Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 5 Crossover

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Hawke goes on a mission to recover a Czech scientist defector.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Victor Janek - John Van Dreelen

Inge Janek - Isa Andersen

Shrankov - Albert Paulsen

Garrett Colson - Arthur Rosenberg

Garcia - Perry Lopez

Marlene - Dani Minnick

Huffman - John O'Connell

Latino Soldier - Robert Covarrubias

Jones - Gary Bonart


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Detailed Synopsis

In Baja, Mexico, Stringfellow Hawke is sitting in a vehicle, waiting. Caitlin O'Shannessy gets up from laying on a cot at Santini Air and purposefully knocks over a ladder to wake up Dominic. They talk about worrying about Hawke and how they wish they had gone through the original plan of Dominic and Hawke flying Airwolf to pick up Victor Janek and Inge Janek. Dominic tells Caitlin not to worry about Hawke and they hug. A rubber boat arrives on the beach in Baja and Hawke picks up Victor and Inge. As they are driving, a truck blocks their path and two men including Jones, get out and start shooting at their vehicle. Hawke returns fire and then turns around and drives away. A helicopter with Shrankov and Garcia starts chasing them and shooting at them. Victor is shot and killed and Hawke tells Inge to jump before he drives the vehicle over a cliff into the ocean. Garcia thinks Hawke and Inge are dead, but Shrankov wants to make sure. As Dominic and Caitlin are about to leave in a helicopter, Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel drives up and tells them something went wrong on the mission and Marlene tells them the vehicle assigned to Hawke was found 30 feet underwater and they found Victor's body. Archangel then tells them he thinks Hawke is dead due to the evidence.

Inge breaks down and blames herself for Victor's death. Hawke comforts her and tells her Victor escaped Czechoslovakia for her and himself. Dominic and Caitlin decide to see for themselves if Hawke is dead and get Airwolf. Hawke and Inge comes across a farm and Hawke approaches the farm to get help. A jeep drives up with Jones and the other guy and they start shooting at Hawke. Hawke injures Jones and kills the other guy. He and Inge hide inside of a mine and she tells Hawke about her past and Victor. At the farm, Garcia tells Shrankov they have the farmer in custody and they plan on killing him. A man tells Garcia, who then tells Shrankov that a man and woman were seen entering a cave nearby. Two helicopters fly towards the mine and Latino Soldier tells Hawke and Inge they can't escape. Dominic and Caitlin arrive in Airwolf and shoot down the two helicopters and pick up Hawke and Inge. On their flight back, Hawke blames Huffman for the mission screw up. Shrankov reports to Garrett Colson about his failure and Garrett tells him he knows with Victor dead, Inge will be hesitant to work with the Americans. At a military base, Archangel and Huffman argue about Hawke not bringing Inge in immediately. Archangel blames Huffman for the mission going bad and brings up Huffman's bad judgement and lack of support he provided to Hawke. Hawke and Inge start to drive up to the base gate until she asks him to stop. Inge tells Hawke she isn't ready to defect yet. Archangel and Huffman walk up to the vehicle and Hawke tells them Inge is having second thoughts. Huffman demands Hawke drive Inge into the base and Hawke threatens him. Hawke then drives away and when Huffman sends his men to stop Hawke, Archangel has Marlene drive their limo to block them. Huffman threatens Archangel and says he is going to ruin Archangel's career, but Archangel ignores the threat.

Hawke takes Inge to his cabin and they kiss. Archangel lands in a helicopter and is upset with Hawke for not contacting him in the past five days. As Archangel is walking away, Hawke notices dust on Archangel's shoulder, and Archangel realizes Huffman must have put surveillance dust on him. He tells Hawke to take Inge somewhere else while he gets back into his helicopter and flies away to lead off Huffman. Inge tells Hawke she knows a person who she trusts with her life and Hawke drops her off at the home of Garrett. Garrett tells Inge not to worry about anything and she is safe with him. Hawke goes to Archangel's office and asks for access to his computer to look up Garrett. Marlene turns on the computer and Hawke types in Garrett's name, but the response is coded. He asks Archangel to decode the information and Archangel tells him Garrett is a KGB agent. As Garrett is having tea with Inge, Jones walks up behind Inge and motions to Garrett. Garrett then calls Jones over and tells Inge she will see all of her old friends again. Hawke and Dominic fly Airwolf to Garrett's house and the scanners pick up a helicopter flying towards the water. The scanners also pick up a Soviet Delta III class submarine. The submarine starts firing missiles at Airwolf and Airwolf blows up the submarine. They fly towards a boat carrying Inge, and when Jones starts shooting at Airwolf, Inge knocks him overboard. Hawke orders them to drive the boat back to the shore and Garrett and Shrankov surrender. At Santini Air, Archangel picks up Inge who agrees to cooperate and she hugs Hawke before leaving with Archangel.