Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 4 Fortune Teller

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Hawke and Dominic must save a kidnapped Archangel before the Zebra Squad destroys the kidnappers base.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Megan Ravenson - Katherine Cannon

Dublin - David Tress

Sam - Marvin Karon

Stoner - Michael Cavanaugh

Roberts - Eldon Quick

Gurvovich - Daniel Chodos

Investigator - Austin Stoker

Tina - Rebecca Perle

Henchman 2 - Louie Elias


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Detailed Synopsis

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, is waiting in a jeep in Crazy Horse Flats for Dominic and Stringfellow Hawke to arrive in Airwolf to pick him up. They arrive and find the jeep empty and Archangel no where to be found. They contact the FIRM, who arrive later and Dublin accuses Hawke of playing dumb with him and warns Hawke not to get in his way. Before leaving, Hawke tells Sam, he will see him later. At a castle like structure in the desert, Archangel is brought before Stoner. Archangel recognizes Gurvovich, who is also in the room. Hawke and Dominic go to a water park to speak with Sam, who is there with Tina. Sam tells them the FIRM has discovered very few clues and there is a rumor that Archangel defected. He tells them if Archangel isn't found in 48 hours, Zebra Squad, which is the FIRM's assassination squad, is going to be activated. Hawke and Dominic go to the Sunshine Day School to talk with Megan Ravenson. Hawke shows Megan a photo of Archangel and she tells them she can't do psychic searches anymore, and Hawke tells her if Archangel isn't found soon then he is a dead man. Gurvovich tells Stoner, they will get Archangel's cooperation through sensory assault. Archangel is brought out of a coma and then sleep deprived while bright lights shine on his face.

Megan jumps out of bed as she gets a vision of Archangel's torture. Caitlin O'Shannessy tells Hawke and Dominic, none of the local law enforcement agencies have any information and Megan walks in and says Archangel is still alive and agrees to help. They fly to where Archangel disappeared, and Hawke tells Dominic he has doubts about psychics. Hawke and Megan argue about how real her abilities are and she storms into the helicopter. A henchman tells Stoner that Roberts has returned to his lab, and Stone tells him to assemble a squad to kidnap Roberts. Megan demands they land the helicopter and walks out and yells out she is tired of the way Hawke is treating her. He walks up to her and they discuss his PTSD from the war and her PTSD from always finding the kids she was searching for already dead. Investigator tells Dublin, Archangel was secretly working on a project called Fortune Teller, which is a tactical avoidance system designed for aerial combat, with Gurvovich and Roberts. Megan starts to touch the map of the area they are flying around and tells them Archangel was taken north to Julian Vortac and then Warren Springs. A helicopter lands at a secret location guarded by men in white uniforms and someone dressed as Archangel steps out of the helicopter. The guards lower their weapons when they see Archangel, but are then killed. The man dressed as Archangel is shot dead by a guard, who is then shot and killed, and Roberts is kidnapped and the Fortune Teller device stolen. Dominic spots a helicopter and lands as the helicopter takes off. They see the body in Archangel's clothes and are happy to see it isn't him. They walk inside the barn where Roberts was taken from and Megan tells them Archangel was taken to a dungeon in a castle. Hawke finds a calendar book with a note mentioning a meeting between Gurvovich and Archangel on the day Archangel was kidnapped.

Archangel continues to be tortured as Roberts watches in shock. Hawke and Dominic take Megan in Airwolf and Caitlin calls them and tells them Sam told her Gurvovich lives in the Valley at 1439 Shotgun Lane. They go to the location, but find no one there and the place in a mess. Megan tells them some men found a book hidden in a piece of furniture and sees Archangel, Gurvovich and Roberts building a castle or Scottish Terrier dog. She starts to scream and tells them she felt death. Investigator tells Dublin information about Stoner, including where he lives and Dublin tells Investigator to get Zebra Squad ready to deploy. Archangel cracks and provides the last piece of information to make Fortune Teller work. Dominic finds a location marked Scotty's Keep and they fly to the location. Henchman 2 tells Stoner, Roberts has finished wiring Fortune Teller and Stoner has Henchman 2 kill Gurvovich. Dominic tells Hawke the scanners have picked up a Huey helicopter heading in the same direction they are going. As Stoner is about to shoot Archangel, the Zebra Squad is picked up on his castle's radar. The Zebra Squad arrive and start killing off Stoner's henchmen, while Hawke sneaks into the castle. Roberts finishes installing the Fortune Teller in Stoner's jet and Henchman 2 takes Roberts away to be shot. As Henchman 2 is about to shoot Archangel, Hawke shoots Henchman 2 in the head. Stoner flies off as Hawke and Archangel are picked up by Dominic in Airwolf. Hawke chases after Stoner, who is able to control his jet with his mind, and shoots him down. Later, Archangel yells at Dublin for almost having him killed and makes Dublin put his jacket on him. Megan asks Hawke to take her to his cabin to meet Tet, and Hawke realizes he never told her Tet's name.