Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 6 Kingdom Come

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Hawke and Dominic must find a batch of nuclear detonators which are stolen during an inside job.

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Airwolf (1984-1987)


Stringfellow Hawke - Jan-Michael Vincent

Michael Coldsmith Briggs III - Alex Cord

Caitlin O'Shannessy - Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic - Ernest Borgnine

Ken Sawyer - Stephen Parr

Tracey Cooper - Devon Ericson

Lydia - Sandra Kronemeyer

Babe - Thom McFadden

Hansen - Raymond J. Castellani

The Man - Murray MacLeod

Film Director - Dee Pollock


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Detailed Synopsis

At the Maxitech Corporation Research and Development building, a group of people parachute onto the grounds including Tracey Cooper. They break into the building and steal a case of nuclear detonators and then get into a shoot out with Maxitech security. Ken Sawyer shoots at Tracey, grazing her cheek with a bullet. The thieves manage to get away when the car chasing them crashes and flips over. The next day Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, questions Sawyer about the incident and suggests it was an inside job. Archangel then tells Sawyer, the FIRM will be taking over the investigation. Lydia tells Archangel, Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic will arrive shortly. They arrive and Sawyer makes a comment about Hawke and Dominic working for the FIRM. Archangel informs Hawke and Dominic about what happened the night before and asks them to use Airwolf to scan for high levels of radiation. On their yacht, Tracey gets upset with Sawyer for shooting her and tells him she doesn't trust him. They talk about Sawyer's plan to use Caitlin O'Shannessy in order to get Airwolf.

Dominic and Hawke pick up a strong radiation signal from the Livermore Biological Research Center, but keep looking. Sawyer goes to Santini Air and tells Caitlin he wants to hire her to teach him how to fly a helicopter and she agrees to teach him. While she teaches him how to fly, Sawyer starts to flirt with her. Tracey and Sawyer argue again about him seducing Caitlin. She tells him she hates him and how she lets him use her. Caitlin has an acting role as a helicopter pilot named Officer Jones and Film Director tells her she did a great job and next time he is going to get her more lines to speak. After the production ends, Sawyer walks up to her trailer and tells her she was great. He shows her a bottle of Dom Perignon he brought and she asks him if he has been in a relationship before. He tells her he hasn't and she tells him she is willing to take the risk to date him and they kiss. They have dinner at the Beverly West. While they are dancing, The Man walks up and tries to get a dance with Caitlin. He is persistent to the point of insulting and pushing Sawyer. Sawyer grabs him by the arm and tells The Man to beat it. Caitlin and Sawyer leave and The Man touches the shoulder of Tracey, who looks at Sawyer and Caitlin disapprovingly.

While they are having another lesson, Sawyer lands the helicopter and tells Caitlin to get out. She is grabbed by Tracey and put inside of a van and Sawyer turns on the Emergency Locator Transmitter on the helicopter. Hawke and Dominic find the helicopter and they tell Archangel someone kidnapped Caitlin. Archangel then tells Lydia to contact the governor to deploy the National Guard to help look for the detonators while Hawke and Dominic search for Caitlin. Sawyer calls Archangel and tells Hawke he has Caitlin and orders him to bring Airwolf to him. Caitlin is tied up in the bottom of the boat and a bomb placed on her. As Sawyer leaves, he tells her everything they did meant nothing to him. Hawke and Dominic pick up Sawyer and he tells them where to go after showing them a bomb which he places on Airwolf. Lydia radios Dominic and then gets Archangel and tells him only Dominic can hear their conversation and they can hear Dominic's response using a text for speech program. Archangel tells Dominic they located the ship where they think Caitlin might be and it is booby trapped. Hawke realizes the detonators were never stolen and they are still at Maxitech.

Babe is brought in to help disable the booby traps. Hawke and Dominic are forced to put the detonators, which where hidden in the trunk of a car at Maxitech, into Airwolf. Hansen goes with Archangel and Babe as Babe starts to disarm the booby traps. Sawyer tells Hawke and Dominic the plan is to place the detonators in a plane he has waiting for him. Archangel and Babe get to the door of the room Caitlin is locked inside. Hawke lands Airwolf and the detonators are placed in a plane and Sawyer flies away in one plane while Tracey flies away in another. Babe manages to get into the room with Caitlin using a credit card to move the bomb against the door. When they get inside, Babe sees the bomb strapped to Caitlin ticking and tells Archangel his real name. Sawyer arms the bombs on Airwolf and strapped to Caitlin, but Dominic manages to jam the signal for both bombs. Babe removes the bomb from Caitlin and Archangel tells her everything will be alright. Hawke and Dominic chase Sawyer and Tracey down in Airwolf and then shoots their planes down, Sawyer's first and then Tracey's. They land Airwolf and Babe tells them they missed all of the fun. Archangel walks Caitlin to them and she hugs Dominic and Hawke.