Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 2 Airwolf II

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Hawke and Dominic are framed for a robbery, meanwhile a man who claims Dr. Moffet stole the design for Airwolf, designs another one.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Harlan Jenkins - Wings Hauser

Alonzo de Lomo - Cesare Danova

The Admiral - Robert F. Simon

Zeus - F.J. O'Neil

Secretary Dunlap - Warren Munson

Roy Starky - James Troesh

Speaker - Dave Morick

Brunette - Chelsea Field

Bingham - Lillian Lehman

Amanda - Kandace Kuehl

Supervisor - Trent Dolan

Cortuvo - David McBride

Soldier - Richard Green

Security Guard - Rodney Saulsberry


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Detailed Synopsis

At the Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year presentation, Speaker is a giving a speech about courage. Roy Starky complains to Stringfellow Hawke about how tight his tuxedo is. Speaker calls Roy onto the stage a few moments before Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, walks into the room with Amanda. Archangel motions for Hawke to come over and demands to knew where he was the night before. Archangel tells Hawke a military train was hijacked by a Santini helicopter and 50 gallons of jet fuel were stolen along with missiles. Hawke denies that he, Dominic or Caitlin O'Shannessy had anything to do with the hijack. Amanda plays a tape of the hijack which shows what appears to be a Santini helicopter. The next day, Hawke goes to Santini Air and takes a photograph of holes in one of Dominic's helicopters. Dominic tells Caitlin the holes don't look like bullet holes and Hawke tells them the FBI is going to be asking them lots of questions. Archangel and Amanda arrive at an airfield. As Archangel is walking into a building, Harlan Jenkins stops to talk with him. Harlan gets upset when Archangel gets his name wrong and tells Archangel, the next time he sees him, he will know exactly who he is.

Archangel has a meeting with the Committee of the FIRM including Zeus, Bingham and The Admiral. Zeus accuses Archangel of sharing his loyalty to both Hawke and the FIRM. Zeus tells Archangel the Committee has voted and all but The Admiral have decided to suspend Archangel from the FIRM. Archangel tells Zeus without him there is no Airwolf, and Zeus smirks and says they no longer need Airwolf and a window opens up in the room. Zeus then motions towards the window to Airwolf II, which Harlan is flying. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin have Cortuvo look over the video Archangel showed Hawke. Cortuvo blows up the image of the helicopter and Hawke notices a discrepancy from Dominic's helicopter. While playing Pac-Man, The Admiral calls Cortuvo's office and tells Hawke, Archangel has been fired and tells Hawke to find him. Harlan has a meeting with Alonzo de Lomo. Alonzo tells Harlan his people request a firm time schedule as to when things are to proceed. Harlan insults Alonzo and Alonzo warns Harlan not to ruin their agreement with insults. Harlan then tells him he is doing the job to settle a debt and show the world, he designed Airwolf. Harlan then insults Alonzo again, before walking away.

Hawke and Dominic search for Archangel in one of Dominic's helicopters. Zeus has an exhibition with Secretary Dunlap and Secretary Dunlap complains about the cost overruns of Airwolf II. Supervisor tells Harlan he is cleared to go. Harlan then demonstrates the capabilities of Airwolf II, including a laser weapon. Secretary Dunlap congratulates Harlan on a successful test of Airwolf II, and Harlan says it was he, the pilot, who was superb. Hawke and Dominic find Archangel playing on a polo field and Archangel apologizes to Hawke and Dominic. He then tells them there is an Airwolf II. Archangel tries to call Zeus and tells the person on the other end, someone may be trying to steal Airwolf II. Harlan, who answered the phone, hangs it up. Archangel tells Hawke and Dominic, Harlan is the pilot for Airwolf II. Harlan sneaks into Airwolf II and takes off as a Security Guard demands he shut down the engines. Harlan then proceeds to destroy the test range and kill range security. Hawke, Dominic and Archangel arrive as Harlan is leaving and Harlan challenges Hawke to a duel, Airwolf versus Airwolf II.

Harlan argues with Alonzo, who doesn't want to delay the delivery of Airwolf II to his country. Harlan insults Alonzo once more and then says he is going to take care of Hawke, Texas style. Archangel is forcibly brought before Zeus, The Admiral and Bingham. Zeus tells Archangel about the theft of Airwolf II by Harlan and Bingham asks Archangel for his or Hawke's help in retrieving Airwolf II or shooting it down. Archangel demands access to NDC computer files, the Airwolf budget doubled, full international classification and for Zeus to leave him alone. Alonzo tells Soldier that he has a plan to stop the duel between Harlan and Hawke before it begins. Hawke and Archangel arrive at Santini Air around the same time and find Caitlin missing and a letter telling them they have Caitlin. Hawke contacts Dominic and tells him Caitlin has been kidnapped and taken to El Dorado Canyon. Harlan finds Caitlin tied up and tells Alonzo he better be ready when Hawke arrives. Archangel and Hawke sneak onto Alonzo's base and get into a fight with Alonzo's men. Alonzo points a gun at Caitlin and has a stand off with Hawke and Archangel. Alonzo surrenders and Hawke and Harlan duel in the sky. During their duel, Hawke taunts Harlan and then blows up Airwolf II. Afterwards at Hawkes cabin, The Admiral makes makes roast pig for Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel, Amanda and Brunette and they all toast him.