Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 3 And a Child Shall Lead

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A young man's father is kidnapped in order to seal high tech wing designs.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Clinton Maxwell - Larry Linville

Bobby Phelps - Ricky Wittman

Keller - Jack Rader

Dr. Stuart - Corinne Michaels

Robert Phelps - David Spielberg

Rogers - Bobb Hopkins

Collins - David Dunard

Sister Monica - Kathleen O'Malley

Denise - Kandace Kuehl

Man in Crowd - Louis Zito

Machine Man - Thell Reed

Jenkins - Robert Apisa

Alexandra the Goat


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Detailed Synopsis

Caitlin O'Shannessy acts out a scene to Dominic for an acting class she is taking. She hears a noise and Dominic shows her Alexandra the Goat, who he wants to use as a watch goat for the hangar. As they are showing Stringfellow Hawke, Alexandra, Dominic tells them his friend Monique gave him Alexandra as a present for his virility. Sister Monica overhears Dominic's talk of virility and confirms that Dominic is still going to St. Julian's School's picnic. She asks Hawke if it is true that he has a deal with Bobby Phelps, and Hawke tells her they do have a deal and he will also be at the picnic. Bobby is drawing on an electronic drawing pad when Robert Phelps walks over and asks him what he is drawing. Bobby continues to draw and his drawing turns out to be the woman from a billboard he saw. Bobby practices reading and Keller, who is in a nearby van spying on the Phelps with a listening device, tells Rogers he will be glad when their job is over. Bobby has trouble reading the book and Robert makes a deal with him, if he finishes the book by Thanksgiving, they will go camping at Camp Crystal Lake.

At the picnic, Robert tells Man in Crowd about Bobby's ability to draw exact images of things from memory. Man in Crowd doesn't believe Bobby can draw anything and Bobby and Robert smile and look at each other. Keller, who is disguised as an ice cream man, uses a walkie-talkie to see if Collins and Rogers are ready and they give him their confirmation. Hawke trades a necklace made from alloy used in the NASA Pollo missions in exchange for a drawing Bobby drew of Hawke and Tet. Hawke takes Bobby on a helicopter ride and Bobby tells Hawke that his mom died and is watching him from above. Collins walks over to Robert and asks him to tell him about the scholarship program at St. Julian's School. Hawke and Bobby land, and Bobby watches as Robert is kidnapped by Keller and his men. Dominic and Hawke get into the helicopter and try and find the ice cream truck, but loose sight of it. Hawke and Dominic return to the picnic and tell Bobby they couldn't find Robert and Hawke makes a deal to bring back Robert. Robert is brought before Clinton Maxwell and Maxwell tells Robert he wants his wing designs. Robert starts to have chest pains and Maxwell sends Rogers to get a doctor.

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, Hawke and Dominic go to Robert's home and find out it was bugged with audio devices. Denise hands Archangel a file on Robert and Archangel reads it to Hawke and Dominic. Dr. Stuart tells Maxwell, Robert needs to be in a hospital and tells him, he can't just grab people at gunpoint. Maxwell tells her she can either help Robert or become a patient herself and she tells him she will need specialized equipment. Maxwell tells Keller his plan to kidnap Bobby, who he knows can draw from memory. Maxwell calls Archangel and tells him they will exchange $300,000 for Robert. Archangel tells Bobby, Robert will be back by tomorrow and then tells Hawke Maxwell said Robert collapsed. They add a radiation dipped twenty dollar bill to the ransom money so Airwolf can track it and Dominic heads to Burger Barn while Hawke and Caitlin prepare to leave in Airwolf when needed. Dominic is sent from one place to another to pick up clues to the next location to go to, before finally heading to Route 295. Hawke and Caitlin recon the area in Airwolf and Dominic drops off the money and meets them at a different location. They fly back to the money, which hasn't been picked up and Hawke figures out they wanted Bobby. They fly to St. Julian's and Sister Monica tells them Bobby left with some FBI agents to take him to see Robert.

Bobby is taken to see Robert and Maxwell asks Bobby to draw the plans for the wings Robert was drawing. Archangel tells Hawke to contact all the nearby medical supply stores to see if anyone made any recent purchases for heart monitors. Rogers gets frustrated with Bobby and tells him he has a boil on his foot. Caitlin calls the hangar and tells Hawke a medical supply service near Oakwood Hills recently sold heart attack equipment to a Dr. Stuart, who has gone missing. Bobby starts yelling he wants to see Robert and when Rogers complains to Maxwell about Bobby, Maxwell tells him he better do what Bobby wants so they can get the wing designs. Rogers takes Bobby to see Robert, who wakes up. Collins switches out guard duty with Rogers and when Dr. Stuart sees Rogers limping she asks him what is wrong. He tells her he has a boil and she tricks him into thinking it might be a sign of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and pushes him into the bathroom and tells him to soak his foot. Robert gives Bobby a piece of paper and tells him to run away and give it to the first person he sees.

While trying to sneak around, Bobby knocks over some trash cans and Jenkins starts to run after him. Keller tells Maxwell Bobby got away, but Jenkins is going after him. Maxwell tells him the drawings are almost done anyway and to get ready to leave. Dominic and Hawke scan the area and pick up the Beryllium from Bobby's necklace. They land and Jenkins starts to shoot at Hawke and Dominic, until Hawke shoots him dead. Bobby gives Hawke the note, but can't remember where Robert is. Dominic has the idea to have Bobby draw what the building looked like. Maxwell tells Keller to kill Dr. Stuart, which he does. Machine Man is on guard duty while a BX16 Gunship lands to pick up Maxwell and the wing designs. Collins, Rogers and Keller get into a van to try and escape when Airwolf arrives, but they and the van are blown up along with Machine Man and the other guards. Hawke lands Airwolf and Dominic goes to rescue Robert with Bobby, while Hawke chases after Maxwell. Dominic finds Robert without a pulse and initiates CPR, which revives Robert. Hawke destroys the BX16 Gunship with Maxwell in it. Back at Robert's house, Archangel offers to have the FIRM guard him the next time he is working on a sensitive project. Robert tells everyone he is going to take Bobby to Camp Crystal Lake. Bobby gives Hawke a drawing he made of him and tells Hawke he should smile more and Hawke promises him he will.