and Kincaid got into a fight when he saw her talking with someone who she said was her sister.

Hawke goes back to speak with Archangel and Marlene brings up Kincaid's bio. Marlene then brings up the bio of Isela. Archangel has Marlene bring up more information on Kincaid and they find out that he is a sponsor of numerous female refugees. One of the refugees listed is Le's mom. The next day, Le asks Hawke and Caitlin if Minh is coming back, and Hawke tells him, he doesn't know. Hawke agrees to let Le help him find Minh. Dominic tells Archangel and Hawke that he heard from other people at the airport that Kincaid's helicopter is heavily modified. Caitlin comes back from an audition on one of Kincaid's movies and the only part of the role involved getting naked. Archangel gets Hawke and Le new clothes to blend in with Kincaid's crowd. Hawke and Le go to Nick's Paradise and asks 2nd Bartender about Kincaid and she tells him she has never heard of him. Kincaid walks up and Hawke tells him a friend named Billy Bartlett told him to look up Kincaid. Hawke tells Kincaid he is a pilot for hire. Kincaid introduces Hawke and Le to Isela and as they leave the club, Parking Attendant assumes Hawke drives a Lamborghini, but he instead leaves in a helicopter. 2nd Bartender gives Kincaid the phone and tells him Bartlett has called. Archangel uses a voice distorter to mimic Bartlett's voice and confirms who Hawke is. Hawke flies Kincaid, Isela and a group of prostitutes, including Eurasian Girl, to drop them off for a group of hunters. Hunter and Hunter 2 walk up to Kincaid and the prostitutes and Hunter suddenly pulls out a gun. Hawke uses the helicopter to create a barrier between the Hunters and Kincaid and the prostitutes and they escape.

Hawke dances with Isela at the club and after Kincaid pulls Hawke aside to make him an offer, Le goes up to Eurasian Girl and starts asking her questions. Kincaid tells Hawke, he got the idea for the name of his club from his time in Vietnam when Bob Hope would visit with a group of attractive women. He shows Hawke a briefcase full of cocaine and offers him over a million dollars to be his co-pilot on a drug deal. Hawke takes Kincaid out on Airwolf. He then has a lunch meeting with Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel and Le and tells them about the flight he is going on with Kincaid. Isela walks into the club with Vargas and his Bodyguards and Vargas tells Kincaid about Hawke asking questions. Hawke flies Airwolf to the meeting location and Vargas and his Bodyguards drive up. Kincaid lands in his helicopter and demands Hawke exchange Airwolf for Le, who Isela pulls out of the helicopter. Le asks what happened to Minh and Kincaid tells him he threw her out of his helicopter. Le escapes and runs towards Hawke, who shoots Vargas Bodyguard 1 dead. Vargas and Vargas Bodyguard 2 try to drive off, but Archangel, Dominic and Caitlin arrive and Archangel shoots out Vargas' tires. Hawke and Dominic get into Airwolf and they fly after Kincaid and Isela who escaped in Kincaid's helicopter. They catch up to them and shoot Kincaid and Isela out of the sky. At the FIRM headquarters, Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic that the police confirmed Minh's death. Le walks into the office with Caitlin and Marlene and Hawke tells Le that he will come to live with him.